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Crossword Puzzles Help

Solving the online crossword

On Mondays through Fridays, the puzzles that appear here are exactly the same as those that are in The Globe and Mail newspaper. On Saturdays our Web site has another double puzzle from First Features that does not appear in the newspaper. (Conversely, the puzzles that appears in the newspaper on Saturdays are not available on the Web site.)

The crossword puzzle can be tackled in two ways: You can solve it interactively online (on your computer), or you can print it out and work on it in the traditional way.

To solve the puzzle interactively online the crossword uses a small program called a Java applet. It will work only on browsers that are Java-enabled -- generally speaking, these are Netscape Navigator v. 3.02 or higher, or Internet Explorer v. 4.0 or higher.

If you do not have a java-enabled browser, or you prefer to work offline, there are links to printable versions of the puzzles and the solutions.

Solving the puzzle on your computer

  • Click on a square to highlight the spaces for the answer and show the corresponding clue.

  • Click twice to change a from horizontal to vertical, or use the cursor keys.

  • Click on a clue to highlight where to input the answer in the grid.

  • To enter an answer in the highlighted spaces just type it on your keyboard. The blue square indicates where the first character will appear.
  • Click on the scrollbar at the right of the clues to scroll up and down the list of clues.

  • Click on the buttons at the bottom as required.

  • The REVEAL LETTER button will enter the correct answer for the letter highlighted in blue.

  • The REVEAL WORD button will enter the correct answer for the entire highlighted clue.

  • The CHECK button will remove only incorrect letters in a highlighted clue.

  • The REVERT button will delete all answers -- typically used to allow someone else to tackle the puzzle from scratch.

Saving your puzzle

If you are solving the puzzle online (on your computer) and you do not have time to finish, you can save your progress up to that point. Click on the SAVE button underneath the puzzle for full instructions.

Switching puzzles

You can switch between the CRYPTIC or QUICK puzzles by clicking on the crossword icon and link next to the HELP button.

If you have missed a puzzle, you can call it up using the small date box at the bottom of the window. When you have selected the date you want, click the GO button.
This archive of previous puzzles goes back one month.