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CANADA 2002 Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

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You asked:

Is there a published agenda for the G8 that provides a little more detail than just the topics to be discussed? If so, where can one read it? Have the resolutions of any of the G7 or G8 meetings ever been published in detail.
Terry Sagan

Globe and Mail reporter Paul Knox answers:

The published agendas for G8 summits contain only the barest mention of topics. It's kept deliberately vague to be able to accommodate the issues of the day. But there is a wealth of information on G8 summitry, including the extensive preparations for the current summit and the results of previous meetings.

Your best bet is the G8 Research Group at the University of Toronto. They started studying summitry long before Jean Chrétien ever heard of Kananaskis. Their site,, should lead you to report cards on previous summits - the number of commitments that were actually kept.

The official government summit site is, and it, too, has a considerable amount of background material.

You asked:

Was Minister Anne McLellan at the airport to greet arriving leaders Tuesday? I'm sure I saw Minister McLellan with U.S. President George Bush, although others have told me it was Mrs. Bush.
Roberta Tarte reporter Allison Dunfield answers:

You were correct, it was indeed Health Minister Anne McLellan. As the various leaders arrived in Kananaskis on Tuesday, (all but Russian President Vladimir Putin) they were greeted by a variety of local, federal, and international dignitaries. Each leader walked off the plane to the waiting dignitaries across a red carpet and was asked to don a white cowboy hat to signify that they will embrace the traditions of the west while they are there. All but Mr. Putin and French President Jacques Chirac wore the hats. As well as Ms. McLellan, U.S. President George Bush was welcomed to the summit by Ken Kowalski, Speaker of the Alberta legislature, U.S. Ambassador Paul Celluci, Calgary Mayor David Bronconnier, and the provincial health minister Gary Mar.

You asked:

What breed of dog was brought in from the U.S. to find and track Grizzly bears?
J.A. Marsh

Globe and Mail reporter Dawn Walton answers:

Specially trained Karelian bear dogs have been used in Alberta for some time to keep bears at bay. They were brought into Kananaskis Country to prevent bruins from getting too close for comfort to the G8 leaders. Karelian bear dogs are small husky-type dogs that originate from Finland, and are bred to track and scare away bears.

You asked:

How much will Canadian Taxpayers have to pay to cover all costs associated with the G8 Summit?
Lane Myers

Globe and Mail reporter Steven Chase answers:

Senior Canadian officials are withholding comment on the cost of the summit until it's over and they've tallied everything up. "Until we've got the bills in we won't know," one senior government official told reporters at a background briefing June 21.

Speculation in press reports has pegged cost estimates as high as $300-million but that number includes aid payments to Africa that Ottawa is likely to announce. A large portion of the cost of the summit will be providing the 500 police officers and 6,000 soldiers for the event. Last year's summit in Genoa, Italy cost $225-million.

However government officials have said the Alberta summit could bring up to $193-million in economic benefits to the region and $244-million for the entire province.



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