The Pirate Bay on the politics of copyright

The Globe's Matt Hartley talks with a co-founder of the file-sharing website

iTunes Canada receives gift of TV

Apple betting video will drive hardware sales

Project Gotham Racing 3

A visually impressive racer that introduces some welcome changes to the standard PGR formula

Rank Headline

Court case reveals ugly infighting at Motorola

Cellphone company says it fired the CFO 'for cause' — while the former executive says he was canned for blowing the whistle on big problems


Where have all the blockbusters gone?

After years of steady sales increases, the Canadian video-game market has taken a step backward


Apple to open iPhone to other applications

Apple's Steve Jobs promises a software development kit for iPhone and iPod Touch in February


Ten signs Jerry Yang made the right move

Investors are watching whether his gamble is panning out—or not


Take the taxing part out of filing

Software that help you stay in the Canada Revenue Agency's good graces has come a long way, writes JACK KAPICA


Finding a parking spot driving you crazy? Let your computer do it for you

New website tracks down a spot, reserves it and takes payment by credit card


Apps we love

Hassle-free blogging via e-mail, an elegant e-book reader for iPhone, and a plug-in to help avoid bookmark bloat


Amateur Internet

Andrew Keen took your questions


Optoma MovieTime DV10

One of a new wave of relatively low-cost, no-hassle projectors that will bring big-screen home theatre to the masses


Rayman Raving Rabbids

Makes great use of the Wii's unique aspects and offers very sweet, but short, experience


Facebook foils Canadian lawsuits

Small but growing number of lawsuits have faltered because of damning messages and photographs posted on social media sites


Green gadget promises savings for the power hungry

Spanish invention offers relief for the environment and the wallet by cutting down on standby power use