Life on the scale

Last July, Juliann Sliwa walked into the Wharton Medical Clinic, weighing 481 pounds. Her goals: To cross her legs. To tie her shoes. To dance. To live past 47. Reporter Hayley Mick and photographer Kevin Van Paassen document a year of struggle

Didgeridoo inspires sleep apnea workout

Playing the Australian aboriginal wind instrument seems to help those affected

Should the church have a place in our bedrooms?

From the pulpit, on billboards and in a 'Catholic Kama Sutra,' the church is increasingly getting into bed with parishioners, Zosia Bielski writes. But does it belong there?

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My son's ex won't let me see my grandkids

I've said things about my daughter-in-law that, in retrospect, I shouldn't have. Now what can I do?


When's the best time for me to work out?

Am I better off getting up an hour early to work out, or sleeping for an extra hour?


Experts take questions on losing weight


Ask a chef


Teen girls are swapping sex for ... just about anything

She really began to believe that being a sexual object was her identity. She became divorced from her body. Anything she could do to get attention made her feel good and powerful, even if she didn't know the guys' names.


Ask a dietitian

Leslie Beck takes your health and nutrition questions


Suck it up, Fuzion foes

No more sneers from wine snobs: The people have spoken and they love the little Argentine wine that could


Locavores, beware

Conscientious foodies have put a premium on foraged goodies such as fiddleheads and wild leeks - but popularity can come at a cost


'At the Asylum'

From The Globe in 1890


I can't 'snap out of' my depression

I'm tired of lying about it. I'm tired of the stigma and shame. That's why I'm writing this


My Favourite Place in Canada: Beaches

What makes a top-notch beach? Steady sun, white sand, warm fresh water — in short, Sandbanks Provincial Park. revisits this blessed stretch of Lake Ontario coast, and discovers the surrounding region's new take on tony getaways


Plan for a good death - talk about your wishes

We're not very good at dying