NHL considers Balsillie-Moyes ‘scheme' an attack on league

NHL comes out firing in bankruptcy court filing, calling sale agreement a ‘sham'

Balsillie offers to buy Coyotes

Research In Motion co-CEO wants to bail out team and then move it to Southern Ontario

NHL acting like 'illegal cartel,' Coyotes owner charges

Battle lines drawn in separate court filings as league contends team owner cut illegal deal with Balsillie

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Brunt on the Coyotes

Globe and Mail sports columnist Stephen Brunt answered your questions on Jim Balsillie's bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes and move them to Hamilton


Gretzky poised to cash in on Coyotes sale

Hockey legend stands to make as much as $22.5-million (U.S.) if the sale to Canadian businessman Jim Balsillie is approved


Bettman to challenge Coyotes bankruptcy

NHL commissioner says he isn't sure BlackBerry boss could gain approval of league owners


Bettman preferred Coyotes move to Winnipeg

Commissioner would consider moving team back to Winnipeg but not Hamilton, court filings show


Balsillie's game plan banks on legal faceoff

In first interview since bankruptcy filing, RIM co-CEO says his team is putting an 'amazing proposal' before Arizona judge


New group emerges in bid for Hamilton NHL team

A second group wants to move an ailing NHL team to Hamilton, in this case the Atlanta Thrashers, according to reports


Balsillie has a powerful ally

CBC is praying the RIM co-founder can add another Canadian team


An all-or-nothing play in bankruptcy court

A judge's ruling will determine whether Balsillie has a hope of bringing the Phoenix Coyotes to Ontario


Gretzky won't support Hamilton because it would mean taking a stand

So far, it appears Wayne Gretzky is not one of Balsillie's followers.


Balsillie's hunt for Coyotes sets up NHL faceoff

Bettman challenges Phoenix team's right to file bankruptcy petition as RIM founder tries to shore up support


Canadian horse wins Kentucky Derby

Canadian champion Mine That Bird earns one of the most unlikely victories in the history of the Kentucky Derby


What now for Canucks?

Gillis's managing skills will be put to the test in Vancouver this summer, starting with a decision on the Sedins