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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 3
Do you think the comments Gretzky made after Monday's hockey game will motivate Team Canada? Is he right when he says the whole world wants Canada to lose?

Here are responses to the above question:

Hurray for Gretzky. If Gretzky is upset Canadians and Canadian hockey fans should be upset. He is a gentleman on and off the ice. We should get 100 per cent behind him I trust his judgment implicitly. He is a great Canadian.
Isabel Taylor

I think 'The Great One' is spot on! I'll just bet they (the world ) loves it when Canada loses in hockey. Those were blatant unchecked penalties, our guys received! I think Canada has to respond and do so quickly, when we are trodden on. Bully for our skating pair! A big noise was heard, and we get the gold result. I hope Gretzkys' comments have shaken the hockey players up, and they play rough, hard, aggressively in future games! REMEMBER... Its hockey...a rough, hard, aggressive game! It's our game.
Betsy Wilson

Proclaiming that Roman Hamrlik will be bludgeoned in next week's Isles-Rangers games might not be the best way to shake off the spectre of Canadian hockey goonery.
Alex Bleu

It's about time someone spoke out for Canadian hockey. The NHL which employees many Europeans and provides great entertainment to North Americans, is the worlds greatest point in ice hockey. If it wasn't, why are all the European player playing here. If you watch International hockey, the stick work is far more dangerous and vicious than the body contact style of North American hockey. Just look at the hooking, slashing etc. It's incredible. The question I have is why is Olympic hockey played on an ice surface of International dimensions. Since the majority of players in the Olympics play in the NHL, it would be fair to say that why isn't the game played on an NHL dimensions. Then it would be a game that would suit the majority of players especially the North American players who have not had the benefit of playing on larger ice surfaces like the European players (another advantage to the Europeans).

I don't think that Gretzky's comments will motivate anyone I just don't think that Canada has the superior team that we think we have. Canadians sent a myth to the Games, everyone else including the country Canada sent a team of hockey players
Ron McGuire

No I think Gretzky was way off base when he said the whole world wants Canada to lose. I think his emotions took over after two games in which the best we have to offer was less than overpowering and one game when the boys showed up to play. The cross checks and spearing were par for the course - these guys all play in the NHL after all. Sather must have rolled his eyes when he heard Wayne say that pay back was going to happen when the Isles meet the Rangers next week - Fleury is not exactly a choir boy and can pick his own fights. Perhaps it is time for the Canadian hockey brain trusts from the NHL level down to junior realize that our players skill levels are falling behind. Our junior players should be trained on the large ice surface where the emphasis is on skating and handling the puck, not this small ice short pass clutch and grab nonsense. Even rock and sock em Cherry would agree with that. Get a grip Gretz - Canada is going to win the gold, the guys are pros and will come through when it counts. Use the games as a spring board to improving our talent not as an excuse to regress to cheap talk and shots. With any luck the games, which for the most part are fast paced and action packed, will convince the NHL to liven up their product. If they could do that they might even get better TV ratings in the U.S. than bowling.
Warren Campbell

I believe the Great One's approach was misguided. Other teams would like to beat us, but I doubt whether they hate us. Whether it motivates his team of multi-millionaires to wear the flag remains to be seen. He probably knows how they think better than I so he certainly will make them more physical if nothing else.
Dale Kristof
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

I think we are showing that we are first in complaining. This was the first game I saw a call missed. Fleury was laying on Hasek for a good 5 seconds and then get his just desserts.
Paul Giv

I personally think it's atrocious that these teams are made up of so-called "professional" hockey players. What ever happened to the Olympics being for "amateur" athletes - giving them the opportunity to play for their country & to possibly be seen what the "professional" associations? I'm convinced that if the amateur athletes were playing, without the benefit of outrageous salary contracts, the motivation would already be there! Bring back the players who are playing with their hearts!

Gretzky was absolutely right. I've been living in the U.S. for the past two years and have had to watch hockey on ESPN. Switching from CBC and TSN to ESPN, has been tough. What's been tougher is listening to the bias of analysts against Canada. Watching the games over the past week it is obvious that the media is routing for Canada to lose. John Davidson, Bill Clement, and the rest of the ESPN/NBC "analysts" have been so flagrant in their enjoyment of Team Canada's rough start, that it is hard to stomach. The rest of the teams better watch out because after last night's excellent play, TC is on the mend. Good job, Gretzky!
Kyle Kennedy

I think Gretzky should have kept his mouth shut. He was a whiner on the ice, and he hasn't changed. Granted, there were some missed penalty calls, but that usually goes both ways. Canada is in trouble because it didn't play well in two of the three preliminary games, and if they snooze against Finland they'll be out. Theo Fleury got whacked after he decided to sit on Hasek for a few minutes. Ask yourself what would have happened at the other end of the rink if a Czech player sat on Brodeur and refused to get up. He'd probably be in intensive care. What has Gretzky accomplished? Every team in the Olympics is now itching for a chance to beat Canada in a grudge match -- especially the Americans. Way to go, Wayne.
Don Whiteley

Yep, can't hurt. Might throw the wrath of the pay-back god where it rightly belongs eh?
A. Bronskill

Do Europeans "hate" Canada's Olympic hockey team? Well, resent, maybe. Do they have a reason? Yes I think they do. If I lived in any of the countries that had to qualify for the medal round, but couldn't get their NHL'ers sprung for the qualifying round, then yes I would resent the NHL, and therefore probably Canada as well. By the same token, most of the countries competing in Olympic hockey have seen a talent drain for years of all their best national players to the NHL. They also have a reason to resent North America "buying" all the best hockey talent from their home countries. Therefore it must play well at home, when sweet revenge is served up by the home team beating the Canadians at their own game. The media know this and of course will play to it.
Andy Patterson

Yes Wayne is right on the money. The thing that surprised me was I thought I was hearing Don Cherry speaking! It's time to get tough. It's time to dig deep down and show the world who we are: we are Canadians! Go TEAM Go Now more important then Wayne's comment -- Go team Canada's women's hockey team! We are very proud of our Women's Team!
The Thomson's
Waterloo, Ont

The "Great One" doesn't sound so greatů "American Conspiracy" my ass! From what I've seen the aforementioned "American Conspiracy" beat the drum steadily for Sale & Pelletier (in the process) ensuring justice would be swift at the 2002 Salt Lake Games. You're Welcome! Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Roy Jones Jr. who was robbed much more blatantly of a gold medal in 1988, at Seol, and the U.S. men's basketball team who shared the same fate in 1972, at Munich. Gretzky should show some class and dignity and let the teams play hockey. If Team Canada is so great they should win. Maybe he should consult with the 1980 gold medal winning U.S. Hockey Teamů Regards, Tim Peters
Salem, Mass

Congratulations to Wayne Gretzky for finally telling it like it is! Whether or not the world actually wants us to lose, our athletes might (probably will) get a boost from taking that approach...
Allison Larin

Enough whining already. If the rest of the world doesn't like us it is understandable. Canada won in 1972 because they deliberately broke the ankle of the best Soviet player. Don Cherry still speaks with heartfelt emotion about Wayne Cashman knocking a Swedish players teeth in with his stick. When Canada got desperate last night they reverted to that wonderful tradition of running the goalie. Win or lose but shut up.

I have always liked Canadian ice hockey, like most of other Finns. I think that Gretzky is bit desperate when he is saying that whole world wants Canada to lose. Maybe Americans do because you are neighbours, and there is a love-hate relationship like we have with Swedes.
Tapio Tuominen
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