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Cast members Viggo Mortonsen, Naomi Watts and Vincent Cassel pose with director David Cronenberg at the premiere of their film 'Eastern Promises' during the 32nd Toronto International Film Festival.

TIFF 2007

Eastern Promises wins People's Choice Award at TIFF

Top Canadian award goes to Guy Maddin for My Winnipeg

Fest Watch

Bacall, Bana and Burstyn's 'Angel'

Bana favours tough roles; Bacall loves her Timbits


Film fest puts out call for cash to build home

Key target is achieving the $129-million in capital funding needed to build TIFF's new headquarters, currently a block-wide hole in the ground


Across the Universe

Director Julie Taymor celebrates the magic of the sixties


Ruffalo's northern exposure

Actor professes love of Canada - and Joaquin Phoenix - at fest


Jen Gerson

TIFF Tasks

Globe blogger Jen Gerson takes on a series of festival-related tasks

TIFF Tasks

What should Jen do on Saturday, the last day of the festival?

Results & Past Polls


Reader pictures - Danny Glover

Your photos Popup

See pics snapped by readers at TIFF

TIFF Sheet

TIFF sheet

Movies, movies, movies

Closing the Ring, The Stone Angel among Friday's offerings



Director: What means most to Woody Allen? Not films

'I'm not a dedicated filmmaker. I'm lazy. It's not the be-all and end-all of my life'

The best dressed this year

Leanne Delap separates the sartorial wheat from the chaff of the 2007 TIFF red-carpet getups.

Playing with the stars

Francesco Vezzoli has enlisted celebrities to assist in his deconstruction of fame, Sarah Milroy writes. Is he heir to the Warhol throne?

Into the wild nights with Harrelson, Penn and Alba

Mr. Harrelson can certainly bust a move above and beyond his yoga posing

De Palma's comeback

The veteran director, creator of classics such as Scarface and Body Double, is back with a searing 'docu-fiction' about a shameful Iraq war incident

La Binoche: This time it's personal

Director Hou Hsiao-Hsien allowed the French actress to improvise all of her lines in Le Voyage du ballon rouge

Gosling touches down at TIFF

Canadian Oscar-nominated actor appears at Toronto fest for Lars and the Real Girl

Chaos over Brangelina; Clooney stirs up crowd

Major stars were out in full force over the weekend as the city's hotspots morphed into VIP galas

48-hour party people

It was super-weekend at TIFF. Our team reports from the front lines on the stars, the parties, and why Clooney finds love scenes fun

Camera-toting partygoers leave paparazzi in the dark

Anyone within shutter range of celebrities can use their cellphone cameras, and nerve, to launch themselves onto gossip sites


De Palma film redacted itself

Lawyers warned director that some of the haunting images in Redacted could have led to his being sued

Playing all Hamlet's roles

Toronto actor takes on every part and keeps his head about him

Reservations about war

Politics is everywhere, Alfie lives and Ellen Page's progress

Pearl Jam's Vedder: Why I lent music to war doc

Songs and the message of the film connect to his own experience with death and suffering, says Eddie Vedder

Films that fight the power

The corrupting influence of power is a subject on everyone's mind at TIFF this year

Woody and Renny tread the red carpet

Blanchett's 'Golden Age'

Star returns to her Oscar-nominated role in Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Canadian stories get their turn in the spotlight

Novels by Margaret Laurence, Anne Michaels and Matt Cohen endured tortuous journeys from page to screen, writes Liam Lacey

'Gay hockey movie' tag doesn't worry star

Tom Cavanagh, star of Breakfast With Scot, welcomes attention brought to new film

Where there's no smoke...

Last year's TIFF smoking scandal hangs in the air at Eastern Promises news conference

Festival News 

Night-vision goggles help keep pirates at bay

Flood of international and North American premieres makes festival a target for hidden camcorders

From decadent depravity to saving the world

Today's Ocean's Thirteen rat packers are fighting to end war, save starving children

No mere stargazer

Joelle Adler has used the celebrity schmooze to raise almost $5-million for charity

All the makings of a strong film festival

Choice selections from Cannes and new work by acclaimed directors make Liam Lacey hopeful about this year's lineup

How Canadian nabbed hottest film, biggest stars

Harrowing tale of epidemic shot in Guelph facility

Star power - plus a strong political streak

This year's lineup reflects a greater willingness among filmmakers to face difficult issues, Guy Dixon reports

Pitt, Haggis, Penn films heading to Toronto


Festival's deals are expected to surpass last year's $50-million total

Trade publication Variety has noted a certain wariness toward all the serious, political films

Board is all business as pressure to raise big bucks intensifies

A third of the $196-million fundraising target for new festival headquarters still outstanding

The Don stares down his cinematic opponents

Fugitive Pieces, produced by Robert Lantos, kicks off the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday

Festival Style 

Fest feeding

From peanut butter, jelly and foie gras sandwiches, to cilantro mojitos and salmon gravlax, the creations that chefs bring to TIFF deserve a nod for best supporting role

Public weeping is back

Get out your handkerchiefs: Viewers who cry during movies demonstrate a profound connection to the culture of the time


A cluster of stars

Hollywood heavy hitters mix with local powerhouses at an ultra-exclusive celebration for Woody Allen's latest film

Fundraiser tops weekend galas

Galas, parties and premieres set the tone for the big TIFF weekend

Scenes from the gala of Fugitive Pieces

A look inside the festival circuit

The good, the bad and the potentially dangerous

The party circuit includes it all, from folk dances to pole dances, from sushi to sardines

Paris Hilton puts the tea in party

No movie? There's still a scene to steal at TIFF

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