Athlete Profile

Jeremy Wotherspoon, 25, of Red Deer, Alta., has a lot of things headed into Salt Lake City -- momentum, confidence and enough pressure to cook a whole chicken in five seconds. After taking home a silver medal in the 500 from Nagano, Wotherspoon has become the dominant force in long-track speed skating, a repeat champion who recently won the world sprint title without putting his clapskates to the medal and emptying his tank before Salt Lake. During the past four years, Wotherspoon has been hunted and chased at every competition he's attended. It's helped toughen his resolve and his expectations of two podium finishes in Salt Lake, one in the 500, the other in the 1,000. "I've spent the last four years kind of in the same position, always going into competitions as the favourite. And having that -- I wouldn't say added pressure but different pressure -- has definitely given me a lot more experience and how to bring it up for bigger competitions," he said. "It's been a good learning experience, so I feel at these Olympics I'm on a pretty good upswing and I see a lot of potential."