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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Messages to the Canadian Troops

I am praying for you all. You are the bravest of them all. Godspeed and come back soon.
Sylvia Honegan, England

You are the best troops in the world.

I have worked with some of you on Red Cross operations. I volunteer at Missions To Seafarer's and I watched you leave the harbour from the Red Cross and Mission property. Pretty impressive bunch. I am sure that all of God's angels are with you.
Cheryl J. Hilton

We truly appreciate your efforts to bring sanity back to this crazy world be live in.
Sue, Steve and Helen Wilson, Maple Ridge, B.C.

Now that Canadian men and women are on their way in Operation Apollo, I am no longer afraid or nervous.
Linda Gray, Trenton, Ont.

Konichiwa to you all. I am attached with the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. I wish you all good luck and safe journey.
MCpl Eric Niclaes, MSGU Det. Tkyo, Japan

Hello to Daryl Levy. We're thinking of you and hope you're safe. Love from your cousins.
Stefan and Krista Seller

I would have joined you but I am too old to be trained.
Constantine Craciun

We are extremely proud of your commitment and to Canadian and world security. Maybe these troubled times will be a wakeup call for our government that a strong military is mandatory in our changing world.
R. David House

Canadians are so very fortunate to have armed services personnel like you who willingly volunteer when they are called to duty.
Judy Blair

I wish you the best of luck in all you have to encounter.
Shirley Eastman, Nfld.

Your families love you. The innocent Afghan families love their children too. Don't forget that.
Marion McBright

I'm a Canadian teaching in a Florida school. Everything takes on a different perspective when a portion of every day is spent calming the fears of the young. Everything you do to help is appreciated more than a simple letter could ever express.

I hope you all know how much support you have here at home. We are all anxiously awaiting your safe return and wish you the best
Dina Johnston

All Canadians should be free to live in a world without fear of terrorists and extremists. Safe home.
Jake Bullen, Toronto

Hittem quick and hittem hard. Then, come back for the playoffs and I'll gladly buy the first round.
Brad Brown

Show these guys that the Western world is far from barbaric.
Jeff Iwankow

Thank you for defending our freedom.
Teresa Abreu

As a member of the Canadian forces, I am proud and glad to see that Canada is taking part in this operation. I know what you are going through, and like all members of the Canadian forces, you will all do Canadians proud. I was supposed to be going with you guys but it never happened. Godspeed and I'll see on the turn over.
B. Mellor

I'm a Canadian living in Manhattan and watched the towers fall half a mile away from my apartment. It was the worst moment of my life - it shook the security I have always known. But it did not destroy my spirit. As an adoptee to this city and a proud Canadian, thank you for your courage and loyalty to keep us safe.
Monika Schurmann

I do not believe that you can fight violence with violence. But my heart and prayers are still with you all.
Florence Settano-Mearns, Montreal

As a former army chaplain and as one with many Canadian relations and friends on both sides of the family, I was greatly encouraged to learn of Operation Apollo. Canada never fails to impress and amaze the world with its generosity and willingness to become actively involved. The Maple Leaf Forever!
Rev. G.V. Wiebe SCC, PhD

Our family will say a special prayer for all of you (and your families you have left behind) each night at dinnertime.
Karen Magee

I hope you go at this slowly and come home next Christmas alive than go at this too fast and not come home at all. I'll not gripe about any tax paid toward your safety as long as they bring you home safe after your mission.
Dave Morrison

I was born and raised in northern New York State. I worked for years in Ogdensburg, N.Y., and I feel that Canada is my second home. I wish the service men and women of Canada all the best and to thank them.
Donald Besaw

If this goes on for any length of time, I think we homebodies should start doing what we did in past wars and start sending packages to the front-line troops. So what would you like to see in packages like this? Let me know by e-mail (
Orrin C. Kerr, C.D. Sgt. (Ret'd.)

My husband and I stay glued to the news. We know you are there for us and we're with you.
L. Tassy

Thank you for helping to protect freedom.
Sylvia Grossman

Every day you put yourselves in harm's way, and we at home pray for you and your families. We believe in the depths of our souls that the world will be a safer place because you helped to make it so.
M. J. Sewitch

I would like you all to know that you are very brave. But I don't agree with any of you being there if you have kids back home. We are already short of stable families. So please think of them and maybe stand at the back of the line next time…

Thank you for your service, not just on behalf on Canadians, but for civilized society everywhere.
Shane Strate

If any of you live in Southern New Brunswick and there is anything that I can do for your families (do you need a birthday card sent to a spouse or child on your behalf so that it arrives on time? Do you have an elderly parent who could use a phone call to chat?), please don't hesitate to e-mail me ( Helping you surprise a loved one is the least that I can do.
Krista Reid

I'm a Canadian working in Riyadh and rely on the BBC and CNN for news of happenings in the world. I didn't even know Canadian troops were taking part in Operation Apollo! Let's hope this whole situation won't escalate out of proportion. The expat community in Riyadh is cautious about virtually everything, but trying to keep a life of normalcy. Here's to peace.

Our troop is praying for your safe return. We are behind you all the way.
Scouter Dan Rife, Troop Leader, 7th Markham Scouts, Markham, Ont.

Stay low, move fast. Finally, a worthy mission. Make us proud, boys.
Erl Julien, Sarasota, Florida

Some of you agree with why you are fighting this unknown enemy, and some of you do not. But remember this always: there is no such thing as a good fight, so may your bullets shoot straighter than those of your enemies so you can end this war quickly and victoriously, and come home heroes.
F/Sgt. Aaron Phillips (RCAirC Pilot)

I thought I would never see something like this in my lifetime but it is here and we have to be prepared. I hope each and every one of you stay safe and come back home.
Linda Sonier

My family and I thank all of the members of the Canadian armed forces for their bravery and dedication to ending the fighting as soon as possible and returning the world to normalcy.
John Simpson, Dundas, Ont.

We're so proud of you all and can't wait to have you back home. Especially my big brother! Take care, you're in our thoughts and prayers


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