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RenderMan to the rescue

Brad Haines

Dressed in a black trench coat and his trademark fedora, Brad Haines cruises city streets and malls on the hunt for wireless networks that are prime targets for hacking. Just be grateful he's one of the good guys

Putting the lid on spam

Weapons like URL blocking, traffic throttling and signaturing can win battles against e-mail spammers, but there's no end to the war

The weakest link

Your network will only be as strong as the people who use it

The power of many

Could the search for the so-called god particle lead to an evolutionary leap in networking?

Biz Stone

Q&A with Biz Stone

He's on a mission to prove that Twitter is more than just a quirky text message toy or a dead-end variation on the blogging phenom


The atomic web

A Toronto company is redefining the basic unit of Net information, from static website pages to fluid, interactive content "cells"

Must Read

Seven books that explain everything

Books about IT can seem like a quaint idea, given the speed at which things change online. Here are seven reads that put the lie to that, with insights worth killing trees for


How do I rate thee?

There are a variety of tools to assess your website's performance. Unfortunately, you're also likely to get a variety of results


Geeks without borders

How technology workers are doing their bit for the developing world



Design Guru: Q&A with Bill Buxton

Bill Gates loves him. So does Peter Gabriel. This Toronto-based musician-turned-design-guru shares insights into why technologies succeed or fail

Blogwatch: Seven Wonders of the World (Wide Web)

There's no shortage of IT news on the Web. In fact, it can be hard to tell one tech site from the next. Here are seven that stand out

Mobile technology: Talkin' 'bout a revolution

Mobile phones have come a long way from Motorola's $5,000 "Brick"

TQ Magazine: Web 2.0 boot camp

Like it or not, it's time for your company to embrace blogs, wikis and social networking

Naomi Strasser: I am an e-ddict

The first step to breaking the habit is admitting you have a problem

Security: We've got your back

G4S Canada uses an arsenal of technology to make sure your employees stay safe

CIO Confession: What keeps Nortel's CIO up at night?

His team's low morale, for one thing. Steven Bandrowczak on where the battered former giant is headed

3 technologies to watch: Creating a global brain

Google? That's old school. Intelligent new Web 3.0 applications will revolutionize the way we interact with the world's data

3 technologies to watch: Head in the clouds

The next giant leap in technology is here: selling power and server space like a metered utility. Everyone expected Google to be the first to pull it off, but it's being trounced by an unexpected player: Amazon

3 technologies to watch: Coded for business

This could be the breakthrough year for XBRL, the programming language that will make sifting through business data a snap


COVER STORY: It's 11 p.m. Do you know where your logo is?

A guardian of valuable corporate brands ventures into rough-and-tumble cyberspace to defend against interlopers, from the harmless to the lethal

Don't fear the pirates

Illegal downloaders of music and movies are at the forefront of technology—and it's time the industries caught up.

Who wants to squash the BlackBerry?

Competitors are lining up, and the top weapon in their arsenal is software for Microsoft. But RIM's CEO isn't fazed

Computer: Find me the bus to the nearest Starbucks

Just when you were getting used to Web 2.0, the buzz is now about Web 3.0

No need to show up for class

How online learning software goes way beyond webcasts

A border guard's dream

This biometric device could be coming to a customs agent near you

Insecure about your security?

A tool to help small businesses improve their IT security

Staying sexy and secure

A note from TQ's Editor, Simon Beck

CIO Confessions

Kevin Molloy knows how to keep travellers happy

To the rescue

Every year, more than 1,000 workers die on the job. It doesn't have to be this way. Here are four new devices that can help keep your people out of danger


Columns: Is Chief Yahoo right choice for Yahoo chief?

Is Jerry Yang is the best person to right the reeling giant?

Craigslist lets users call all its shots

Craigslist lets users call all its shots


Columns: Home Depot wins with IT.

Other retailers? Well, not so much

Telephony a tiny piece of big convergence picture

Telephony a tiny piece of big convergence picture

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