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Veteran: John Mould

Photo: People in St. Catharines celebrate the signing of the armistice on Nov. 11, 1918.

Veteran: Norman McEwen

Photo: Soldiers with crutches.

The back of the photograph reads:

May 18/18
Akron, Ohio

This was taken at a "finish in a minute" joint. What do you think of the bunch? The looks would frighten anybody. How do you like the flower in my hat (Some sport eh?) No wonder the camera was affected.

Veteran: Perreault Casgrain

Photo: Photograph of soldier dated June 1, 1918

Veteran: N/A

Photo: A soldier waits to buy a meal check in London

Veteran: N/A

Photo: A Canadian soldiers' baseball team.

Veteran: N/A

Photo: Men on leave in London attend a dance.

Veteran: Ella Mae Bongard

Photo: Photograph of Canadian nurse Ella Mae Bongard who served in France.

Veteran: N/A

Photo: Patients being carried from a train to ambulances.

Veteran: Joseph Smith

Photo: Photograph of a soldier.

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