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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Reactions to the attack on America

Having only been on this earth a mere 23 years, I have no point of reference for the horrific events that occurred yesterday. I feel only a great sadness for those who have lost friends and family, but also for those who are responsible for this inhumane act of slaughter - sadness for the fact that their lives, hearts and souls are filled with such hatred. I cannot comprehend how, whoever is responsible for this tragedy, can justify the murder of so many innocent people. Did they ever consider what it would feel like if this had happened to their husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons? My hope is that the global community will somehow rise above this, and become sophisticated enough to embrace those with differing views.
Kristie Morland

As an American and native New Jerseyan, I feel personally attacked. As I watched in disbelieving horror as my beloved twin towers collapsed into rubble, tears streamed down my face. Memories of that beautiful skyline filled me with deep sorrow as I began to realize they were no longer. When I was a child coming back to New Jersey after a day in the city, I would crane my neck to see out of the window as the Twin Towers and Empire State Building faded into the distance. A majestic skyline, none like it, and was, to me, the epicenter of the world.
My heart hurts as images of people plunging to their deaths from the same peak are broadcast worldwide. I ache, I cry, I feel vengeful, for they have murdered my New York skyline, along with tens of thousands of innocent souls. September 11, 2001 will indeed be a day of infamy as Americans all over the world watched their nation, under God, come under attack by such faceless, evil, cowards. I have never been a flag-toting nationalist, nor have I ever voted (a bone of contention with my father) but I feel a swell of American pride, as I'm sure all Americans do right now, because I know that in the end justice will be ours. My heart, blood, and sympathy go out to my fellow New Yorkers and Americans in this time of tragedy. God bless America, my home sweet home.
Rebecca Butz, Toronto

Absolutely shocking, a day to remember. As a Canadian I am ashamed to think the hijackers could of come from Canada. What's wrong with our government that they will not tighten up our borders? I hope something like this never happens again!
Jacqueline Hill

At a time like this, emotions run high while practicality runs low. Knee jerk military and political reactions are often hailed but the broader effect of these resolutions will be felt months and years after the attacks. It's time for everyone to remain calm. Assess the situation and then go from there. It's time for the US to show the world why they are considered the "civilized world".
With an increasingly unilateralist and isolationist foreign policy, the US only alienates itself further and roots more radical resentment. The killing of thousands yesterday is abominable but is it any different than the millions of innocent Iraqi lives lost over US sanctions? My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

I am a born and raised Canadian, and I have to be honest. One of first things I said to myself, as I sat in the company boardroom and watched the horror unfold before my eyes, was "thank god, I live in Canada". We as Canadians spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to our "big brother", and it's at times like this that deep down we are happy to be just that little bit different. I am proud of our efforts to aid in whatever way we can, but am not surprised, as it is in our nature. If the U.S. truly is our big brother, it's time to come together and ensure the "bastards" (to quote the Toronto Sun) that did this understand that it will NOT be tolerated. I also asked myself in the midst of the silence, "How can any human being be so incredibly evil?" I cannot even begin to comprehend such insanity.
I would condemn any retaliation from our big brother. I hope that we (Canada) will step up to the plate and show some balls, by taking a firm stand along side our brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, big brother.
S. Franjic
Brampton, Ont.

I send my sympathy to all the families who have lost loved ones. Who ever planned this attack is without a doubt a cruel human being and deserves to be punished. The St-Lawrence College in Kingston sends their sympathy and pray for the lost survivors under the debris.

Yesterday when I heard about the tragedy, I felt a great deal of emptiness knowing that I wasn't close to my family. I wanted so much to be with them and hold them. I cannot imagine what those poor people are going through not knowing if their loved ones are alive or dead. Yesterday's tragedy brought a lot of sorrow. My heart goes out to each and every one who has died from this horrible tragedy. You're in our hearts and our prayers.

I think what happened yesterday in New York, Washington DC, and in Pittsburgh, was a act of cowardice on the part of whomever it was that did this terrible act. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and there families. May God Be With You All.
Belinda Millman

Will it never end - all in the name of religious fervor. Death in the name of God (whatever and whoever that might be!) And so the retaliation goes on. I see nothing but more death of innocents and more destruction of the civilized world. This planet is doomed! Jennifer Zelmer

We must have vengeance

Although I am a Canadian, I have been watching the news since the attacks happened yesterday. I feel great sorrow for the loved ones lost in these horrific attacks. I think that the people that did this are Satan themselves. I want to extend my greatest sympathy to all of the US!!! You are all in my prayers.
Your fellow New Brunswick Canadian Neighbour,
Lesley Bennett

Since it was only domestic airlines that were used as weapons, security at airports has been tightened and added measures taken which are expected and acceptable. However has anyone asked the question: "What about inbound international flights?" Couldn't they be used in the same manner, in a second waive of attacks, from any direction especially towards the West coast? Now that so much effort and assistance has been sent to the East coast, hasn't this left the West more vulnerable?
Kelowna, B.C.

Sadness and complete shock around the world as this destruction continues to unfold. What happened on Tuesday, will not be forgotten in my mind, as well as those who have lost their lives and their loved ones. I would also like to say thank you to all those people who are helping others in this time of grief, and the police and firefighters who are putting everything they have into helping save anyone left in those buildings. My heart goes out to you.
Melissa, CDN

I just hope that Justice is not only Swift, but that those involved are wiped off the face of this earth. The world needs to put an end to all forms of terrorism. "God Speed" to ALL Americans.
K. Whitney

The extremely lax security, at least by car, between the U.S. and Canada does not help the forces of good. This is an area that MUST be addressed if we are to prevent easy passage of terrorists and their tools of trade. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims.
Ivon T. Hughes

When I heard about what happened I just couldn't understand WHY?? I can't stop thinking why people helpless people were used in such a horrible way. I can't believe this has happened and I cry every time I see anything on TV about it, The way they did this is very sick and whoever did this needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I pray for everyone in NY and I will continue to pray for you.
Teena Gale-McGee
Brantford, Ont.

Written Tuesday, Sept. 11: No words can express the combination of shock, horror, and disbelief as I watched the news channel unfold its litany of devastation and grief suffered this day. The next few days will reveal to the world the faceless names of the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters so callously wiped from life and family. People like you and I, who faithfully left their loved ones for a few hours, never return to their families. Many of these lived their last moments on earth in horror, and mind-numbing terror. This reality cannot be imagined! To think that this is what we do to ourselves! How can this be? Self delusion beyond measure! Hate without restraint! Evil without bounds! What has now been unleashed in the United States Of America? We will all remember this day. It is burning itself into our being, never to be banished. The awesome power of these commercial jet liners has destroyed more than just buildings today. Today's tragedy will continue beyond the horrific loss of life and limb, Today, all people in this world experienced the destruction of a part of our humanity.
Jeff Sohn

What a sick and vulnerable feeling it was to watch the terror take place. The city was quiet yesterday; CNN like Heroin kept us watching and re-watching the same few minutes of footage over and over again, yet every time we see it is still stunning and horrific.
Jen Mitchell

The question to be considered has already been posed - "why do they hate us (the U.S.)?" Instead of knee-jerk retaliation, we must investigate the humanitarian issues that are depriving millions of innocent people their livelihoods. U.S. policy has literally starved certain Middle Eastern populations with their restrictive policies. This attack, the most horrific terrorist attack ever, is not justified because of these global circumstances, but it does bring up the question regarding the 'whys'. Madness isn't the only motivation here.
Mike C. Adorjan

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