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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 4
Do you think the comments Gretzky made after Monday's hockey game will motivate Team Canada? Is he right when he says the whole world wants Canada to lose?

Here are responses to the above question:

Gretzky is clearly frustrated (after all, he picked the team) and is trying to motivate his team by demonizing the opposition. It might work. But of course it makes him, and the team, desperate, a far cry from the swagger with which they went down to Salt Lake City. Do the Europeans hate Canada? I am sure they are annoyed by the Don Cherry-like belief of the Canadian players that they are the team to beat. I am sure even Americans despise that attitude. I mean, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, the evidence for any claims of Canadian preeminence in hockey is pretty slim, isn't it? Canadian teams can't buy a medal in international tournaments. So the Europeans and the Americans must be wondering what all the fuss is about. No wonder they like to rub it in our faces. To Gretzky: Whatever works, pal. Because, if your guys lose, as they have been (a pathetic victory over the Germans and a tie against the Czechs can hardly be worth crowing about), you, the Great One, will be laughed out of town. You have kind of set yourself up with that little outburst now. Not a smart thing to do. Hope your players bail you out.
Arul Kumaran
Antigonish, NS

It's about time that we have a true spokesman for the Canadian Team with Gretzky. I am happy to see that a true Canadian is standing up for the best hockey team on earth. How many of our players are the real deal (all) they own the NHL in all areas. We have so many great hockey players in Canada we could build our own ice hockey federation or should I just say National Hockey League. I am just as tired as Gretzky to see all this **** happen however we all know as Canadian's what we are all about and the pride we have for this great game. 50 goals in 39 NHL games who's kidding who. Lets Go Canada

I don't believe that the whole world wants Canada to lose as much as they want their own teams to win; if that means that the people wearing the maple leaf need to lose... they probably say "so be it". Hockey means a lot to Canadian sports fans, and the sporting press knows it. The country's reputation for producing dominant teams for many years reinforces that. Also, when the American press sees a situation where their own national team is undefeated and the Canadians are struggling, it gives them an opportunity to gloat without being openly biased about it... not that it ever stopped the Yanks from doing that before. They did invent the marketing term "dream team" didn't they?
Claude J.T.

If the team is going to win, it will take hard work, good skating, playmaking and desire. So far these have been either lacking or inconsistent, though there has been improvement. Gretzky's whining and trying to make the world at large into a scapegoat for the team's problems, seems completely off the wall, not to mention a loser mentality. Gretzky would have done better to keep his mouth shut and limit his "pep" talks to the locker room. Let the team's play speak for itself.
Tom Chaplin

Of course he's not right. And I'm not sure nationalistic rants do anyone any good. How many out there think trying to coach with Wayne pulling the strings is a job from Hell? Scotty Bowman wouldn't put up with it. Which brings up the question of why Scotty hasn't been asked to coach Team Canada for the last couple of Olympics. Too independent?
Nancy L. Williams

It is about time that someone said what was on their mind. Being that it was Gretzky that said it only enhances the emotional effect of his comments. It is no secret that everyone in the world would like to see Canadian hockey fall flat on its face. It has always been Canada's game to lose. Every other country has everything to gain by beating Canada. It has always been said that Canadians are too polite and complacent, but question our commitment and dedication to this game and you will see how a cornered animal attacks - with golden claws!
Angus Pippy

Geeze Louise... Listen to the question... It was not "Was that a sign of disrespect for the opposition?". The question was related to a disrespect for the International style of hockey, whether it be the larger ice surface, automatic icing calls, etc. There was never any mention of disrespect to fellow competitors. Get your story straight.
Peter Puck

Once again, Wayne Gretzky made me so proud to be a Canadian. I think the comments will really motivate Team Canada. He was also right that the world does not want us to win. Screw those Europeans. Go Team Canada. I am with you all the way, even if you lose!
T. Pham

Yes, Gretzky's remarks will motivate Team Canada. The high quality of Canadian hockey has always inspired other teams to do their best but this excellence has also aroused a keen sense of jealousy and envy. And jealousy and envy invariably demand to watch the great ones fall.
James Wild

Gretzky is whining, just as he did as a player. "The whole world wants Canada to lose" is baloney, the Finns want to beat the Swedes, the Czechs want to beat the Russians, they have other things in mind than us.
Name : Steven James

About time we quit being the nice guy all the time. Politically correct has hopefully run its course. If this does not get Canadians going, we might want to check our pulses.

No, I doubt it will have much effect. This is the Olympics, in which the whole world would much rather see their country win than Canada, I think Wayne is taking this all a little too personally. There were some missed calls, but not enough (or at any time) to affect the outcome of last night's game. Get over it - Move on - and let's play Hockey.

I think that Canada is always on everyone's radar list of teams to beat, simply because we have been in the game longer and used to be so dominant. Clearly today we are not dominant as we were as many other countries have now been playing the game for many years and because, in my opinion, we do not have the same talent level we had in the 70's and 80's. If you had Gretzky, Lemieux, Lafleur, Gainey, Robinson and others playing in their prime I think we would be essentially impossible to beat and would in fact be completely dominant. With the only major star in my opinion being Lemieux and obviously not in his prime years we are really on the same level as most other nations.
P. Neville
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