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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Messages to the Canadian Troops

Canadian Americans like me in the United States are thankful for Canada's support. I think it says so much that even if none of these strikes were on Canadian soil, everyone still wants to sign up and go to war with these terrorists.
Robert Igoe

Prayer can be a huge help. Really it is the most important help you will have, for your own peace of mind, and to defeat the enemy. Remember that the enemy will be heaping spells and curses on you every day
Mark Venema

You are what heroes are made of. When someone threatens to come into your house and threaten the freedom of your brothers, you respond with Canadian pride.
Ryan Bissonnette

As a former sailor (sparker) aboard the HMCS Preserver, it gives me a feeling of pride and nostalgia to see my old ship sailing off to battle. Take care of yourselves over there.
Perry J. Lesk

God go with you. Truly we live in the greatest nation, and you work to protect the greatest nation.
Leah Ryan, Saskatoon

We are very proud and honoured to have such brave young men and women in our country. Stay well - we will be waiting for you all to return home save.
Elly, Gerd, Sandra, Alexander and Erik Huhle, Toronto

I am really proud of you. You are protecting my freedom and world's freedom. Be safe and come home soon with victory. May God bless you all and Canada. Best wishes from me and my family.
Ranjit Singh

The strength it must have taken to willingly sail away from the shores of a tolerant and peaceful Canada is more than I can even imagine. So I thank you, and each time I look at the Canadian flag on my desk, I will think about all of you and wish you well.

My father was MWO Al Jippes on the HMCS Iroquois in the early 1980s. We were on the waterfront in Halifax when you left the other day and I want to let you know that I am very proud of all of you, and you are in my prayers for a safe and speedy return home to your families. If anyone is in need of a pen pal I would be very happy to correspond (
Belinda Jippes

Thank you so much for making a stand and fighting for our freedom. Give me word on how I can help and make this fight a little bit better.
Jimmy Brown

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time. We hope you all safely return home. Happy Halloween.
Alyssa Jamieson, Nova Scotia

I'm so proud that we have good, strong Canadian troops who are willing and able to help our neighbours and friends in this time of uncertainty. We think of you every day and hope that you are safe.
Brenda Nolin

You are doing a great job in helping to eradicate terrorism. I will pray to God for your safe return.

Thank you for your sacrifice and courage. I'll be praying for you daily.
Marg Brazil, Pasadena, Nfld.

Best of luck. Something has to be done, and I'm glad to see people willing to do it. I hope things can be settled relatively quickly.
Mark Fitzgerald

Hi, Master Seaman Sean Kelly aboard the Charlottetown! I am thinking about you and all the crew. I am very proud of you and I know you will make your country proud. Your statement - "It's really important for people to understand we're not going there to fight Afghanistan people ... It's to preserve equality among people" - is something for all the world to think about. I love you.
Mom (Betty Kelly)

You have our complete support in your mission to defend Canada and the civilized world against terrorism. May God protect you and may you return safely to our shores.
Robert Turner

I am a Canadian, retired from the Canadian armed forces and currently running a business in Qatar. Occasionally when a Canadian ship visits this country my husband and I have the privilege of joining our fellow countrymen on board. Most Canadians do not realize how incredibly special you are. When I step on to a Canadian ship this is clear to me: the class of people who serve their country with the Canadian armed forces is incredible.
Suzanne Grant, Captain (ret'd.) and Gary Dawson, Major (ret'd.)

Too often, the armed forces are used as a public scapegoat during times of peace, but as soon as there is a crisis, you are everyone's heroes. I think you're heroes all the time, and there are many Canadians who know what an important job you do, even when there is no war.
Dara Price

To fight for one's own freedom is admirable. To fight for the freedom of everyone is truly courageous.
Karen Brooks

We are proud to have you serving our country in the ultimate way.
Rich Styka

The fact that we are involved is scary. The fact that you have been sent overseas to fight a war it is incredible. Sept. 11 will be a day in our history books just like Pearl Harbour, but the fact that we have each other to rely on and the fact that our country is so strong will be our survival.
Barry Goodyear

Go get the bastards! And thanks from a grateful U.S. citizen.
Glen Auld

We Americans are often not appreciative enough of our longstanding friends and good neighbours to our north. I think I speak for all Americans, however, in expressing gratitude for Canadian courage in standing shoulder by shoulder with us in facing terrorism - that implacable enemy without a face or nation.
D. Keener, Fort Walton Beach, Fla.

I know you guys will do Canada proud. Come back safe. Go Leafs go!
John Stewart, Brantford, Ont.

