Canada envy, amid a global meltdown

Formerly derided as meek and mild, suddenly the reputation of Canada's big banks as prudent has become an asset

245 GM Canada dealers get the axe

Auto maker sends out letters telling them their fate; thousands of jobs stand to be lost

How Walter's dream became a nightmare

Nimble, brash, profitable. Words that were once used to describe Chrysler until a disastrous union with a foreign suitor sowed the seeds of its destruction.

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GM bankruptcy likely, CAW says

Ottawa and Ontario order car maker and union to slash hourly wage costs again


Total's 95 theory

The French energy giant thinks conventional oil production will top out in a decade at 95 million barrels and is keeping its eye squarely on the oil sands


Leak discounted in sudden rise of the loonie

Jump came before release of Statscan data


GM tells 1,100 U.S. dealers it's time to pack it in

Cuts come a day after Chrysler drops hundreds of shops; GM unions in last-minute talks on cost savings


Its superstores stalling, Canadian Tire gets 'smart'

Chief executive officer Stephen Wetmore is taking the retailer back to the future


Shaw wins three CTV stations – for $1 each

Feuding between Canada's major television networks and its big cable companies reaches a new level


At Manulife, new rules for a new game

Just a week after being named next CEO of the financial services giant, Donald Guloien had to tear up the old strategy


The real deal on why people quit

Despite the common perception, pay is not the top reason for Canadian workers, survey says


Spring rally gathers steam

Unexpected increases in U.S. pending home sales, construction spending lift investor hopes the worst is over


Bernanke's optimism tempered by reality of gradual recovery

U.S. central banker cautions economic activity will remain below normal


GM chiefs dump their shares, and investors follow

Market bets on bankruptcy as stock hits lowest point since 1933


'Low likelihood' Chrysler loans will be repaid

Billions in financing from Canadian governments likely gone, bankruptcy court hears