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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 2
Have the results from Canadian athletes in Salt Lake been a disappointment?

Here are responses to the above question:

There have been a few individual disappointments, as there will inevitably be, but I think those will be largely forgotten if we get 4 golds for our hockey and curling teams -- even 3 of 4 gold if men's hockey is one of them.
Joe Coneybeare

No way! All the athletes who made it to the Olympics are achievers and they represent well our Country. Some of them will come back with medals but lets not take away from those who don't. Everyone deserves the best of welcome and congratulations when they come back. I have been watching every sports, some more than others but everyone I saw where great competitors.
F. P. Cyr
New Brunswick

The Canadian athletes have not been disappointing. Neither Canada, nor our athletes, should be judged by the number of medals garnered. What disappointed me was the medal haul hype that preceded the Games. As with the recent Summer Olympics in Sydney, Canada was projected to be bound for glory. This time, the pundits and experts predicted up to 20 medals and a third place finish. All you media and sports pundits: next time, please rein in the medal haul expectations. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with great expectations, but inflated expectations are another matter. If supposedly surefire medals slip from grasp, inflated disappointment is sure to follow.
Andy Potter

I find the notion of an Olympic disappointment ridiculous. Following the results of the Canadian contingent from abroad - originally from Vancouver, I now live in London, England - I take great pride in the achievement of our athletes and the aplomb with which they've conducted themselves in trying times of controversy, namely Sale and Pelletier. Medal winners or not, all our athletes are heroes and deserve our full-fledged support.
Paul Gubbe

I wrote the following immediately after the Canadian Men's Hockey Team's first game. Hope you'll post it, since the underlying message still applies. The Canadian men's hockey team has lost its first game. Of course, that other great Canadian national sport should kick in just about now. Of course, I'm referring to second-guessing and criticizing. As a nation, we excel at that. We really do. But let's not do it this time, OK? Canada lost its first game, and that's that. This happens in sports. And in life, too, for that matter. Let's not question the Canadian team management, the lineup, or the goaltending. Or anything else for that matter. Doing so serves absolutely no purpose at this stage of the game. Of course, pundits - whether in the newsroom, the broadcast booth or left out on the sidelines - will have a field day. That's their job, I guess. But it's not mine. I choose to support my team. Our team. They're great hockey players, and they know what they have to do. So let's back them up. Let them know that we're behind them, and that we know they'll do their best. Listening to Don Cherry just now, I agree with him, if only for the fact that he gets it. Now, although I enjoy listening to him and "catching his act when I can," I don't often agree with him. But this time, I'm on his side. Only because of the fact that when he's speaking of the Canadian men's hockey team, he says "we" instead of "they". As in "we know what we have to do now," and not "they have to play better." He's behind our team. And so am I. And so should all us. Go for the gold guys!
Michel Béchard

I can't believe what I have just read! Bourne said the Italians' fall was at a more crucial time than her and Kraatz's falls! I suppose she will get the media behind the Canadians and demands at least a bronze. Kissing her partner at the end of the fall to get the crowd behind her after their mistake... Is there any else Canadians won't do and say?! Try one thing please, work harder and be technically superior.
Janine F.

Actually, I am very tired of the excellent efforts of our athletes and the great things they have achieved being under-emphasized and under-appreciated while Brian what's his name from the CBC control booth constantly goes off about all the terrible disappointment. It seems to me that the CBC manages to show Canadian athletes contending in one sport or another all day, everyday of the Olympics - and sometimes we win. If they'd just celebrate our athletes and the spirit of the Olympics a little more and stop ruining it for us all with all the talk of disappointment, watching the Olympics would be a lot more enjoyable.
Aaron Bergbusch

Hey don't count our men and women out yet there are still a lot of events left that Canadians could still medal in: Curling, hockey, speed-skating, short-track, etc. Besides the media has set this team up to disappoint with all their talk of "best results ever" yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah. With expectations like that anything less then perfect would be a disappointment. Disappointed? Hell no! I'm proud of all our athletes medal or not. Way to go guys keep it up!
James Foster

I think every one who is at the Olympics would like to win a medal but all know that is not possible. The Canadian Athletes have all conducted them selves with maturity, grace and good sportsmanship. They have been Ambassadors for our country and I am extremely proud to be Canadian. Keep up the good work. Gretzky is right "we are still standing" and we will be at for a long time to come.

I am an American who lives in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of watching Mr. Gretzky play many times here. I really admire him. I am, however, disappointed in his most recent comments. I think that most Americans have Canada as their #2 team in most events. I don't take pleasure in their failure. He blasts the American media...but where were his complaints when the American media adopted Sale and Peltier and pushed for justice? The Russians are hammering us for that...and now Canadians are hammering us for discussing their hockey failures. The Canadian media has been no less critical than the American media. Wayne, if this helps motivate your boys, then more power to you. Otherwise, show your true, classy self. Finally, go USA, go Canada!
Richard Keever

You get what you pay for ... In Canada, we pay next to nothing to support our athletes, but we expect the world from them ... This must change
Andy Amanovich

Please, Please… Someone get Don Cherry of the air on CBC! He makes all Canadians look like Buffoons. His comments Monday night hardly made sense. Don Maclean does not help in this equation!
Willam B. Brown

While I'm sure that everyone wants Canada to win as many medals as possible, a nation's medal count is not (and should not be) the only way of measuring its success at the Olympics. All that we can ask of athletes representing Canada is that they do their best. This has been the case with many athletes, who have turned in personal best performances in Salt Lake City. As for those athletes who did not perform to the level they felt they were capable of, I am sure that they will be disappointed enough, and will not need a nation of armchair athletes telling them what they should have accomplished. Truth be told, the biggest disappointment of these games has been that you asked this question at all.
Karen DeBortoli

Having a poll question based on who has been Canada's biggest disappointment in the games so far is plain rude. The athletes that are mentioned in this poll have achieved a lot in their careers and do not need or deserve to be diminished because of an event that is one of many. Sure maybe they did not live up to the expectations that they themselves had going into the Games, but they do not need a poll to tell them that. Why do you feel the need to make them feel even worse when I am sure that they are suffering enough already? Personally, I think that anyone who has gone so far as to make it into the Olympics is already a hero and do not need to prove themselves to anyone because they already have.
Kim Flood

What would be the point of being disappointed when we have 7 medals in hand thus far? These people are the country's best, going against the world. I think these people are doing an amazing job at representing Canada.

NO! Whenever you compete to the best of your ability, and with class and dignity (as all of our athletes have) then you can never be a disappointment to your country. Our athletes have done us proud, medals or no medals!
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