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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Messages to the Canadian Troops

I am Canadian and work very close to the WTC here in NYC. I can't tell you how proud I am of all of you and what you are doing for freedom and our Country - the worst thing we can do is let this evil go unchecked. When my American friends hear about the contribution you guys are giving they ask to learn the words for "Oh Canada." Keep up the good fight! I wish I could be there with you.
Andrew Sinclair

Every Canada Day I watch on the Hill in Ottawa as our latest peace keeping troops and our Veterans march in the parade, I watch our air force's flybys, and our Governor-General & the Prime Minister on their way to the event with a great sense of meaning and of belonging to something very real and very special - CANADA -. We are to be counted on to help keep World Peace and when called upon, we protect our values and way of life. I thank you, your families and our Nation for this. I pray you come back safe. Que Dios los ampare.
Ilma Lynton-Holt

Hi Guys/Gals, We're all rooting for and thinking about you. No matter what happens or how everyone else views this, we know that you guys will get the job done. Hold your heads up. Do us proud!!!
Dave, Capt. Air Reserves

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Even though I know not one of you I know you know all of us cause we are Canadians standing tall and proud. May God be with you all.
Deb Murphy

To All Canadian troops, Once again you find yourself in the middle of a tremendous amount of chaos and instability, I can only imagine what it must be like to be in your shoes (boots)? I would just like to say that I am very proud of all your accomplishments and I am also very thankful for soldiers. Keep up the great work and be proud, remember we are Canadian(s)!
Cordially yours,
Brandon from the Nations capital

To the men and woman of the Canadian Armed Forces: I have placed a small Canadian flag on the headrest of the rear seat of my car. It can't be missed by other motorists. The flag went up the day the decision was announced Canadian troops would be part of the Afganistan mission. It will stay there until ALL Canadian troops are back home. If anyone asks why it is where it is I will tell them that I am one proud Canadian to have you defending our country. You have left family, friends and loved ones because this is the job you want to do. That, from where I stand has not gone unnoticed and I believe that is the observation of the average Canadian. It was the average Canadian that built this country, defended her and continues to do so. I hope you are safely back home with family, friends and loved ones soon.
Gerry Brosso
Gananoque, Ontario CANADA

Godspeed from The Netherlands! A successful mission to all of you and when the difficult and hazardous job is done, get back safe to your family and friends in Canada. Not only Canadians are behind you, but people from all over the world are. Once again, Canada is right there on the front lines to defend and fight for a free world. I salute each and every one of you.
Marco Niese (The Netherlands)

I am so proud to be Canadian. I am so very grateful that you are doing the job you are doing. We are indeed a privileged nation to have you wonderful men and women to protect us. God Bless you all and your families at home. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. You are wonderful. What you do is extremely important.
Sincerely Barbara Miller, North Vancouver

Hello from Edmonton, I hope you know that our thoughts and prayers are with, I know you will do us proud. Lets hope your time in the gulf will be short and that you all come back safe and sound.
Robert Roy

Godspeed, keep close to the ground and watch each others' backs. We stand on guard with you.
The Gooders of Hamilton

We Canadians are so proud of the men and women fighting for the country. We are all behind you and pray for your safety every night May God be with you and you all come home. We are proud to be Canadians, and to have great people like all of you fighting for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Lowell Cummings

My message to the troops heading to the Persian Gulf, is a message of prayer! My eyes are filled with tears as I write this short note. I pray that almighty God will grant you courage and strength. May he supply you with his inner peace, and to the loved ones you leave behind. Always remember that many prayers go with you
joseph luis

I would just like to say that I am 100% behind our Canadian troops and that I hope that you all can return home safely to your family and friends good luck and may god be with all of us.
Tom Richards

Dear Canadian Soldiers, I want to think this is not a war that you are fighting for the United States. You are doing this for Canada too. Canada is a likely candidate for terrorism, just review what has been found in Toronto in recent weeks-it may be small to some, but proof that these hateful people exist in Canada and would attack at the drop of a hat. Hopefully, you have read and watch some of the evidence the past month. I want you to win for Canada, United States of America, and any freedom-loving countries around the world. The goal to stop these insane people, as their intension is to wipe out all freedom. Go...Canada!!!
Sonia Gelmych

Since the Taliban are not recognized as government then let's now call them hoodlum's instead and not give them there title they do not deserve it. Give them hell ladies and gentlemen and good luck

A big thanks from Victoria to everyone involved in this historic operation. I try to imagine where we'd be without people like you, and it's not a pleasant thought. I think people will look back at your contribution the way we all look back on veterans of WWII - it's an absolutely necessary and just thing to stand up to evil. Thanks for making us proud.
Don Moffatt

We are thinking of you, everyday, and hope you will return safely. Best of luck!

