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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 5
What do you think about the ISU's decision to award Salé and Pelletier gold medals on Friday? Will this help figure skating's image?

Here are responses to the above question:

This is an idiotic decision. There is only one gold medal in this kind of competition, this is not run or jump. In this situation, before you will give a medal somebody you must take it away from the winner.

I am pleasantly surprised that action was taken, and quickly, given the habitually glacial speed of the ISU. Hopefully, this result will ensure fair judging for the remaining figure skating events in Salt Lake. I hope that both the Canadian and Russian athletes can put this incident behind them and enjoy the rest of the Games. Congratulations to Jamie and David and remember that we love you, silver or gold or no medal at all.
Montreal, Quebec

We are happy for Jamie and David that they received the gold medal they rightly deserved. Figure skating's image will improve when the ISU clean house. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The ISU needs to figure out a new way of judging this event without the use of judges.
Denise & Cindy

I am glad Canada got the justice it deserved. Enjoy the Gold- you earned it!
Harris Platt

It's a good start. Let's wait and see what happens in the ice dance tonight. If the Russians win gold and the French win silver, we're back in the soup again -- especially if the Canadians finish fifth, as has been mooted for the past two weeks. But you can bet that everyone will be watching.
Liz Shaw

While I applaud the decision to award a second gold medal the fact remains that the decision of the ISU reeks of appeasement in the face of negative publicity. In order for this travesty to be fully atoned for there must be measures put in place that prevent such an occurrence from happening again.
James Foster

Congratulations to Jamie and David who are receiving their just reward. Congratulations to the hundreds of "good men" who lent their voices and screamed bloody murder against the injustice that had been done to Jamie and David, and congratulations to the ISU for taking action to right that injustice. Skating's image is perhaps permanently tarnished, which is a sad legacy for so beautiful a sport. Jamie and David, you are beautiful skaters, gracious competitors and truly deserving OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS. You honor us!
Barbara Scoggin
Dallas, Texas

Sure they get a gold, but it's tainted. You simply can't reverse what's happened. The sport has come to be more about politics than actual ability.
Windsor, ON

What a shame that this soap opera relating to a non-sport has overshadowed the great performances of athletes like Catriona Le May Doan and Beckie Scott. "Ice Dancing" is an art form like ballet and trying to pick winners and losers is a waste of time.
Ken Parker

I for one, think that this is one of the first times the figure skating movement has shown itself to be honorable. They made a big mistake, and came back with a big decision to honor the Canadian skaters! Good for them to admit when a mistake has been made!
Andrew Ernst

Get over it! These things have been fixed for years. The skating, dancing, gymnastics and just about every judged sport is very open to influence, tampering and fraud.
D Fines

Awarding Salé and Pelletier gold was what should have happened on February 11th. The ISU has been exposed and no matter how they try to cover up their dirty laundry the image of figure skating has been tainted. SHAME on them.
Gina Ellefsen

Seeing as the French judge was suspended for giving an improper score, the Russian skater's didn't earn the gold medal that they were awarded. If a judge is caught colluding with other judges to give a "fixed" score the participants from the offending countries in that particular sport should be disqualified from the competition. Although harsh, this type of punishment would ensure something like this would never happen again. No judge would want to be responsible for that type of consequence.
Robert Nagel

For myself, I've seen enough of the Olympic ideals of corruption, bullying and celebration of scandal to last a lifetime. I can only hope the games will not be "awarded" to Canada for 2010, nor for any other time.
Mary Wilson

I think it is too little too late. No, it will not help figure skating's image at all - they have lost some fans forever.

If anything having to fix this problem in the first place further tarnishes figure skating's image.
Judy Batt

The Russian skaters should give up their gold medals since they would not have won the competition if it weren't for the misconduct of the French judge.

I am not convinced it will help the image of the sport. If it leads to a complete and exhaustive investigation then great - otherwise it looks like the ISU just handed us the medal to keep us quiet. We do not need to be perceived as crying children who can be pacified with a piece of candy, we need to demand that the ISU go the distance on this one.

It was the best that they could do given the situation. What needs to happen now is decide the best method to judge these events in the future. Do paid judges makes sense? Should the judges be judged and scored? The sport will always have subjectivity as part of the judging, all anyone can asks is that it is as fair as possible for the athletes and fans.
Nick Sacco

When it is determined which countries are guilty in this scandal, those countries should have their skaters banned from the pairs competition at the next Olympics
Warren Stevens

The decision to cure the error helps save figure skating. If the dishonest judging were to continue, support for skating as a sport would wane and eventually young people interested in competitive figure skating would move into other, more open and honest sports for competition purposes.
Garth Brillinger

They deserved it - and everyone knows it, including the Russian pair who received "first". Canada is so proud of these two. Jamie and David, as I said before, you are the maple syrup on our pancakes, the leaf on our flag and the "eh" at the end of our sentences. Two all Canadian champs and marvelous ambassadors! God Bless.
Don & Janet Strang
Parksville, B.C.

Frankly I don't think it helps at all. This incident just exacerbates an already severely tainted activity. How can a pastime which includes choice of music in its scoring be regarded as a sport anyway? Subjectively judged activities have no place in the sports Olympics and the IOC should use the opportunity to exclude figure skating from future Olympics in keeping with their expressed desire to reduce the size and cost of the games.
Richard Howes

Getting the gold doesn't do much for me. It is about first and second place or who is the real winners. Just getting the gold just to keep the people happy is not what it is all about. If this is the case, who gets the silver now ?
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