Athlete Profile

Michael Michalchuk, 24, of Calgary is make his second Olympic appearance following a debut in Nagano in 1998. It'll be hard to catch the public's attention like he did in Japan.

Michalchuk, who will compete in the half pipe, became infamous for displaying a banner at the end of his run in Nagano declaring that Canadian teammate Ross Rebagliati, who failed a drug test after winning gold, should get his gold medal back.

Michalchuk is legendary for his snowboarding exploits. In fact, two different moves have been named after him, including the "Michalchuk" which is his signature move involving a back flip with on and a half twists. In fact, many of his gravity-defying moves scare off even his competitors. He jumps so high - up to 16 feet off the lip of a half-pipe - that he's often looking at his landing from 30 feet in the air.

Those feats have their price. Since Nagano, he has had Achilles tendon injuries and he blew out his right knee. He hopes those pains will result in his own gold medal.