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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 9
Do you think the comments Gretzky made after Monday's hockey game will motivate Team Canada? Is he right when he says the whole world wants Canada to lose?

Here are responses to the above question:

I feel that Gretzky's comments were immature and counter productive and will energize the fans rather than the players. They should have been confined to the locker room. Lets keep a sense of perspective. Most of the world does not give a damn whether Canada wins or loses. Thanks to his whining, most of those who do care will probably hope they lose. Too bad that Gretzky the sublime player has not developed into the cool and responsible leader the situation demands.
Al Regan

I sure hope his comments will motivate. He sounds a little paranoid - I don't see how we can be much of a concern to any of the other teams, with our dismal record in international hockey. If we don't get a medal this year, I think we should pull out of Olympic hockey, or at least stop sending our "best". Having a group of high-priced performers struggling like that is an embarrassment to Canada.
John D.

I think Wayne may be guilty of being a little self-centered in his thinking. As a "recovering Canadian"(actually I'm very proud of both my US and Canadian citizenship) I can report that the American fans are focused on their team doing well and not on Canada doing poorly. I think this probably reflects fans' sentiments elsewhere as well-no matter what "smack" the players may be talking on the ice(which they will probably pay for when they get back to the "room " of their NHL teams)I think Wayne's outburst tarnishes him. I also think those "can of Whup-ass" commercials may be ringing a little hollow right now.(No doubt some of our European friends saw them and were a little ticked off).Certainly the Americans have not called in sick nor have the Russians started booking return tickets en masse! I look forward to a great final between the US and Canada!
Brian Jones

I don't think Gretzky's comments will motivate anybody. Nor do I think that there's an exceptional desire for Canada to lose. There is a lot of normal desire in people to have their favourite team win, which is what usually happens in high level competitions. Gretzky lost it. In doing so he damaged his own image and that of Canadians. Canadians will recover by next week. I hope he does.
D. J. Ducharme

Sorry, I have to confess: Since so many Canadians told me in the eighties and early nineties, Canada could not win a Olympic Gold medal because the best and second best and third best players had to do their job in the NHL, I felt a little "Schadenfreude" after Nagano ... Nevertheless: Go for it!
Kerstin Hendess

I think this is a brilliant strategic move on Gretzky's part. The refs will be on their toes (see Scotty Bowman) and it will create an 'us against the world' atmosphere that will help to pull this group together as a team. As usual with #99, he shoots he scores!
Mike Merker

Having traveled through Europe, I can say first-hand that the European teams and fans would LOVE to see us lose at our own game -- just like we'd LOVE to see the Americans lose at basketball or baseball for once. After all, Canada does carry that kind of arrogance with its hockey team, one has to admit. I was just a big wake-up call for Canadian fans this weekend to find out other teams are just as good as ours. I think Gretzky hit it on the nose (no pun intended), and hopefully our boys will get their butts in gear as a result.

For once, Gretzky is right! There is no more time for political correctness. Team Canada must now react to the fact that they are under attack...from the competition, from the media, from the fans, from the referees, etc. Team Canada must fight back now and kick $%#! or face even MORE grief from EVERYONE for the next 4 years!!

Childish! Boorish! Only one like Gretzky who thinks he's beyond criticism and failure could utter such foolishness. Maybe, someone should tell him that his divine right to look stupid is the only measure of divinity left to him
Vince Porter

I was embarrassed by what Wayne said. He comes across as a whiney loser, and in my opinion makes Canada look bad. It especially hurts me to see him lash out at the Americans, when it was them {aside from Canada} that largely supported Sale and Pelletier after they were robbed of their gold medal. The whole world does not hate Canadians, but I think after Wayne's tirade, the whole world will think of us Canadians as oversensitive whiners. Wayne did us more harm than good and I am embarrassed for this country.
Celina Campbell

Wayne Gretzky has once again, proven that he is truly an ambassador to the sport of hockey and a proud Canadian. His passion for the game of hockey is unparalleled and much of what he stated in the post game interview hit the mark. The "whole world wanting Canada to lose", might be a stretch but his comments will definitely motivate Team Canada to excel and win gold. I know Gretzky's comments have motivated me as a hockey fan and as a Canadian.
Scott McMillan

Whine Gretzky...perfect for this guy who thinks the world hates the Canadian Hockey Team. Am I the only one who doesn't think it strange that most of these players are playing on U.S. NHL teams and being paid in U.S. dollars? The great Whiner was also in this same situation when he played, so get off the your high horse Wayne and call it the way it is. Your little cry baby attitude did you and the team more harm then good. Maybe the team should start playing as a team and leave their ego's and attitude at the door.

I don't think Wayne would have made his comments if Theo's attacker would have been handled professionally. We can all predict what would have happened had this been a reaction from say Pronger on Jagr. Jagr would still be lying on the ice today and Pronger would have been sent packing. True hockey fans want to see their team win not cheer another team lose. So who cares if we are hated by those that know nothing about our game. As far as a motivation factor none needed. These guys want to win. ... and they will
Jeff L.

I think that it might motivate the team, but I don't think that the whole world wants us to loose! I mean, Canada is a good hockey team and we are good, but I don't think everyone wants us to loose.
Lionel Pereira
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