Attack on the U.S.
United States
1. SEPTEMBER 11, 2001:
10:05 a.m. eastern standard time, a fourth hijacked airliner United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco, a Boeing 757 with 45 people aboard crashes into a sparsely populated area of the countryside in Somerset County, Penn., to the southeast of Pittsburgh. There are no reports of survivors.
2. SEPTEMBER 11, 2001:
9:45 a.m. eastern standard time, a third hijacked American Airlines airliner believed to be Flight 77, a Boeing 757 bound from Washington Dulles Airport to Los Angeles with 64 passengers and crew aboard crashes into the Pentagon
3. SEPTEMBER 11, 2001:
8:48 a.m. eastern standard time, a hijacked airliner crashes into the north tower of New York's World Trade Center.
9:04 a.m., as emergency crews rushed to help victims of the first crash, a second hijacked airliner crashes into the World Trade Center's south tower in an enormous fireball
4. MAY, 1998:
Theodore Kaczynski, who acted under sobriquet Unibomber, is sentenced to life imprisonment for an 18-year campaign of parcel bombings. The attacks, which were part of an 'antimodernist' crusade, killed three people and injured 23.
5. JULY 27, 1996:
A bomb explodes in Centenary Park in Atlanta during the Olympic Games, killing two people and injuring 110 others.
6. OCTOBER 9, 1995:
A train travelling between Miami and Los Angeles is derailed in Arrizona after a bomb explosion claimed by a hitherto unknown group calling themselves The sons of the Gestapo. One person was killed and more than 80 injured.
7. APRIL 19, 1995:
A truck bomb left outside a federal building in Oklahoma City kills 168 and injures more than 600 others.
8. FEBRUARY 26, 1993:
One dead in an explosion in the washrooms at the World Trade center leaves six dead and 1,000 injured.
9. MAY 16, 1981:
One dead in an explosion in the washrooms at Pan Am terminal at JFK airport. The bombing claimed by the Puerto Rican resistance army..
10. DECEMBER 29, 1975:
Eleven dead and 75 injured by a bomb planted in the left luggage department at La Guardia airport.
11. JANUARY 24, 1975:
An explosion in a bar leaves four people dead. It is one of a series of 49 bombings between 1974 and 1977 attributed to the Puerto Rican National Liberation Army.
12. AUGUST 24, 1970:
A researcher at a university in Madison is killed by a bomb planted by a pacifist group.