A very wise man once said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right." I know you will win this war.
Reid Snitka, Calgary

Thank you for protecting all Canadians.
Steve Smart

I am an American teacher in Michigan. I teach social studies and I ask the kids that if they were in downtown Detroit and flew straight south which country would be our southern neighbour. They usually don't know that Canada is Michigan's neighbour to the north, east and south. We are surrounded by a steadfast friend.
Ken Kolk

My son was a U.S. Marine Corps captain who, with his five- man team, was located about 30 miles in front of other U.S. troops from August, 1990, to February, 1991, throwing out the Iraqis who aggressively invaded Kuwait. You should have a shorter and more successful job rooting out those subcockroaches.
Louis R. Fuka, PhD

Stay cool, guys. Keep the Canadian flag flying - it might just save your life.
Mike O'Connell

We know you will continue to make us all proud of you, even as we worry about you.
Vivienne and Jim Norris

All of the men and women over there are giving the most valuable gift of freedom to the children present and future, and to everyone else.
Marilyn Formosa

The work that you do disrupting and destroying terrorism will make the world a better, safer place for all of us, based on your sacrifices. Canada has a tremendous history and tradition of success in times of war, and we know that you will do us proud.
Ian Melanson and family, Vancouver

Freedom will prevail and the world will know that hatred and terrorism will not succeed.
D. Stewart

I am very proud of you and more thankful than I can ever express.
Sandra Bolton

To any of my old RMC buddies out there, I wish you all Godspeed and success in your mission. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers and I hope your ships aren't dry.
Jamie Hancock rmc/cmr 1995 #19678

Thank you for being there for us.
Tracy Howe, DND Civvy, Edmonton

Be safe. Try not to kill anyone.

Please try to bring those canoes back intact with all of you. And if you need beer, look to the Brits. We all know too well that the Yanks skimp on the stuff.
M. Matlin, Montreal

I'm a Canadian living in Boston. I'm also American. I was going to be on one of those flights. I did not and I live. Our old world has ended. The new is filled with fear. I feel it. Being nice does not work any more. Everyone is a target and terrorists are not a negotiating people.
Fred Pacilli

Sept. 11 changed our world and made our planet a less kind and gentle place. May the Great Spirit protect each and every one of you and, when your job is done, bring you safely home.
Vikas Khaladkar, Regina

As a member of the Canadian forces, I am proud of all those going to the Persian Gulf. I know it isn't easy to leave loved ones behind, but that feeling of doing what you have to do to defend what you believe in makes you feel warm inside, despite everything else. I know you will all show Canada for what it is: a country with values and a courageous people.
Jessye G.

Remember that you are fighting the good fight.
Lynn Selby

Be extremely careful in Afghanistan. Those terrorists have the advantage of knowing their territory and their people. My best advice is to act knowing that this new war needs new forms of fighting terrorists: more intelligence, more effective security in Canada.
Juan Torchia, Edmonton

Hello to all the brave ladies and men on their way to the Persian Gulf to do what they have to do for all of us. Keep safe. I am very grateful.
Agnes Miller

I am an American, living in Phoenix, Arizona. To each of you heading to the Persian Gulf, I offer my heartfelt thanks. I admire your courage and your character, your willingness to stand up for the values of the civilized world.
Charlene Kingston

Best of luck to the men and women of the Canadian armed forces. I am indebted to each and every one of you, and I will do everything in my power to support you and insure that your efforts are not wasted.
Geordie Young

Godspeed from your friends here in the United States. Together we stand on guard for the freedom-loving people of the world. We are very, very proud of our friends and allies in the TNSAF.
Lee Larson

What you do is vital to our freedom and it is well appreciated. May you return safely and soon.
Kay and Dave Musgrave and family, Cape Breton

You are doing such a brave and unselfish act. It is because of you we feel safe and secure.
Christine Cornelius

Thank you for doing the hardest job in the world - protecting your country while serving away from home.
Leslie Brown and family, Kingston, Ont.

I know that you are all top notch and will do Canada proud. Best of luck and good hunting.
Greg Lane

Canada has never been more ably represented.
Pastor Garry Parkin, Lakehead University

Are you eligible for the five-million-dollar reward? Should be!
Leanne and Electra Poole

Kick some butt.
George Kreiser

I am an American living in Boston, Massachusetts, and I just wanted to let you know that Americans appreciate your help very much. Thank you for your commitment to freedom and the fight against tyranny and terror.
Mike Kaplan

We are proud of you and what you have committed to doing. Our hearts and prayers will be with you until you return safely to us.
Doye de Lauw, Windsor, Ont.

We at my school would just like you to know that what you are doing for the world is amazing. The courage you men and women have is unparalleled. We're all rooting for you back here.

Canadians are proud of all of you. You are all heroes.
Anita Bowness

Give them hell. This cancer has to be destroyed. It's a war that has been declared on some of the most fundamental values that civilization has achieved through centuries of struggle, including secularism, liberty, justice and democracy.
Michael Vlassoff

Every morning at the school where I teach, we listen to the national anthem. When I hear the words "we stand on guard for thee" I think of you - the men and women in our armed forces - and of the sacrifices you and your loved ones are making on our behalf.

You are paving a better road in this world for all of us.

To the courageous Canadians heading out to help: Good luck, and come back home safe.
Ameen Keshavjee, New York, N.Y.

Thank you and God bless.
Daniel Morello

The Canadian Armed Forces are all members of an honourable profession. I am sure no one has to remind you that we are truly at war with those who are not soldiers but terrorists of the defenceless.

The sacrifices you and your families are making are not going unnoticed. Hurry home.
Max Cleeveley

Without the men and women of the Canadian armed forces and the soldiers of previous wars, we would not be able to keep our country and its customs alive. Please take very good care of yourselves
Ceridwyn Howard

Best of luck. Please come home safe and sound.
Gillian Hewitt

Good luck, be proud and stay safe.
Steve Tocheniuk


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