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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 10
Do you think the comments Gretzky made after Monday's hockey game will motivate Team Canada? Is he right when he says the whole world wants Canada to lose?

Here are responses to the above question:

Gretzky should shut up - I think he is trying to take the heat off of the players, but he is starting to lose respect of Canadian hockey fans and starting to look like Bobby Clark in the Eric Lindros fiasco.
Kevin Klassen

Just curious how Wayne will explain himself to his American wife, kids, and neighbors. If Big, Bad America is so terrible no one's stopping him from heading back to the Great Whine North. That's what any self respecting "Proud Canadian" would do. I hear there are some hockey teams up there that could use a new owner. Nah, wouldn't want to do without February golfing, would ya Wayne? The hypocrisy of "The Great One" is now almost as legendary as his whining. Pre-Gretzky-Breakdown I was cheering for Team Canada just as much as I was Team USA. North America all the way, baby. I think you'll find most Americans feel more anti-Europe than anti-Canada. But with Gretzky's rant and the subsequent support of it by Canada at large, I now would love to see Canada get knocked off their self-imagined pedestal. It's been 50 years, another 4 shouldn't be too much to endure. Not only has Team Canada lost a fan, but the Phoenix Coyotes have as well. Gretzky's self-serving tirade saw to that. Simply pathetic.
Santa Fe

Gretzky's public rant is away off base. If this was an emotional outburst (which I think it was), it is out of place, unprofessional, and an embarrassment. Even it was a calculated tactical move to motivate Team Canada, it will not have a positive effect. So whether is was emotional or tactical, the result is a negative one.
Bill Boyes

Way to go Wayne!
Kevin Herring

Gretzky is as he always was, a whiner. He just makes all look like little spoiled brats.

I think that he is accurate in his statements, however emotionally they were delivered. Regardless of how we feel about the presence of professional hockey players at a traditionally amateur event like the Olympic games, everybody loves an underdog, and everybody loves to watch a hero lose.
Jason Howse

I don't agree some of the comments Gretzky made and feel sad that the "great one" (?) would say something stupid to promote hatred amount prayers and countries. Pay-back and revenge are not the spirit of sport especially the Olympic. I feel shameful as a Canadian but I still wish our players to win the Gold Medal for Canada not for Gretzky.
Winson Orr
Ottawa, ON

It's quite sad that Canadians wrap so much of their national self esteem into the way a hockey team performs. As an American, I don't want to see Canada lose. I feel too sorry for them to WANT them to lose. It must be hard to be the smart kid in the back of the class that no one gives a damn about. Eh?
Boston, Mass

No I don't think this will help. To start off I don't think NHL players should be in the Olympics. The reason, they will not play as hard as they do in the NHL. Because if they get injured there goes there carrier. Plus I like to see new athletes see what Canada has for our future. Look I'm a Canadian all the way and I'll support Canada, but let's stop our whining and get out there and play hockey. Why don't our men's team take some pointers from our women's team (Class).

Sour grapes! The Great one on ice has shown he can't manage. He's afraid of the end results... how it will reflect on HIM! He had better stay out of the kitchen.
Mark George

Its obvious Gretzky is still playing the game, perhaps he is the true team captain. Gretzky's comments were made to reflect the media treatment that the team has been subjected to and the overall Olympic sentiment that we are doomed. It's about time that the Canadian hockey management brass tells the world and its "seven captains" that it's our turn to fight back.
Daniel Bizier

I don't remember when I have enjoyed watching hockey as much as I have enjoyed watching both the women's and men's Canadian teams these past two weeks. The teams are better matched, and one see real plays. In light of this I find, and I hate to say this about our national icon from California, Gretzky's "rant" just a bit embarrassing. He's right to complain about the penalties that should have been called; however, rather than wanting Canada to lose, it would seem that other teams want to beat the Canadian team. There is a difference. And the fact that the teams are much more equal than ever before, means that the Canadian version of "the Dream team" will have really earned that gold medal
Brian Charlton

Sadly not. I think he blew this one and I sure was disappointed. I am a Canadian and I sure thought Gretzky had more class than this. I may agree with some of the things he had to say but not the way he said them. Hopefully his wife or his dad will have a chat with him so he doesn't do it again, especially if they lose the next game. As far as the world wanting Canada to lose...I would say it's that other teams want to win regardless of who loses as long as it's not them. There is no conspiracy theory. A Gretzky fan....gulp...

If they need something like that to get them motivated, it's pretty much a moot point. It's the Olympic games. It's not so much that the whole world wants Canada to lose; it's more like if you play hockey at a high level, you always want to beat the best, and Canada is perceived to be the best.

Wayne Gretzky set himself up for the comments he received. This reminds me of USA's 4X100 track and field relay team. "We have the four fastest runners right here." However, they were disqualified for poor passing because they never practised together. Wayne claimed he had the best players and they could win the gold. It is true that Canada probably has the best players and with a couple weeks practise before the games they certainly would be a threat. I would think that if everyone wants to see Canada lose, that would be a compliment. What it does mean is no one else wants to face them in the finals.
M. Jessen
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