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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Messages to the Canadian Troops

I'm a nurse from Toronto, working and living in Saudi Arabia for many years. It's been fine here, most of the time. But now, the truth is that they really do not want us here. I'm still here, and I'm wishing that you are safe and that we are all thinking about you. This mission is for our children, our future and us. May God bless you and go kick some ass please.
Susan Bryson

I just wanted to tell you how proud your fellow CF members are of you. God speed and good luck as you carry out your mission.
Lt.-Col. Marty Schlosser, Chief Liaison Officer, HQ SFOR, Liaison to Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

It would be interesting to hear how you feel about the equipment you currently have to do your assigned jobs. I look forward to learning and sharing from those who really know. Thanks and good luck.
John Rankin

Our very way of life is in danger if these terrorists are not brought to justice. We will be praying for your safe return.
Jacqueline Malette, Bruce Lamorie

Thank you, for being so brave, for defending freedom, for making us all proud.

Thank you for protecting our country.

I hope and pray as a Canadian that you all come back safely, and that eventually there will be no need to send you on missions like the one you are going on.
Kirk Burgess

I never agreed with troops being sent overseas because it makes Canadians more of a target. But I know that we have to do what our country asks us. I wish you all well overseas and hope that you know that family and friends and fellow Canadians are rooting for you.

Canada is boldly facing evil, looking it squarely in the eye, and not stepping back.
Jon Bakker

We are and will remain a free nation, the best in which to live, because of you and your dedication.
Don Padget

My heart is heavy until all of you return to us.
Michael Tattersall

Thank you for making a stand against those who would rather we lived in a world without freedom. I am proud to have Canada as neighbour. Vive le Canada.
Lt. Dale Russell, USN

I hope you are able to help bring an end to the terrorists.
Blake Lyons, Yellowknife

This is not to help America. This is to help all civilized human beings. Terrorism must end. Your fight is just.
Annie Griffin, Los Angeles

I've got my yellow ribbons on my car antenna, in my office cubie and at home. You're in my thoughts and prayers daily. Kick butt and take names later.
Anna Bird, Chilliwack, B.C.

God bless and good luck. Kick some terrorist butt.

I pray we get a government in power that will supply you with the tools you need to get the job done.
Mike, Markham, Ont.

Hats off and thank you.
Bernie Walp

Thank you for your bravery.

Keep fighting the good fight.
A. Rathwell, Dryden. Ontario

We are very proud of you guys.
David Taylor

May the force be with you.
Pablo Cafiso, Argentina

I want to wish all the troops a safe and speedy journey to their objective, which is to help wipe out terrorism. A special hello to Mike and to Ian.
Crystal Archibald, Nova Scotia

Thank you for your support.
Carole Fergusson

We wish you God's nearness in these difficult days as you are away from family and friends. Be of good courage. We know it is difficult for you in those strange surroundings and not knowing who your enemy is.
Simon and Beatrice Dykema, Beamsville, Ont.

Keep your heads down and fare thee well. To any of my former comrades who are in JTF2 or medics: Do strike well and true, and hasten to the aid of the soldier.
Rick McKenty, Dübendorf, Switzerland

Thank you for taking on the difficult and dangerous task that lies ahead. I know you will use force only if you need to, but it appears in this messed up world that one of these moments is upon us as a nation, and upon you, as members of the armed forces. We wish you success.
Gordon Ross

Your courage in representing not only Canada but also the civilized world deserves the respect and admiration of all people.
David Lee

Thank you for standing up against evil.
Jennifer Lin

Be careful.
Ken O'Brien

Your support has meant more to us than you will ever know.
Susan Cofer

Never give up. If you feel a tired, weak moment, just remember: The battle will be long, but the victories great.
Angela, Ontario

My full support and prayers are with you and your families.

Bravo Zulu!

I wish all heading to the Gulf a safe and successful return from this unusual war.
The Vanstones

We're all very proud of you.
John Allen

May God bless you and protect you; we pray this in Jesus' name.
A. Himaya Ottawa

Keep it short, civil and - most of all - minimal.
Jen Boger, Gordon Marcy, Australia

Go Canada, go!
Jim Tempel and family

As a former Canadian sailor (ex-CO Skeena and Provider) my warmest wishes go with you. I know you are all well trained, well equipped and well led. Look after yourselves, get the job done and get home safely.
Steve Foldesi, Captain (ret'd)

Good luck and may whichever god watches over you while you're away keep you safe.
Dylan Blain

Every Hockey Night in Canada when our national anthem is played, my thoughts will be on Canada's soldiers.
David Stanley

Only a few in our society have chosen your path in the time of peace, and you are there for us now. I am sorry that you have not been well recognized before this.
Dorothy Marsman

Many years ago, I retired from the Canadian forces. I was proud to have served Canada in times of peace and in conflict. Please don't doubt that you're appreciated.
Kevin Wight

You are the heroes we all very much admire.