Hi everyone! I know you will make our country proud. We are not big, we are not many but we have heart! Our hearts go out to you and your families. We will remember you in our prayers and than we will remember again. I bid you Godspeed!
Dan Bourque

I would just like to say that your in my prayers and I think you are the heroes for Canada to leave your loved ones to fight for what is right in everyone's heart. I know God will bring you back to your families and when things seem to get tough look up to the sky and I know you will see a star shining somewhere amongst the bombing, if you look real hard it will twinkle--that is the twinkle of your childrens' eyes. Keep your sprits up, and God Bless you all.

I'm sure this message will not reach any actual troops. Too damn subversive for the powers that want to control the world through force. Here is what I have to say. Please don't do it. Please do not go to any other countries and kill people. Every single person on this planet is a real person and has real feelings like you do. I can guaran tee that if you kill someone they probably don't deserve it and are just victims of awful circumstance. If you kill someone you may regret it later in life, like when you realize that all human life is valuable and that everyone on this planet is connected. We all come from the same place. If you manage to live to a wise old age wouldn't you prefer to be on your death bed knowing that you were a good person who stood for peace and made it through this life without killing anyone? Take a stand for peace. Killing is wrong. Killing is damn wrong. This war will not solve anything. Turn your ship around and come home.!
Steven Fulton

Thank you for protecting us in this time of grave circumstances. You are our heroes… You all are my heroes. You all protect us from the physical evils of the world and I'm happy that I can take the opportunity to say this. Take care of yourselves and each other. You are part of the Canadian family and we want you back home safe and sound. Once again, thank you.
Ron Jaicarran

Our thoughts and prayers are with you that you will soon be home safely with your families. The attack on North America is the reason you exist for us, and we appreciate you.
The Barabtarlo Family

I have often said that one must choose their battles, however sometimes the battles are chosen for us. This is one battle that we must not back down from. It is not just a battle of revenge for the thousands that were slaughtered on September 11, but a battle for freedom and democracy against oppression and authoritarianism hiding under the guise of religion. Canada once again answers the call to fight against these great evils. You will do your nation and the world proud. My prayers are with you.

To the sailors, airmen, and special forces troops heading into the battle against terrorism I wish you the best of luck. Take care of yourselves and of each other. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your families. God speed to our heroes and lets hope each and everyone of you come home safe and sound.
Peter Hua

You know, the morning after you sailed off, the newspaper headline read: "You Are All Heroes." I guess no other words could express my sentiments quite so eloquently. I stood and watched from the jetty with my friends and loved ones and couldn't help but feel proud. Proud of you, my friends and companions, for fighting the good fight far from home; proud that you bring with you everything that is good in us and our country; proud, but frightened too. Come home safe. Fair seas and following winds.
S. Lt. Drew Schlosser

To the brave men and brave women of the Canadian Armed forces: Best of luck to you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends and families.
Chris de Saint-Rome

Thank you for doing what you do. You make Canadians proud of you. Please make sure to display the flag whenever possible so we can see you and be there with you in your difficult and successful times. Show the world how wonderful it is to be Canadian in these trying times. Please be careful, come home safe and God bless!
J. Warren Toronto, Ont. We just wanted to thank you all for fighting for our freedom. We will appreciate every day that it is because of our troops, and troops from around the world, that we are able to live in a free society. We wish you all safety. You are our heroes.
Heide Goldmanis, 29 Jordan Miller, 5

To Canada's brave men and women, I wish you all safe journey during this operation which is so sorely needed. While this may be one of the most untraditional operations in our military's proud history; rest assured that you are thought of by millions of Canadians struggling to get on with their lives. While often decried by those who don't understand its nature; the Canadian military always brings honour and pride to Canadians and I'm sure this operation will be no different. Good luck to all of you, One for the infantry, One for the engineers, One for the navy, One for the Air Force, One for our mothers, One for the queen and One for me.
Kenneth Kosowan

