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After 42 days, arrest in case of Tori Stafford

Police say 18-year-old Terri-Lynne McClintic led Tori to Michael Thomas Rafferty, 28


NY police foil bomb plot

Four men charged after planting what they thought were explosives in cars around a New York Jewish centre


Facebook foils Canadian lawsuits

Small but growing number of lawsuits have faltered because of damning messages and photographs posted on social media sites


Watchdog predicted reactor's demise

Organization's head lost her job shortly after warning the Harper government the Chalk River facility was unsafe


Lightening blindness's burden

With only a handful of doctors trained in low-vision rehabilitation, many Canadians go without advanced visuals aids that could lessen the burden of their disability


Ignatieff taps high-powered economic braintrust

As party begins to hone economic platform, Liberal Leader meets with Bank of Canada governor, TD chief executive at exclusive Stornoway dinner


Experts take questions on losing weight


How Tarantino scored his most inglourious basterd

Brad Pitt chuckles about the night Quentin came a-courting


The Prairie kid who built The Shack

William Paul Young says he wrote the book as a Christmas gift for his children, who passed it on to their friends and it gained a following. Now, the novel has made Young a very rich man.


Mulroney casts long shadow in Harper circle


Meet - and eat - the modified Atlantic salmon

FDA to approve Aqua Bounty's new fish tweaked with genetic material from chinook salmon and eel-like species called ocean pout


Downtown's Denizens

You can't fix a place if you don't understand its people: Why did they come here, from as far off as Montreal, and why do they stay?


As U.S. emerges from dark age, Canada's scientific edge fades

U.S. approval of human stem-cell trial heralds research renaissance, which worries Canadians: 'We could be left in the dust'


The American ethos and the right to bear arms


Vote now for The Great Canadian Tune

Sample songs from the short list, then cast your vote