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CANADA 2002 Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

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G8 Trivia Index

Number of countries that belong to Group of 8, the world's wealthiest countries plus Russia: 8

Number of non-G8 countries whose leaders will be attending part of the summit meeting itself - the first time any non-G8 countries have been invited : 5

Number of countries that aren't invited: 178

Number of hotel rooms that will host G8 participants and their delegations: 450

Number of rooms that Calgary's mayor says he's reserved in city jails for violent protesters: 400

Number of sites that the City of Calgary has allowed for peaceful protests and anti-globalization activities, workshops or festivals: 0

Number of "hot spots" Calgary police have identified as potential sites of protest and trouble during the summit: 60

Size of the highly restricted and heavily guarded zone that will be established around Kananaskis Village for the summit: 6.5 kilometre radius

Distance in kilometers from the summit site in Kananaskis to Calgary, where most protesters and journalists will gather: 80

Number of activists expected to travel to the Calgary region to protest: 15,000

Number soldiers from the Canadian military who will patrol the summit: 5,000

Number of media representatives from around the world who will converge in Calgary for the event: 2,500

Number of Calgarians who work downtown but will stay home or go on vacation because they fear disruptions from protests and security measures, according to a Calgary business association: 1 in 5

Number of grizzly bears that frequent the summit area who are being fitted with radio collars so their movements can be tracked by wildlife officials while security forces are on patrol: 6

Number of floor plans of one of the main resorts being used for the summit that were available to anyone on the Internet - one on a hotel brochure, the other a Canadian government Web site - until the federal government yanked its site for security reasons: 2

Cost to order the 132-page package posted on the Internet by the Canadian government including 32 maps and diagrams that showed how the Delta Lodge would be customized for the summit meetings, descriptions of the function of each major room in the building and details on where the delegates will sit: $36.77

Amount in dollars the Canadian government is providing to create a legacy to the G8 summit, including the construction of a wildlife-crossing bridge over a canal: $5-million

Amount in dollars that most residents of Africa live on per day: Less than $1

Size of largest delegation to the Summit last July in Genoa, Italy: 600

Maximum number of hotel rooms any country is being allotted to house delegates at Kananaskis: 25

Cost of a 30-minute massage at the Delta Hotel, where many summit representatives will stay: $50

Number of times Canada has hosted G8 summits: 4 (Ottawa-Montebello in 1981; Toronto in 1988; and Halifax in 1995)

Number of full-year job equivalents expected to be created in Alberta by the summit: 1,800

And did you know?

Ottawa is asking summit visitors to reuse towels and mini-soap bars and forgo frequent bedsheet changes while staying in area hotels during the June 26-27 summit in Kananaskis, Alta. Guests are also being asked to cut down on garbage (drink from refillable coffee mugs rather than disposables) and use fewer resources (write on both sides of paper).

They get off easy - the security teams patrolling the backcountry are being ordered to scoop their own poop. Security forces will be issued personal waste disposal kits to carry such matter out of the bush. They've also been given instructions about how to dispose of liquid bodily waste.

Summit leaders are being assisted by "sherpas" - the G8 leaders' personal representatives named after the Himalayan porters who help others to climb mountain summits. They are so named, the summit Web site claims, because without them, "expeditions into this hazardous mountain chain would be entirely impossible."



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