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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Reactions to the attack on America
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All nations should be united against this new art of war, in which the enemy is invisible. People who fight for liberation inside their countries against invasion, as in the Middle East, should not be considered terrorists.
Walid Ahmed Nour

Terrorists are not without a belief system. What they do is based upon a firm conviction that they are right. It is that mindset that needs to be changed. Our organization reaches out to terrorists with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Right now we are giving terrorists a book especially written for them - Jesus, Friend to Terrorists.
Nellie Brobbel, Mississauga, Ont.

U.S. President George W. Bush is being put to the test. No matter what he decides to do about this, he will be attacked. If he stops and thinks about everything calmly he will be called weak; if he rushes to the attack, he will be called a hero, but later referred to as a bully. He will spend a lot of money, which will upset people, probably not now but later, when the taxes go up and things cost more. He has his job cut out for him.
M.R. O'Rourke

Terrorism exists to evoke paranoia and fear. It is imperative that we continue to walk with our heads held high and continue to live as we always have - with dignity, freedom, and in peace.

Of more concern is the backlash of hate turned against our own citizens of Middle-Eastern descent. Those who make the easy choice to give in to their frustrations and try to exact some measure of revenge against their fellow Canadians or Americans need to understand that they too will become the hunted.
David Dolejsi

This has changed everything. I try to read a book, or watch a sitcom, but I can't because they don't matter. Nothing matters except this. I am a Canadian living in Boston and feel very unsettled about what happened. I work in the John Hancock tower and was evacuated quickly Tuesday because our building stands out on the skyline and represents what the World Trade Center does (did). I never have felt closer to the United States than now, and no longer look at the stars and stripes flapping in the breeze all over the city with anything but respect.
Jeff Jurmain, Boston

This is not just an "Attack on America," as the press would present it, it is an attack on humanity. There is something deeper here, more extreme than terrorism. This happened because of ignorance and hate.
Larry Sullivan

The structure of beliefs and faith in a world of many thousands of religious beliefs is at the basis of the mass slaughter. Men, and perhaps women, offered up their lives in a suicidal fanaticism governed by an earthly promise of life ever after in the service of their supernatural being. The belief that one religion or one's god is superior is a situation that pits one blind faith against another blind faith. There can never be a resolution to the disagreements of faith.
Lawrence Uhlin

I hope that everyone responsible for this atrocity is hunted down and brought to justice.
Anne Griffin

I pray that we use this tragedy as a means to grow. We should all take a good look at our own lives, and realize how fragile life really is. We need to tell our loved ones more often that they are that.
Kim Harris

How can we shield our children from this kind of thing? I fear for my children and future generations. What kind of world are they growing up in? Now is the time for our governments to take another look at our immigration policies, and close the door and throw away the keys.
M. Murphy, Greenwood, N.S.

So U.S. President George W. Bush has declared war on terrorism. How long before those U.S. citizens who openly finance the IRA are arrested?
Keith P.

Applying the old rhetoric of war to this new situation can serve only to drag us down the path of escalation. We should not be duped into the belief that we are engaged with an evil nation attacking our way of life, and can overthrow it overnight. Canadians, having now justly pledged to aid our U.S. cousins, must be especially careful now. We must ensure that the coming military action takes aim at the terrorists themselves, and not more civilians.
Mike Miller

There is no punishment big enough to cover a crime like this. What could you possibly do to one man who has killed so many people? Killing him would be too easy, and making him sit in a jail cell would not be torture enough.
Dennis Musto

It is a time to contemplate the history of our species and the lessons that can be learned from its great teachers Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Gandhi and Mother Theresa. It now seems inevitable that a war of some kind will be fought. And it will be a religious war because those who we will call our enemy will call it a religious war.
Mark Gabriel, Vancouver

The insidious horror of what we all have done to the environment far surpasses the horror in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.
Simon Downing, Tasmania, Australia

It's time to set diplomacy aside, accept nothing less than zero tolerance for terrorism on a global scale, and exact a price from those responsible that will leave them reeling, hurting, fundamentally and physically disenfranchised. Humanity can accept nothing less.
A. Brown

It is not an act of bravery to sacrifice one's life while taking the lives of others. It is an act of the utmost cowardice. It takes real courage to live in a world that is not perfect, and it is a crime to deny anyone that right.
Rose Mac Neill

As a Canadian I have never felt more close to our neighbour to the south. Where in the world can a country like ours feel as safe and comfortable as we do? The reason lies below the 49th parallel. I know our government will support our friends as much as we are capable, and we will stand with them.
Laren Hansen, Edmonton

At one time I faulted U.S. President George W. Bush only for his intelligence and integrity. Now I must also question his sanity. He has expressed the view that this tragedy may be a blessing in disguise because it presents an opportunity for the Western democracies to rid the world of terrorism once and for all. Only an idiot or a lunatic could believe that sort of thing even remotely achievable.
Bob Dresser, Parksville, B.C.

As an American I pray for the victims of the attacks. Make no mistake: This is the next Pearl Harbor. Now is a time for grief and vengeance against those who would do us harm.

Tell me whom to fight, and I will be there.
Russ Hamm

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