Keep the faith.
Ted Straub

We in the United States appreciate your support and participation in the ongoing war.

Portez-vous bien et attentivement durant votre sejour.
Anna-Maria F. Dumont

War means sacrifice. It means commitment. It means taking responsibility. And I thank God for you.

I'm a Canadian writing to you from the United States. My dual flags are flying proudly at work, in honour of you and everyone who is trying in any way to make this whole situation come out right.
Patricia Presti, Boca Raton, Fla.

I'm with the RCDs currently in Gagetown at the RCAC school. Keep your heads up, and be proud.

God be with you and all your buddies.
Don and Nan Mcphun, Toronto

You are defending Canada, the greatest country in the world.

I will always be indebted to you for your courage and willingness to defend our way of life.

Use all your intuition and remember that not only your family is with you in thoughts and with the heart.
Pascale Yvette J. Vancouver

I am a Canadian-American with a son in the U.S. Army Reserve and want to commend you for your professionalism at this time. I am proud that Canadian troops are taking an active part.
Y.N. Leung

I'm pregnant with my first child and feel less anxious bringing this life into this world with people like you protecting freedom.
Nina W.

My family and I would not be here had your brave veteran compatriots not risked limb and life 55 years ago in Normandy to fight the terror endangering the world then.
Andrew Okany

We, like so many other Canadians, pray that we will not live through experiences like those on Sept. 11. We also pray for you that you may come back to your own loved ones safely after carrying out your duties to protect your fellow citizens from terrible threats.
Hilja Laasen, Toronto

It is a good fight, and it is right.

Remain strong and be faithful at all times, and victory will surely be yours.
Julie Noonan

Thank you for putting your lives at risk, for the benefit of saving all of ours.
Paul Borges

Sacher que je vous supporte a cent pourcent et je prie pour vous tous bonne chance. J'aimerais bienfaire partie de votre campagne dans mon coeur je suis avec vous tous.
Maurice Chainey

I now realize what my parents did for me, and for our generation as well as yours.
John R. Smith and family

I believed I belonged to a generation that would never see war. None of us thought we would have to see our future change in the span of a few hours. I cannot begin to understand your emotions as you set out to represent our nation, and fight for the rights and freedoms people everywhere deserve.
J. King

You have a difficult job ahead but we know you will meet the challenge as Canada's protectors always have.
Kent, Cindy and Benny Alekson

The enemy is trying to take something away from us that they cannot have: freedom. So go, and do what must be done.
Linda Gallant

May God be sitting on the shoulders of all you brave men and women who have to endure the war that terrorists have started.
Marie Shannon

You are the cream of our society.
Monika Mantovani

You are all heroes and your actions for the security of western democracy will not be forgotten.
Nathan Zilbert

Bravo Zulu and best wishes.
Lt. R. Helps

It gave me great pride to see our participation in the assault on world terrorism. We are a small force but a very well trained one. Canadian military always distinguish themselves during a crisis and will do so during this one as well. Good luck to you all, and know that you are doing the right thing.
W. F. Field, Captain (ret'd.)

May God's countenance be directed toward you and grant you safety.
Barry Meislin

Canadians are always excellent soldiers, no problem there.
Bruce Wareing, Bogota, Colombia

Since the Second World War we have always tried to resolve conflict through dialogue. Well, this time it's different. Sometimes we have to stand up and stop the bad people. As a Canadian who lives in the Arabian Gulf area, I'm happy and proud that Canada is going to play its part.
Edmund Williams

I am a Chinese American living in Hong Kong. I stayed in Canada for a few years for my college education. I have always been fond of Canada and its people and I am grateful for the education received in Canada. Thank you for sharing in the burden of anti-terrorism.
Danny Chin, Hong Kong

Whether it's a declared war, a so-called popular war, or one that has to be seen through to the end regardless, this campaign that you are participating in is as important as any.
Earl Barnholden

Good Luck and please come home safe. Our hopes and prayers go with you.
Carol Bolt

I salute all of you and wish you fair winds following seas, safe flights and Godspeed.
Mark L. Sheppard, CD


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