Obama urges Congress to delay digital TV move

Transition would have happened February 17

Finding a parking spot driving you crazy? Let your computer do it for you

New website tracks down a spot, reserves it and takes payment by credit card

Patriot Act haunts Google service

Initiative to reinvent way people use software runs headlong into the unprecedented powers of U.S. security officials to conduct surveillance on communications

Rank Headline

Apple profit soars on iPod, Mac sales

Earnings jump 88% as legal uncertainties swirl around Jobs


Embattled Vista set to ride into the sunset

Microsoft starts to pitch its next Windows offering today - while still pushing current, less-than-loved version


Your Friday reads

Jack Kapica searches the Web and offers a selection of the week's interesting stories: a post-mortem on Hillary; a retort to Ann Coulter's defence of G.W. and lots of stupid Americans


Inside the Afghan tech boom

Mullah Abdul Salaam Zaeef, a former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, is never with out his iPhone. 'It's easy and modern and I love it'


iTunes deal no big win for Canadians


From Madden to Manhunt?

Electronics Arts vows to keep their hands (and handcuffs) off maverick game studio if their hostile bid for Take-Two goes through


Is Chief Yahoo right choice for Yahoo chief?

Is Jerry Yang is the best person to right the reeling giant?


Court case reveals ugly infighting at Motorola

Cellphone company says it fired the CFO 'for cause' — while the former executive says he was canned for blowing the whistle on big problems


Apple to open iPhone to other applications

Apple's Steve Jobs promises a software development kit for iPhone and iPod Touch in February


Telus targets youth with Koodo

New cellphone brand hopes to capture share of market most likely to pay for ring tones, music, text messages


Microsoft expects Yahoo to accept bid quickly


A question of cuteness

Why baby animals are almost as appealing as baby humans