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Look out 'cause this stuff is TOXIC

Beware the rubber duck: According to a new book, our bodies are soaking in harmful chemicals every day


Lack of Vitamin D in kids linked to risks later in life

More than 80 per cent of children tested don't have enough of the sunshine vitamin


The real deal on why people quit

Despite the common perception, pay is not the top reason for Canadian workers, survey says


Didgeridoo inspires sleep apnea workout

Playing the Australian aboriginal wind instrument seems to help those affected


Does having children make us happy?

Children bring meaning and joy to our otherwise narrow, selfish, little lives, right? Too bad science doesn't back that up


Black belt teen strikes back at bully, and rallies community against racism

And rallies community against racism


Small steps to beat the creep

When it comes to losing weight - or preventing weight gain - it's the small changes that make the biggest difference


Do I need to quaff protein powders to gain muscle?

Go easy on the protein shakes, big guy


How to raise a two-year-old genius

It may sound like a blessing if your toddler is accepted into Mensa, but parents of gifted kids say nurturing them can be 'the biggest challenge in the world'


I can't 'snap out of' my depression

I'm tired of lying about it. I'm tired of the stigma and shame. That's why I'm writing this


Is Adam Lambert too gay to win Idol, or is he too good?

Mess with American Idol's myth, and there's gonna be trouble


Want to get ahead? Sleep in

Late risers have more mental stamina and can outperform early birds, study finds


American brains are Canada's gain

Cash-strapped families increasingly drawn to lower cost of studying north of the border - and this country's schools are cashing in


Grill healthy to reduce cancer risk

Depending on what you throw on the barbecue – and for how long – you may be jeopardizing your health


Program puts end to an agonizing wait: Hospital offers same-day cancer diagnosis

Patients at leading Canadian facility will also find out right away what course of treatment will be