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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Reactions to the attack on America

How does bombing a poor country like Afghanistan eradicate terrorism? Dropping bombs and food and calling it a partial humanitarian mission is hypocritical. I guess that when you are a superpower, the world excuses your mistakes and accepts your hypocrisy.
Odette J. Denton

The retaliatory attacks are absolutely necessary if there is to be any hope of lasting peace. These people do not think like us and do not respect our moral values. Any attempts at negotiated peace are viewed as a sign of weakness to be exploited.
Dianne Jackson

The retaliatory strikes against Afghanistan are nothing more than rich folk duping the middle class to allow millions of its tax dollars to be wasted on artillery and new weapon systems. The unspoken goal for the U.S. government is to prop up its military and boost the share price of defence contractors.
Nevin Blumer

The bombing of Afghanistan by the U.S. military is illegal, immoral and will not accomplish anything beyond bolstering the U.S. military industrial complex, killing a bunch of innocent people and galvanizing those already opposed to U.S. capitalism and Western philosophy.
Asa Weinstein

Killing these terrorists will not end the apathy toward the United States - it will increase it. To drop food rations into the middle of the Afghan landscape, where it is mostly unreachable, is insulting while we continue to bomb them.
Sumita Dixit

It's scary to see the ease with which the U.S. government decides on who is a terrorist. If the Bush administration decides to continue this campaign beyond Afghanistan, I fear that every government jumping on the bandwagon will receive the aid it wants to take care of its own domestic problem groups.
Ryan Savage

The ingenuous proposition that, by attacking the United States, the terrorists are attacking all civilization and the free world, is at least inaccurate and a slap in the face to other countries who are civilized and free, but perhaps are different from the United States.
Suzanne Langlois

By the way, while U.S. President George W. Bush is busy with his war and bemoaning the loss of life, there is a convicted prisoner who is scheduled to die by lethal injection next week.
S. A. Owens, Alberta

Bonnie (letter - Oct. 9) said that "I would just like to thank Canada for stepping into this conflict so that we, too, may possibly experience the feeling of terrorist attacks. After all, why shouldn't we have the joy of losing our loved ones to random attacks of violence, all because we feel obligated to get into the swing of bombing in Afghanistan?" We were involved the moment the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and killed more than 50 Canadians. We lost sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.

I am an American living in San Francisco - far away from the attacks in New York. I don't know where things go from here. I just wish there were instant peace in the world and that all of us could find the most wonderful place to be in these scary times. Thank you, Canada, for being so supportive and thoughtful and wonderful as you always are. When I travel again, I will go to Canada first.
Tyler Glenn San Francisco

If Osama bin Laden is behind the destruction in New York City, then yes, he is a murderer and should be punished. War, though, involves a direct declaration by one country on another, usually delivered by an ambassador or third party, or caused by invasion by an identifiable force. These terrorists did not act conventionally, so war as such did not occur. Mr. bin Laden's role needs to be more clearly defined, and then he needs to be extradited for international criminal trial. Otherwise, the anti-American approach will only accelerate and lead to more grief.
Thomas Baxter

Why does the majority of Americans think that the whole world should be shocked when they experience horror and pain that the rest of the world has been experiencing for years without anyone noticing?
Vanja, Canada

The prosperity we enjoy is under siege, and we need to retaliate to preserve that prosperity. That is the only way that we can be truly free people. The alternative would not be acceptable.
David Kowbel

It is ridiculous to think there would not be a military response to attacks on two U.S. cities, and more than 5,000 lives lost. No matter what religion Osama bin Laden practices, I'm sure he's going to hell. If anything, he's making life on Earth a hell for many.
Chas Kvalo

While we're in the process of happily handing over our rights and freedoms to the government and the police, why don't we burn some witches, destroy our schools and universities, declare the world to be flat, move into mud-and-stick huts so our government will have more resources to protect us and our great nation, and erect golden statues of U.S. President George W. Bush in every one of our beautiful, new mud-hut villages so we can all bow down and worship the great savior of civilization?
Mike Sand

The positive message arising out of the attack is the world getting together to stamp out terrorism everywhere. Security is the main thrust for the North American countries as well as for the whole world.
R. Watt

It is incorrect to categorize the effort to hunt down criminals as retaliatory. Inaction is akin to accepting the terrorists' strike as justifiable. It buys no assurance, however, that they will not repeat such acts until all helpless people succumb to their demands.
Albert Mui

What was the initial evidence against Osama bin Laden? Was he picked because no other scapegoat was worthy of an attack so daring? Why can't I see and hear such evidence? Why are the media not conducting investigations of their own and pressing for pertinent information to be released to the public?
Mark Alexander

Until we learn to share our wealth and downplay nationalism in favour of the United Nations, I fear that we are doomed to escalate the violence that we have witnessed in the past decade. Let's be very careful that our freedom is not dismantled and destroyed within months.
Graham Fowler

The United States is saying that every country is now at risk. That is not true. The Americans are just trying to shore up support from other countries.

What are the rules of disengagement? How do you know when the war is over and who won? We can bomb Afghanistan until the Himalayas crumble, and still not know if we've won. Eliminating Osama bin Laden will make it more difficult for a terrorist organization to operate for a time, but eventually he will be replaced. Who will hunt down that person? There must be an effort to win over the hearts and minds of enough people for a sufficiently long period that these people will be willing and able to back a government that will control terrorism and terrorists.
Reade Davis


Life Goes On

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