Canada is sending its finest young people overseas. We are very proud of you. Our thoughts are with you and your families at home. We now wait for your safe return.
L. McNish

On behalf of my wife Dina, sons Kosta and George and daughter Christina, I want to express my deepest appreciation for your strength, courage and determination. It is you, the men and women of this task force which represent the values and moral fibre of Canada. It is your commitment that enables me to go to work every day and take care of my family. I promise you that I will do my part to keep the economy of Canada strong and make sure that you have all the support you need back home. My uncles fought in the Second World War. They did not talk about it much but you knew they were proud of their accomplishments. They knew that their actions kept Canada free and established us a leaders in this world. This tragic attack on North American soil has impacted all of us very deeply. You are about to give back our focus and ability to stride forward confidently again. I am very pleased that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with our American brothers. Together we will ensure a better future for our children. May God keep you well and see you safely back home.
Nick Poulos

Thank you for your service, as well as protecting our freedom and rights. This is a battle for survival between the free, civilized world and evil men who want to use terror and death to bend world policy, to their own selfish ends. My family and I support you with our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. We are proud to have you participating in The Partnership of Nations, on our behalf. Bless you and yours for your sacrifices to keep us free. Come home safe - we will be waiting to welcome you as the heroes you are. You help us to be even more proud to be Canadians. Bravo Zulu.
Bobbi Fox

Our hearts and prayers are with you.
David and Susan Loewen
Oakville, Ontario

Hello to the sailors on their way to the Persian Gulf. This greeting comes to you from Edmonton, Alberta. We are proud of your efforts on behalf of all Canadians. We wish you good health, (hopefully) peaceful times, and a safe return to your family and friends. We especially wish to say hello to John Debison (aboard the HMCS Charlottetown). We think of you and your family often and may your tour of duty be a safe one and that you return home soon.
Sincerely, Rob Roy and Ann Lega
( p.s. John, add a few cents to each pay check, if you can, everyone deserves it!!!)

From the United States, we support our neighbors and thank them whole heartedly for their support in our time of need. Hats off to the Canadians!
Jean Peiton

Words often fail me when I really want to express deep felt gratitude and affection. Just let me say that your American neighbors to the south are so very grateful for your enduring friend- ship. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you stand shoulder-to-shoulder and heart to heart with us. Thank God for Canada. Thank God for your young men and women...I pray that each and every one of them returns safely to their beautiful homeland.
Mary Snyder,

My nephew has been part of Peacekeeping missions in Bosnia and I know the stress it has been on my brother and his wife. If it helps in any small way, you know that the support you provide helps to reinforce the price my dad and many others made in World War I, and those before him in World War II. As November 11 approaches, know that you will all be in my prayers.
Sincerely, Bill Hovi and family

Our thoughts and prayers will always be with each and every one of you everyday. Our family thanks you for your courage and for the sacrifices you are making on behalf of all Canadians. You make us very proud. You are setting a wonderful example for our young people. May our youth learn the true meaning of respect, integrity, courage and love for country and mankind by your actions. God Bless!!
The Dupuis Family

Hi guys, The world is looking at you and hope you will contribute to stop this nonsense called a '' holy war '' by the Taliban. We must stand strong and determined if we want to win over this madness that is spreading. May God be with you and carry the maple leaf proudly.
André Paradis

Hey troops good luck , we are all behind you 100%. We hope every thing goes well and that you kick their ass good. Please return home safely . We hope that this does not drag on too long for the sake of your families. Our prayers are with you all.
Christine and Paul

Dear Canadian Friends, We appreciate your sacrifice and your courage. Thank you for standing up for all of us in North America. We pray that you all will return safe and sound to Canada and to your families.
Michael Hermes,
Kansas City, Kansas

Good luck ladies and gentlemen we're proud of you and your commitment to defending our country. I know you are well trained and I feel very confident that you will protect us. We'll look after the home guard while you are away. A special salute to the Newfoundland-Canadians among you .I know they will keep your spirits up and be the best friends you ever had. SLAINTE!
Mike Ryan


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