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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Responses, Part 12
Should judging in figure skating be examined?

Here are responses to the above question:

Yes it should. In an interview, when Salé and Pelletier were asked if they felt there was anything the athletes themselves could do to help put an end to the corrupt judging system they responded "NO" . I strongly disagree with that answer. If the judges won't be honest then the athletes themselves should make a stand. The Russian pair has to know they did not skate a gold performance. They should have handed their gold medals to the rightful recipients right there on the podium. Maybe this would show the judges that regardless of how corrupted they may be the athletes truly respect their sport and are honest enough to know and rightfully reward the best performance. Salé and Pelletier you were a joy to watch and skated an awesome performance.

I didn't watch the event, nor do I profess to be an astute judge of figure skating. But if it is the case that they were robbed, or that it was rigged, then perhaps the greatest vindication for David and Jamie, would be that this debacle (and the reaction at the arena) may just be what is needed to clean up the sport. Even though they can never receive the gold medal the way champions are supposed to, hopefully they personally will live with the memory that their sacrifice changed figure skating forever - and it is an honour that would be unfitting for anyone but a Canadian. May their Olympic spirit, their passion for figure skating and the tragedy of this result be always remembered.
Anthony Shiau

I've long hated the biased nature of the 'sport'. I no longer care about what happens. It's a terrible waste. Why not just hand the medals over at the beginning and forgo the actual 'competition' itself. Here's to corruption at the Olympics. Organized International Sport should be ashamed.

As a British viewer, I can but concur with our BBC commentators. To observe a performance of such glorious perfection from Salé and Pelletier was an exquisite pleasure. To see the arrant corruption of the subsequent voting is certainly a bitter pill, but cannot erase the memory of a truly special and gold medal presentation. Bravo, Salé and Pelletier, you are the true victors.
Tim Thomas
Bristol, England

I am college student from Memphis, Tennessee, and have been an avid figure skating fan for 15 years. Figure skater or not, you have a gut feeling when someone comes up short or skates the performance of their life even before the judging marks go up. The Canadian pairs skaters won my gut vote. I also firmly believe that Elvis Stojko did a hell of a lot better than the marks he received. No one jumps with ease like him. His speed is phenomenal and the last time I compared a score of 4.9 meant you fell a couple of times or messed up every jump. I did not see that. He looked like he skated with an abandon I haven't seen from him in years. I don't come from a place that snows very much or has many ice rinks. The one thing I do know is that the figure skaters from Canada are damn good and deserve marks that merit their talent. My gut knows this.
Amanda Gilbert

Boycott any company that advertises during a rigged skating competition. This corruption will be history in no time.
J.B. Hohm

But of course judging in figure skating is fixed. I started watching figure skating with my mother when Toller Cranston was all the rage. My mother was perpetually incensed that Toller didn't get a fair shake. Well here it is several Olympics later and not much has changed or is likely to change.
C. Davis

I will tell you this. I stayed awake until five in the morning here in Italy to witness what I think was the greatest figure skating performance ever. (keep in mind that I am not an avid watcher) And I was amazed, shocked and disturbed by the result. And not only I was the entire nation of Italy was shocked and believe that the gold is theirs.
Marco Petracchi
Torino, Italy

Why bother? The crooks will find each other innocent again. Get this sport(??) right out of the games and off the air once and for all. Let Vince McMann take it over. It will never be watched in household again.
Robert Bee

I hear the International Skating Union will investigate the judging. That's like allowing the proverbial fox to investigate the disappearance of the chickens or Imelda Marcos to look at where she got the money to buy all those shoes. But you can make your feelings about the ISU felt at
Steve Sawchuk

People are forgetting that a large part of the marks given are for "presentation". This is music, costume, and how they work together with the routine. The Canadians had terrible costumes, looking like poorly dressed high school kids and they insisted on skating to a piece of "mush" music that appeals only to the North American mentality. If anyone robbed our pair it was their coach - very bad judgment calls on several issues.

I live in the U.S. and am reading Canadian papers on-line for coverage of the pair's figure skating travesty that happened on Monday evening. Absolutely yes, the judging in figure skating should undergo a thorough and official examination. The judges involved in the scandal here should be levied fines, and, then banned from participating in future competitions or the figure skating world similar to what happened to Tonya Harding after the Lillehammer games in 1994. Perhaps if there were true consequences that impact the judge's reputations and livelihood in the future this type of activity would stop. I think back to the oath taken by a gentleman representing all judges at last Friday's opening ceremonies - this incident smears Olympic ideals as well as the sport of figure skating in general. Good luck with the investigative reporting, I look forward to keeping track of the outcome. Salé and Pelletier are true Champions and were robbed of the gold medal on Monday evening. They have won the hearts of the world!
K. Fadum

NO! Judges are humans. Judging will never be perfect. Let's not be sore losers.
Djerjian Vartan

So if Jamie and David get their gold medal back, do you honestly think that we Canadians will be able to turn the page and go back to normal life in the Olympics. Don't think so Tim. This is a disgrace and something has to be done, I don't know what because I am not the professional they would sit on the commander's chair at the IOC but at least I know I'm not good for the job!
Pierrette Renaud
Gatineau, Québec

The whole judging system of ice skating as a sport should be put under a microscope. Not just in the Olympic setting, but in the sport as a whole. The *BEST* are not winning if the out come is pre-arranged. Let's see the Judges judged while the Olympics are still on - and not put on the back burner until this situation arises again
Anne Bennett

I am the parent of a young boy who lives and dies for skating. He puts his heart and soul into his practices, and he is good. I have always suspected that the judging at skating competitions was fixed. I have witnessed it now at every level of competition. It would break my heart to see my son or anybody denied of a reward they have so rightly earned because of issues that have absolutely nothing to do with the spirit of the sport itself. If the results are predetermined, how can anyone ever get what they deserve? And how do you explain this to a child?
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