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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Messages to the Canadian Troops

We at Pleasant Valley School are studying the war in the Gulf and send our best wishes for your safe return to Canada soon. We appreciate your efforts and sacrifice. Please send us your thoughts if you can to Grade 5/6 division 3, Pleasant Valley School, Nanaimo, B.C.
Phil Gardner, teacher

I am nine years old. I'm writing to say how proud we are of you. My mommy wears an invisible ribbon and watched the troops leaving Halifax. You are in my prayers and my little brother's too.
Cindy & Richie

Thank you for serving this wonderful country so bravely. May God always be with you.
Sodely Peralta

Take care and know the Canadian public is behind you.
Susan Rennie

I am a Canadian, and proud that Canada has involved itself in this fight. It is always easier to ignore what we are not faced with directly. I wish you luck and safe return to Canada.
C. Thompson, Baltimore

We will continue to pray for your safe return to our great country we call Canada.
Victor Duhamel and family, Lively, Ont.

I feel guilty that due to my age I can't be with you guys to fight by your side. I guess I've already had my turn, and now it's yours. I know how it feels to be far from home. I know.
James, California

Safety first, kick ass, stay blessed by the living God.
Neil Anthony Katchay

I am a German landed immigrant in Canada. The education I was able to receive in Germany after the Second World War is a result of the Allied effort against the Nazi regime. I hope that the Taliban regime will similarly fall and that the people of Afghanistan are not viewed as the culprits of terrorism. Let us not forget that access to education combined with wealth will lead to the best foundation of a democratic society. To lay the prerequisite for this foundation in Afghanistan is the task of the Canadian Armed Forces in co-operation with their international allies.
Stephan Bogner, St. Albert, Alberta

If anything bad happens to you guys I'll be one of the first to sign up for the reserves. Never thought about joining the army, but would now.
Darren Hynes

You and others like you are our best hope for peace and security.
André Hammond, Montreal

I admit it's scary knowing there is war going on, but we must protect our lands from the devil's friends.
Mark Doherty

Our family is very proud of you guys. Without you, we would not have this Great White North free for all of us to roam.
Rick H.F. Tsui

You are doing what you have to do, and I admire you all and thank you for your commitment and courage. It is a very difficult decision on your part to have joined the armed services knowing that the government might call on you to go and defend the principle of freedom and fight the terrorists. I'm sure that it is wrong to ask for victory in prayer, but it can't be wrong to ask for peace. Peace be with you, and with us all.
Judy Gibson, St. John's, Nfld.

The acts of terrorists are the acts of cowards. The only way to free ourselves from these people is to wipe them out.
Eric Becker

To SYO Iroquois: Be creative and strong. Need anything, send. We are all thinking of you. Wishing you all the best.
Mike and Liz Long

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless.
E. Pike

Thank you for your part in preserving our Canadian freedoms for my grandson Jesse (22 months). Take care of each other.
Neil Cotton

May your road be safe and your encounters with danger few. You are not alone in your journey away from Canada.
Harold, Bonnie and Jessica Isenberg, Mississauga, Ont.

May the Canadian soldiers of wars from our past stand with you. I know that there are times that you brave men and women feel abandoned and forgotten. I salute you, your loved ones, and wish you all a safe journey.
Dennis Bolen

We are very proud of you all on your journey to a faraway land, to confront the terrorists, to seek out and bring to justice those who are so determined to destroy our freedom.
Percy Conners, CD

All the best. We are very proud of you. Please be safe.
Roger Wright

Let the Taliban know that hell is arriving with our Canadian troops.
Rick McDougall

May God bless each and every one of you and keep you safe. Thank you for your bravery.
Leslie Kelleher

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families as you make Canada proud.

I hope you people can win because we all are counting on you boys.

You guys and gals rock.
Sean May

Safe passage and success in defeating those who hide behind an ideal and use terrorism to further their cause.
John Gimour

You brave men and women remind us all of what it means to be Canadian.
D.M. Jones

We will keep the home fires burning. Your families will be well taken care of. Your courage and strength are what makes us Canadians.
Gail, Ottawa

If you are on a ship, on a plane or carrying a rifle, we are with you all the way until you all return.
Jack Simpson

You, like no other Canadian representing us on foreign shores, make us proud during these dark days.
Steve Ransier

Each and every one of you do Canada very proud. Never forget that. All of you may be very far away, but you are in my prayers every night.

You are simply the best.

Such big sacrifices that you must make at a time like this. Just having had a close friend deploy for a UN mission, I understand the emotion that occurs at a time of separation. My prayers are with your families daily, that they might have strength, and know how much support is out there. Be careful, work hard, and continue to make all your fellow Canadians proud

As an American, former Canadian and having served in the RCNR during the Korean War, I am somewhat proud to hear of the contribution of the Canadian armed forces to the war on terrorism.
Murray Boles, MD

We think of you as our North American family. My son is a college student in Canada. We have two godchildren who are Canadian, their parents and other Canadians are dear friends. In my 20 years with the U.S. Naval Reserve, I always enjoyed working with Canadians. If you would like a pen pal, I would love to write to you, either by regular mail or e-mail to: Joan E. O'Connor, 2 Longfellow Road, Cambridge, Mass., 02138 U.S.A. E-mail:
Joan E. O'Connor, Cambridge, Mass.

Ordinary citizens cannot fathom the dangers that lie waiting in Afghanistan for our brave soldiers. I am very proud of our military and pray that God gives our leaders the wisdom and guidance to protect them and ensure that their risks are minimized.
Erika McArthur

War is a terrible means to an end, but what other means do we have in this case? Have no doubts. Stay brave. Stay strong.
Robin Parker and family, Toronto

Knowing you have mobilized has encouraged my personal sense of hope, the daily activities of family life, especially raising our newborn child.
Bramante Montello

Thank you for being where you are.
John Ishmael, Brampton, Ont.

The things we have to put up with to be free! The fight is noble and honorable. Watch out for each other.
Michael Spiro, Montreal

To all the troops who are participating in this awful mess, I hope you will be home for Christmas. I hope too that you are not exposed to any biological agents wherever you are located. Thanks for being out there for us.
Liz Underdown


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