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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Reactions to the attack on America

The U.S. bombing was appropriate. But enough already. It's time to send in the hotshot special forces - or is there still a zero tolerance for casualties?

I am appalled by the Canadian government's eagerness to be a part of what promises to be a ping-pong match in which the adversaries are hurling atrocities instead of a little white ball. If the Canadian government is so eager to place Canadian troops in harm's way, then why not use them to ensure that the aid packages that U.S. President George W. Bush trumpets as being so essential to the campaign, actually get to the people for whom they are intended.
Ian McGarrett

How can you declare a war on terrorism? Terrorism is stateless and wars are fought by states.
Lulu Phongmany

It's absolutely disgusting. This is not the way to go after terrorists, nor is it justifiable to bomb innocent people in search of them. It's time to look at the cause and for society to wake up to the real issues at hand.
Susan Anderson

I came from a Third World country to Canada for a better and free life, which as a Christian I was not able to have in a Muslim country. And to see this starting to happen out here as well is sickening. It seems we will never be free from Islamic psychotics who are just doing wrong in the name of Islam.
Phyllis Machado, Ontario

So the Afghans are complaining about the air strikes. How many of these "refugees" grew heroin to flood the West over the past 20 years? How many gave shelter to the extremists? I feel little sympathy for them.
Joe Allen, Melbourne, Australia

I just can't believe we are bombing a country where people are already starving to death.
Sumita Dixit

As a Canadian living in Britain, I have a somewhat different perspective on this situation. What astonishes me is the way the U.S. media (CNN and CNBC in particular) do not provide enough coverage on the world's reactions to the bombings.
Sanjay Sethi

It's terrible to think there is so much hatred against the United States. How did it get this far?
James Gowland

When you don't have a tough response to heinous crimes against humanity, when you don't become intolerant of terrorism, you open the door to more of it. We've got to stop it.
Sheryl Little

It is truly terrible to see innocents suffer, and Osama bin Laden knows this. After the initial shock of having seen the Associated Press photos of bandaged children with enormous haunted eyes sitting atop dazed relatives, the question almost immediately comes to mind: Who is behind the suffering? Who actually bombed Karam? Did the Americans or British hit the village with "fin-guided missiles"? Or was this simply another of Osama bin Laden's inhuman horrors?
Eric Muller

Secret societies are in a desperate power struggle now. It's the new uprising non-debt system against the old Federal Reserve debt system, with Orwellian results.
Erol Asya

This is going too far. Please stop it now.

Now that the Americans have run out of military targets, very soon they'll run out of ideas too. Then everything will be in a mess for the world to clean up.
Patrick D'silva

I hope that Canada does not get involved in killing civilians.
W. Blackman

Remember the "new world order" proclaimed by former U.S. president George Bush at the end of the Gulf War? This is it.
Jarmo Jalava

I grew up in Second-World-War Europe, and I fear the United States is again pussyfooting with the severity of the air strikes, as it did in Vietnam.
Albert Wenzel

It is a necessary action of self-defence and to rid the world of the cancer of terrorism.
Jerry Kova

The United States tries to make us believe that when Osama bin Laden is dead, it will be over. But the Americans will have created many other Osama bin Ladens, maybe crazier and more dangerous than this one.
François St-Michel, Saint-Jérôme, Québec

Striking back is one thing. But when these fools decide to level a nation that is already destroyed, I don't know whether to call this payback or getting off sexually.
Terry Helton

To all those who are critical of the U.S.-British action, let me ask a question: If you had loved ones in those buildings or hijacked airplanes would you feel the same way? I can guarantee you that you wouldn't.
S. Adair

I am appalled that Americans are demonstrating against the attacks on Afghanistan. As U.S. President George W. Bush stated, Afghanistan had ample opportunity to prevent this and chose not to.
Al Beix

During the past 30 years, the Western world has tolerated the terrorists killing airline passengers, hijacking planes and bombing consulates. Do the terrorists believe they have acquired a right?
Gilles Hebert

It is time to recognize the reality of the fifth column that has penetrated America. We have, in our liberal fashion, extended hospitality to all who sought it. Big mistake.
Gerald L. Cooper

War breeds hate. This retaliation can only breed more terrorists and more angry people. This is not a good solution to a bad situation. There were other measures the United States could have taken in response to the Sept. 11 crashes.
Lisa Snyder

The terrorists were not "evil," or without moral code. They just see themselves in an all-out war with the West - a war in which they are at a huge disadvantage. Their actions were meant to stimulate an over-reaction that would lead to a generalized uprising in the Middle East. The process of polarization is their goal. The U.S. hawks who want to include Iraq and Iran in the war play right into their hands.

A protester in Germany said it all: Blood cannot wash away blood.

We must rethink this threat to society and stop being the permissive society we have become. A democratic society does not have to protect undesirables to have a social conscience.
Harry James

Terrorism is evil and must be stopped, but bombing Afghanistan, endangering innocent civilians and starving an entire country cannot be the solution.
Demetris Astritis

It is disgusting that the United States is willing to risk the lives of so many military individuals for the purpose of retribution. Only once we stop to recognize and rectify the causes of this attack can we begin the healing.
Lynda Morgan

No matter what action the Americans take, there will be unhappy people. Innocent people will die in Afghanistan. But were the thousands of people who died on Sept.11 not innocent as well?

I am sure if I stood on a street corner burning an effigy of an Arab and condemning all Muslims, saying they are "soaked in blood" and ranting that dissenting immigrants should be deported as a threat to Canadian society, I would attract some attention. Perhaps I would be so ridiculous and entertaining as to get invited to a CBC town hall.
Jim Slobodzian

This is a war, not a kids' game, and some innocent people are going to suffer because of what their neighbours have done. It is sad, but we have to wipe out the terrorists one way or another.

