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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 1
What advice would you offer the Canadian hockey teams?

Here are responses to the above question:

I am so very pleased for the women's hockey team - determination, dedication and guts win every time. I wonder, though, if the U.S. squad has an extra silver medal for the referee who was so obviously a member of their team!
Steve Sinclair

I will always remember Mathieu Turcotte's bronze medal in the 1000 m short track speed skating. With Apolo Anthon Ohno and the other Korean crashing with Steven Bradbury from Australia who just stayed on his skates to win a gold medal. Anyway, I discovered a new sport and I will sure follow it during the following years. Thanx to Mathieu Turcotte P.S. He is so HOT

My lasting memory of the Salt Lake games will be the Men's win in Hockey. While all of the other events were spectacular, the sight, sounds, and magic of seeing the whole country come together to support each other, and our hockey players was something I'll never forget. I live in Toronto, and was fortunate enough to be out on Yonge St. However, to know that parties and celebrations were going on across the country from coast, to coast, to coast, was truly inspiring. I will never forget it.
Tatum Wilson

Child of light boring us to tears at beginning and end!
Jeff Tarleton

For my 3-year-old son, it will be the 'Viagra' commercial. He just loved watching that guy jumping over fences and newspaper boxes.
Bill Chambre

As an American, my lasting memory of the Salt Lake Games will be the Canadian fans singing "O Canada" as the clock ticked down on the gold medal game in men's hockey. It burned me up at the time, because I hated the idea of losing. However, something that spontaneous doesn't smack of gloating or anti-Americanism. It's an affirmation of the fact that the Canadian victory brought more joy to more people than any other Canadian event in my lifetime. I'm well aware of the resentment that many Canadians feel toward us in the U.S. (some of it justifiable), but I've been pleasantly surprised by the graciousness of the Canadians after their victory. Congratulations, Canada, you earned it. The gold is yours.
Steve Hild
St Charles, Illinois

Unfair and biased judging. I could not believe that Canadian Olympic Association did not protest against refereeing in favour of the American women's hockey team. I understand that our girls won but we are talking about the principles of the Olympic movement here. There were so many complains made by other countries too. Something must be done to protect the Games from becoming too commercial. The spirit of fair competition and peace between the nations should be protected.
Luba Wannamaker

My lasting memory will be of the women's and men's gold winning hockey games. The games were so fast and intense that I found that I couldn't drag myself away from the T.V. My favorite moments, though, were when the Canadian anthems were played. I felt so proud to be Canadian. Canada rules!
Dianne Parsons

As exciting and entertaining as the Games were, I hope that we have not lost perspective. American and Canadian men and women are currently risking their lives in Afghanistan to protect what really matters. Will Canadians celebrate in the streets when the war on terrorism is won?
Charles Sommerville

It has to be the hockey game. It really bound us all together for a few hours, And you know, the thought occurred to me - wouldn't Feb 24th - Hockey Day - be a great mid-winter holiday?
Andy Beaton

My lasting memory of Salt Lake Olympics 2002 - is good, bad and ugly. I'm so proud of Canada, not only for our medals but for our behaviour - cool and corruption-free, in spite of America's skewering, wherever possible, to give themselves an edge whenever possible. Somehow, all through the Games, a part of me had a niggling inner feeling of things being juggled in the background, of moments being skewered, of things not being quite right. Like so many others, my last impression is that somehow Canada remained above it all, but I am also grateful that the next few Olympics will not be in America for at least a few years.
Barbara Easton

I will remember that hockey is a wonderful game as compared to "boxing and wrestling on ice" that seemed to be the norm for the National Hockey League. It was a pleasure to watch.
Leith Nance

Standing in my Roots Team Canada jersey with a can of Canadian beer in front of me and singing O Canada with my family (especially my six year old son, Keigan) after the men's hockey team won the Gold Medal. I love this country...and I am Canadian.
Andre Mazerolle

So much for Dick Pound's chastisement of Beckie Scott for saying that there are still drugs in cross-country skiing and telling her everything is clean. Talk about egg on your face Dick. I've always looked up to you and your work for drug free sports. Unfortunately, you got caught with your head in the sand. Don't give up the effort. The athletes are always the ones that know. Listen to them!
Jim Bull

We always remember that the game was born in Canada and that it is yours to share. Just remember that we will always be your Number 1 Disciple! God Bless our friends to the North. Congratulations!
A. R. MacAllister

My lasting memory of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games is: I am currently living in Singapore, and at best I could only follow the games via the Internet and nightly news highlights. I was traveling on the bus when I found out about Sale and Pelletier being awarded the gold medal. The buses in Singapore are pretty high tech, and have mobile televisions playing the news and TV shows. I cheered pretty loud and proud on the bus that day!
Danielle Kelly

It made me so proud to be Canadian the way all our athletes preformed, doing the very best they could on that day. I will always be so happy to have watched most of it. The CBC did a wonderful job. I am more aware of our own Country now. Go Canada GO.
Fay Robbie

My favorite memory will be seeing Sarah Hughes screaming in the locker room because she was surprised at the fact that she won a gold medal. It was a sight that filled me with inspiration because it allowed me to realize that the biggest and best things can happen even to the underdogs.
Juanita Kwarteng

The yanks dominated the games.
Calvin Lancaster

The corruption at all levels.
Peter Langer

Canada beating the USA in the Ice Hockey - go boys! Our whole family was cheering.
Rowan Peck
Sydney Australia

I think that this will be known as the Controversial Games. Unfortunately, I think that all the scandals will be remembered more so than the individual records and the final results. Since the very early days in Salt Lake City, it has been one thing after another and that will be this games lasting legacy.
Peter Walker

Bellyaching and incompetence. Canada, South Korea and especially Russia came across as sore losers. Figure skating came across as unable to police its own house. The IOC came across as so interested in avoiding controversy that the problems with officiating will not be addressed.
Bob Barton

My biggest lasting memory of Salt Lake games will be huge anti-Russian propaganda by Canadian mass-media. Shame on Canadian reporters! You still live in a time of Cold war. It's time to wake up!

I will always remember Jamie Salè and David Pelletier, and the look on their faces after their performance. They skated their hearts out and it could not have been any better. They deserved gold medal right from that moment, and I will remember being proud of them and the fact that they finally got their gold! Way to go Jamie and David.

We will never forget; the first class, courageous behaviours, the astute sophistication, patience, intelligence, well spoken, good spirited fair play, which our highly skilled Olympians displayed in these 2002 Winter Olympics. I'm very proud. WAY TO GO!
Brenda and James Bateman
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