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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Videos courtesy of CTVNews

Feb. 20, 2002

CTV's Kathy Tomlinson reports from Salt Lake City, where all-things Canadian have become the coolest things at the Olympics.
Team Canada Roots jackets are selling on the black market for five times their street value, names like Gretzky, Sale and Pelletier continue to stir up headlines, and the U.S. networks are starting to get very interested in our action on the curling rink.

Feb. 15, 2002

Catriona Le May Doan's final sprint in the 500 metre speed skating event was a great boost for Canada.
Her victory makes her the first Canadian to win back-to-back Olympic gold medals. "It's different for's almost harder to be in first place because everyone wants your spot," Le May Doan told Canada AM on Friday morning.

Feb. 14, 2002

COA chef de mission Sally Rehorick, herself a figure skating judge, says she hopes that this incident won't convince skating fans that the entire sport is corrupt.
"I'd like people to understand that judges judge fairly most of the time," Rehorick told CTV's Canada AM. "What happened on Monday night was an exception. And the rest of us sit on the panel trying to do a fair job for the skaters."

Feb. 13, 2002

Christine Brennan, a columnist for USA Today, says sources tell her that the French judge told International Skating Union members that she traded her vote with the Russian judge.
"It's not unusual in ice dancing that these kinds of deals have been made," Brennan told CTV Newsnet. "But it's one of the first times I can remember hearing of these kinds of things in pairs."

CTV's figure skating analyst Debbi Wilkes told Canada AM that the entire sport's credibility is now on the line.
"What I would call borderline fans are saying 'I'm not watching that stupid sport. If it's so predetermined it's not a sport at all.' For the long term, and for the potential and credibility of the sport, this is a huge black eye."

Feb. 12, 2002

CTV's Canada AM talks to Jamie Sale and David Pelletier on the morning after their silver medal win.
"People will say we got robbed, and people can talk about it until next week, but it's not going to change the results," Pelletier said. "And this silver medal does not mean our career has been a failure. We knew our career was a success before we came here.".

Feb. 11, 2002

Roots clothing is selling off the shelves at the company's store in Salt Lake City, after the U.S. team -- and President George Bush -- wore Roots gear during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.
Demand is so great, Roots has added an extra shift to its Toronto production plant. CTV's Rosemary Thompson reports.

Feb. 5, 2002

Canadian athletes prepare to leave for Salt Lake
CTV's Ron Manz talks to Chef de Mission Sally Rehorick about the logistics of getting 157 Canadian Olympic athletes safely to the Games in Salt Lake.
  Duration: 01:51

Podivinsky gets hero's send off
Men's downhill Olympic bronze medalist, Edi Podivinsky, gets a special farewell from a group of elementary school students as he heads for Salt Lake.
  Duration: 00:58

Whistler keeps bid asperations low-key and legal
The South Korean bid team in Salt Lake have hung a giant banner in defiance of Olympic bid rules, but as CTV's Mike Killeen reports, the Canadian bid team is promising to stick to the rules regardless.
  Duration: 02:26

No admittance for Rebagliati without bloodtest: U.S.
CTV's Kate Corcoran reports on why 'businessman' Ross Rebagliati won't be going to Salt Lake city.
  Duration: 02:16

Alpine skier Brydon overcomes injuries for Olympics
Alpine skier Emily Brydon has had an uphill battle over the last few years, trying to overcome two major knee injuries in time to compete in the Salt Lake City Winter Games.
  Duration: 01:55

Feb. 3, 2002

Canada's female athletes to break new ground
A group of Canadian women is shattering speed records and stereotypes in their battle for gold. CTV's Kathy Tomlinson reports.
  Duration: 01:47

Feb. 1, 2002

Ross Rebagliati to miss Olympic Games
Ross Rebagliati won the first Olympic medal for the sport of snowboarding but four years later, he's more famous for the controversy that ensued in the days after he tested positive for marijuana use than his medal-winning run. CTV's Kathy Tomlinson reports from Whistler B.C.
  Duration: 01:53

Jan. 31, 2002

Canadian women's Olympic curling team gets marketable makeover
CTV's Brent Gilbert takes a look as the Canadian women's curling team gets a sexy makeover to draw in more advertisers and fans alike.
  Duration: 02:22

Drug testing lab gears up for Salt Lake
As Olympic athletes ramp up their training to prepare for the games in Salt Lake, a drug-testing lab in Pointe Claire, Quebec, swings into high gear as well. CTV's Bob Benedetti reports.
  Duration: 02:21

Jan. 24, 2002

Security tight in Salt Lake
Security at the Olympics in Salt Lake City will be the tightest the Games have ever seen. The FBI says it's ready for anything, including a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. CTV's Rosemary Thompson reports.
  Duration: 01:51

Jan. 11, 2002

Canada AM: Road to Salt Lake - Jennifer Robinson
Rod Black talks to four-time Canadian figure skating champion, Jennifer Robinson.
  Duration: 05:06

Jan. 10, 2002

Canada AM: Road to Salt Lake - Jamie Sale and David Pelletier
Rod Black talks to World Figure Skating Pairs champions Jamie Sale and David Pelletier about their hopes for Salt Lake 2002.
  Duration: 05:41

Jan. 4, 2002

Canada AM: Road to Salt Lake - Christina Smith
Rod Black talks to Christina Smith, pilot of the Canadian women's Olympic bobsleigh team.
  Duration: 04:46

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