The attack on Sept. 11 demonstrated that relatively little investment is required to do great damage. Now we are helping to motivate future attackers. Congratulations to our government for toeing the line in this well planned and clever plan.
Kurt Jansen

After Sept 11, the Taliban first denied that Osama bin Laden was in Afghanistan. Later, the Taliban reversed their position and said he was in Afghanistan, but in a secure location. Could Mr. bin Laden have slipped out to Somalia or some other sanctuary soon after the horrendous event, leaving him to chuckle at the futile attempts to nail him in Afghanistan?
Joe Chamberlain

This is definitely the beginning of the end for all of us. One attack will lead to another, constantly fuelled by revenge, passion and righteousness on both sides. Who will stop it?
P.J. Morretti

Despite the events of Sept. 11, Canada is still the safest country in the world. Go on, Globe and Mail, I dare you: Print that headline on your front page. It won't sell many newspapers, but it would be the truth.
Monique Dykstra

If an Afghan civilian is killed, we should pause and genuinely apologize before resuming what may be necessary. We must keep saying the obvious - "What the world needs is more love and tolerance and compassion - and that is what any God wants."
Ron Anderson

The attacks on Afghanistan's ruling Taliban are the only way to respond to the terrorism of the al-Qaeda organization and the continued support given them by the Taliban.
Norm Finlay

The Taliban were given the opportunity to give up Osama bin Laden and refused. They obviously cared less about the Afghan people than the mission of Mr. bin Laden.
Julia Grover

The government of Afghanistan is hosting and assisting Osama bin Laden. So it has by implication declared war on the United States. When a state of war exists, you can expect military action.
Louis Fortin

I am amazed by people who think that bombing Afghanistan will stop terrorist attacks. If so, this would mean that you just have to scare people to get them to do what you want. Isn't that the concept that fuels terrorism?
Nancy Browman

I believe all religion is the problem. God is not the problem. Those who say they speak for God are the problem.
Edward Thibodeau

The Taliban are the terrorists hiding behind the name of Allah, breeding hate in their own country and exporting it to the rest of the world. This ideology must be stopped at any cost before it grows into a virus affecting the world.
V. Leistner

I am truly sorry that praying for our enemies will not make them stop killing.
T.A. Kerr

I grew up listening to the weekly air-raid siren testing where I live. Yes, I as a Canadian am frightened.
Renee Adams

The notion of a superpower bombing a people already ravaged by 20 years of warfare sickens me to the core. What sort of a civilization do we all live in when our tax money is going toward bombs that cost millions, to destroy a camp that probably cost a couple of thousand?
Nabeel Hason

If the United States does not strike back, it will only encourage more attacks on civilians. The only people with the right to comment should be the families of the people murdered.
John Rogers

Osama bin Laden, his followers and the Taliban are together nothing more than an organized crime group. Their territory happens to be a nation, their victims the people of that nation and the world at large. Their motive is for financial gain as with all organized crime wherever it may be located; their leader a megalomaniac. The difference between this group and traditional organized crime is that this group is cowardly.
John Banks, Ontario

Bombing Afghanistan is profoundly wrong, and the "you're either with us or against us" stance is deeply disturbing. I'm a U.S. citizen, a resident of Wisconsin, and wish we had a leader with a brain, among other things.
Nancy Sorensen

No action can justify such atrocities. Full revenge must be taken - and no wrong-doer must be spared.
Diya Thapar

These are not religious people. They are hungry for power and control. They are the epitome of evil.
Carol Davidson

There is no justification whatsoever for the terrorist attacks in New York, but killing innocent people in Afghanistan makes the United States as guilty as other terrorists.
K. Mohamed

Given the chance, these individuals want to destroy not only the West, but also any other society that does not adhere to their medieval and barbaric point of view.
Frederic Tutundjian

It is absurd to bomb poor and desperate people. I doubt if this will help curb the terrorists at all. In fact, it may just swing the ethical scales and make America the frightened, bullying loser.

We will come to regret the decisions being made by our leaders. I feel resentful in my powerlessness to stop whatever Canada does in the supposed plight for freedom.
P. Duquette

In a letter (Oct. 12), Cynthia Dobson wrote, "The God we serve will prevail and when this is over, all will see His power." Where was Ms. Dobson's "god" when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? I remind Ms. Dobson that there is a significant population in North America, and indeed the entire world, which does not believe in her "god," so I suggest she refrain from using "we" in her statements regarding this issue.
Claire Jergen

The accuracy and reliability of the smart bombs are notoriously bad, and the selection of targets must depend on inferences drawn from air and satellite photography, which can be wrong, as we saw in the Kosovo campaign.
Douglas Millar

So, in response to the tragic loss of life of thousands of innocent civilians, we are going to bomb thousands of innocent civilians? Sorry, but this isn't a just war.
Mark W., Ottawa

I am a survivor of the World Trade Center attack. My wife is Canadian and we live in New York. Until Sept. 11 I worked on the 80th floor of the second tower. I appreciate and will never forget the support I have received from my Canadian friends and the support the United States is receiving from Canada. Thank you.
Alexander T. Arapoglou, New York

Terrorists must be made to fear the allies, and the only solution is to eliminate them.
Roslyn Ritz

I cannot understand how the Islamic terrorists can justify killing civilians with civilian aircraft and then claiming that when we are after their military targets, we are the terrorists. Help me with this.
A. Kozak

The attacks are not retaliatory. Osama bin Laden and his associated organizations have declared war on the United States and have said that a systematic campaign of terrorism against the US will continue. The strikes, therefore, are rightly described as pre-emptive and aimed at dismantling on ongoing, organized process of attacking the United States.
Murray Braithwaite

I think we are overreacting.
Angela Keller


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