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Globe investigation


The money pit

$1.4-billion in public and private money has been spent on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside since 2000. Results? Limited progress at best.

Gary Mason


Wish upon a czar

Any hopes the Games would spur civic leaders to finally address the systemic problems of the anguished DTES have all but vanished

The real Eastsiders

Downtown Eastside

Downtown's Denizens

You can't fix a place if you don't understand its people: Why did they come here, from as far off as Montreal, and why do they stay?

By the numbers

Downtown Eastside

Exclusive demographics

With a per capita income that's less than half the national average, the neighbourhood is among the poorest of the poor. Compare key stats

Public Forum

Downtown Eastside

Experts on fresh solutions

Our readers debated as our reporters blogged from the public forum hosted Tuesday night by The Globe, CTV and UBC


Canada's Slum: The Fix

Woodward's gets its welcome mat ready

Officials preview the new project, hopeful it will spark a revival in Vancouver's drug infested Downtown Eastside


Canada's Slum: The Fix

Public forum video

The Globe, in partnership with CTV and UBC, brought together experts with fresh solutions for Vancouver's Downtown Eastside


Your Pictures

Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Popup

Globe readers sent us these shots of the DTES


Canada's Slum: The Fix

Troubled residents can teach us a thing or two

People in the Downtown Eastside are eager to help their community, Margo Fryer says


The democratic solution

Community organizer Jim Green believes in a women-and-children-first fix for Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.


The universal solution

Human settlement expert Aprodicio Laquian looks to the world for ways to solve the problems in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside




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A first-rate take on housing of last resort

Downtown Eastside hoteliers have joined forces to use private-sector money to house the poor

Homeless take centre stage in B.C. Throne Speech

Document promises strategies for Downtown Eastside, job creation and renewed recognition of aboriginal rights

B.C. architect building toward a solution for everyone

Gregory Henriquez's latest development will see wealthy condo dwellers living cheek by jowl with the poor

Landmark agreement ‘fell by the wayside'

‘We're a step back from where we were' in 2000

The stubborn open air drug market

Despite years of police crackdowns, projects and optimistic reports to the police board, the open air drug market continues to thrive at Hastings and Main

Downtown Eastside crackdown misguided, groups say

Police increase tickets, street checks



Canada's mental health crisis

The Globe and Mail's special series on the enormous, unaddressed cost of mental illness to Canadian individuals, families and society.


Share your story

With the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver, the eyes of the world will be on the city's Downtown Eastside. The millions poured into the neighbourhood seem to have had little impact on its squalor, its people or their problems with addiction. What should be done? Where would you start? How would you fix Canada's slum?



Public Forum:

On March 24 at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET, The Globe, in partnership with CTV and the University of British Columbia, will bring together experts with fresh solutions for the Downtown Eastside at a sold-out public forum.

Submit your questions in advance. CTV's Mi-Jung Lee will put questions from across the country to our panellists at the forum.

Join the debate on Twitter and on a live blog at and on the night of the forum.

A video of the public forum available beginning March 25.


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