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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 20
Should judging in figure skating be examined?

Here are responses to the above question:

Monkeys could be trained to do a better, more unbiased job, judging the figure skating. The "Olympic Chimps" ... "Chimps for Champs" ... any stumbles and the chimpanzees would cover their eyes, making note to deduct a point or two ... They could do no worse, and would look a whole lot more dignified.
Sheldon Hanna

Hello from USA. Someone here posted that the judges were blind. That's silly. They had their eyes wide open and even they must know they have made a total joke of the whole thing. I will no longer watch to see who "wins" but just to see who I like. If it's any consolation I understand that people in the know believe this fiasco has assured your skaters of big, big bucks. I'm not saying that will make up for what happened to them but it will help.
Michael Sloan

What I don't hear anyone saying about the pairs skating judging is that--given the value, rarity and preciousness of a Gold Medal--the real allegation should be conspiracy to defraud, which is probably a felony in Utah and the rest of the United States. This is not a case for the International Skating Union; it's a case for the FBI. Yes, politically it's not going to happen. Fact is a crime is a crime. Oh, yeah. Unless you're an Enron exec.
Steve Raine

I am getting tired of the pairs issue. The networks need to stay out of this issue, it's only a sports competition. The saddest fact is that the future careers of the Russian pair is being tarnished forever. This couple is not responsible for what happened. I am so tired of the boohoo pictures of the Canadian pairs. Like Nancy Kerrigan, they will soon be multi- millionaires, which will quickly ease their disappointment. Get over it, move on, and stop ruining the futures of others.
S. Kelly

If the ISU doesn't have the "guts" to clean up the corruption within their judging organization, then they should not be used and another organization created. I was so upset that I have e-mailed them and told them exactly that. And I would suggest that every individual, Canadian or not, send them a similar e-mail to let them know that we won't stand for any more of their corrupt officials. Their e-mail address is
Frank Hanta

What do figure skating and Enron have in common? More than anyone will ever know if those in charge have their way.

This gold heist is enough to make Jesse James jealous!

Some of the judges might as well have brought out the nightstick and clubbed them in the knee. It would have been easier to take.
Dwayne Watson

I dare newspapers around the world to post the ice dancing standings a day in advance of the event as most people believe these results are predetermined and fixed by a corrupt group of judges. This sport should be removed from the Olympics. It's a shame competition even exists. From a sports fan who has given up watching Jerry Springer Olympics.

I am an American who has often been accused of having a Canadian bias. I can't help liking the country and its people and the way the Canadian pair has conducted itself throughout this ordeal reminds me once more of the reasons for my fondness for your country. Like everyone else in this board, I'm appalled by the flagrant corruption of the judges. If I had anything to do with the process, I would publish the names and faces of the judges accused of collusion and immediately expel them from the Olympic venues and send them back home to the countries they so shamefully represent. The simple appearance of collusion would be enough for me to have them removed with no questions asked! As an American, I am ashamed at the controversy simply because guilt by association taints the games held in my own country. To the Canadian skaters: You won. No ifs and or buts about it! Keep your chin up and your head high. You are one class act that should be emulated regardless of the politics and corruption that now taints yours sport forever. From now on, I'll stick to watching the Hockey tourney and hope that Canada and the US take everyone else to task!
Alex Miller
Seattle, Wa.

Only a threat of a lawsuit will get ISU to change its ways and results of flawed judging. IOC only acted in response to bribery scandal over awarding Salt Lake City and Sydney Olympic Games when it faced Congressional inquiry and lawsuits.
Jon White

Call me an idealist, but if I had been the Russian pair I would taken my gold medal and given it to the Canadians right then and there, just to be true to the Olympic spirit. Judging in figure skating should be more than re-examined: it should be subjected to a thorough housecleaning. Remove all current judges, put in a new batch with a new mandate, and see if figure skating can become a true Olympic sport, instead of a geo-political farce of behind-the-scenes deal making.
Judith Schutz

I stopped watching the Olympics years back as it's too corrupt in my opinion. It's sad to me as I truly loved the Olympics when I was a child. The games to me were ethically the pinnacle of competition for one to compete in and spectators to watch. There's too much money involved now with a gold medal assuring a big contract after it's over. The latest skating judging fiasco started me thinking about how much influence we have as a country on the Olympic stage. If it was an American or Russian couple who were judged second, what do think would have been the fallout?
George Bain

I love watching figure skating but coming from South Africa I was not aware of the politics. After the debacle at the pairs figure skating I have totally lost interest in watching any further coverage. Even to my untrained eye, the judging was so obviously biased. My heart goes out to the two young Canadians who have obviously put their everything into winning the Olympic gold, only to be denied it by corrupt judges. What a sorry state of affairs at the Olympics.
C. Barker

I wish to thank the judges of pairs figure skating for reminding all of us about the disease that festers in their event and in competitive figure skating in general. In most Olympic events the best performances are rewarded with gold medals. However this principle does not apply to figure skating, just as it does not apply to selection of host cities for Olympic games. It was inevitable and appropriate that the stench of corruption surrounding these Games should be strongest in figure skating. The saddest outcome of this latest fiasco for figure skating is that parents like me will discourage their children from pursuing competitive figure skating because efforts that deserve top honour will not always rewarded. Figure skating is an embarrassment to the Olympic ideals of competition and should be dropped entirely as an event.
Allen Dong

As an American who had previously believed the Russian pairs to be the worlds best, I think the Canadian's performance was vastly better on Monday night. If the ISU cannot get its judging act together, it will completely lose its credibility as a "sport" rather than a "show." I was in Vancouver to witness the Ice Dancing debacle last year and hoped the ISU would learn from their errors and from the negative publicity it received. Nothing seems to touch them and they keep repeating their outrageous behavior.
M. Cohn
Coral Springs, Florida
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