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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Reactions to the attack on America

I find it appalling that you constantly publish the Taliban's claims of holy war and impending doom on the front page of your paper. You are giving them the platform they need to be heard around the world. Are you simply trying to shock and scare us?
Greg Colby

Everyone is complaining that it' s a shame that our military is only a shrunken form of what it was. But we are not the ones abusing our power wantonly among small nations of the world so why should we pay for a military to deal with the implications of that? We are the "nice guys" because we can't afford to be bullies.
Eleni, Guelph

It is a sad and sorry state of affairs when Canada eagerly joins forces with the Americans. Dropping bombs on people is not going to achieve any sort of positive result.
Miles Stanley

No matter how many bombs we drop on them, chances are they will always harbour hatred toward our nations.
Jim Bender

It's amusing to read people saying there must be another solution, economic or diplomatic sanctions must be tried first and military strikes used only as a last resort. Trying that route on this group is a waste of time. They are fanatics. You people sitting in your nice homes or driving your nice cars, pleading that Canada must not get involved - the reason countries like Afghanistan are in the state they are in today is because people sat by and let madmen like the Taliban take over.
H.S. Reid, Newfoundland

Regarding Michael Mandel's article Say What You Want, But This War Is Illegal (Oct. 9): When is a war legal? Mr. Mandel is lucky to live in a world where some people will do what is necessary to ensure he has a comfortable life.
Fred B. Jones

I am very proud of Canada for sending our troops into this struggle. It will not be short. It will not be easy. It will not be painless. But then, what struggle worth fighting for is? Shame on those Canadians who advocate sitting out this struggle. The attack of Sept. 11 was not just on the United States but also on civilization and freedom as we know it. It is convenient (or perhaps cowardly) to advocate sitting out of the struggle to bask in the glory of Canadian freedom without reaching out to help in this colossal global struggle. The lesson I have learned from this is never again to take freedom for granted.
C.K. Lee

If America is all about freedom, then let's see some due process.
Susan Pearson

Shame on Canada, the so-called "biggest peacekeeper in the world," for supporting the biggest terrorist in the world, the United States, and for joining in killing innocent helpless people.
A. Chernysh

Young Canadians gave their lives in the two world wars to ensure our freedom to vote, say, read, think, believe, eat, and enjoy freedom of religion - in other words, to live in a democratic country. Now we must stand united and proud behind our military personnel, who will be fighting for our freedom to live without fear of these evil terrorists.
Vivian Wright

Why are these horrific attacks considered acts of terrorism whereas American bombings of Iraq over the past 10 years have been ignored? Maybe it's time to rethink the nature of terrorism.

I hope that America crushes the vermin who attacked New York and Washington. I hope they forget about diplomacy and opinion polls, and I pray they don't stop until those evil men are gone for good.

I identify with Muslim-Canadians' fear of intolerance. I am a Canadian living in an Islamic country and I am hoping that, when I go to the grocery store, my presence will not equate with hatred among the local majority. I have a proposition for the readers in Canada to ward against this callous stereotyping. When you see a person you think is Islamic, think of me, a Nova Scotian, born and bred. Treat that Islamic person with the same respect and tolerance that you would hope I am receiving in an Islamic country.
Joanne Light Miller

We will all have to aim at making it a little fairer and kinder world. That will involve more foreign aid, and a move toward more balanced foreign policy.
Erasmus Jones

Civilians start all wars. They should fight them, regardless of gender, age and physical condition. The more property they have, the closer to Ground Zero they should be.
Walt O'Brien

As the cowards cry for wars and holy wars, the United States should look up a few chapters in the world's history book on what real holy wars are supposed to look like.

Osama bin Laden's comment that God struck the United States is nonsense. A gang, committed to a psychopathic interpretation of Islam, hijacked four airplanes and used them as terrorist weapons. God had nothing to do with it.
Alistair Thomson

I hope that the Afghan people will understand that our aims are in some way a benefit for their lives and well being.
Donald Axford

I find the whole thing disgusting. If we ask who benefits from this tragedy and the bombing of Afghanistan, it is not Palestinians or Afghans or Americans, but only arms manufacturers and their dealers.
Hida Darabian

Our folly is our inability to comprehend that as a result of our failure to educate and promote democratic values among our erstwhile allied dictators, the people of Muslim nations have no recourse other than religious fundamentalism, violent protests and terrorism.
François Bernier

We must strike back at terrorism at all costs.
A. Jones

It's absolutely amazing how many times people who oppose the attack on Afghanistan invoke the suffering children in Iraq. Don't you remember who started that war in 1991? Did Kuwait invade Iraq or was it the other way around?
O.B. Flegman

If this incident had happened in any other part of the world it would be in the back pages of the newspaper by now. It's typical of Americans to make everything larger than life.
C. Stevens

The reaction of people to this so-called crisis is completely predictable. To give up our rights for safety is a huge mistake, as history can clearly demonstrate.
D. Strange

It's the correct thing to do. The real world is a nasty place, and no amount of whining and hand-wringing is going to change that.
Jacques Naerly

Nothing justifies the terrorist acts that occurred on Sept 11. Canadian officials need to increase their vigilance in dealing with what may seem to be potential terrorist cells operating out of Toronto and Montreal, and quell them. It would be nice some day to have someone with leadership qualities in office in Canada; British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been extremely impressive of late, yet Prime Minister Jean Chrétien seems strangely mute.
Robert Maykut

The United States has been guilty of sponsoring terrorism in establishing its world empire. One need think only of the 37,000 civilians murdered in Nicaragua, for example, in the U.S. campaign to topple their government. The world court declared the U.S. action to be a war crime. Who is going to root out the U.S. terrorists?
Lloyd Robertson, Saskatchewan

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke).
Alena Kohout

The United States is doing exactly what has to be done. What it must do is finish the job. If it stops before the job is complete, too many doors will be opened to future attacks on the free world.
Ken Koloski

I'm so glad that Canada has finally stepped up to help the United States. If the tables were turned, we all know that we would expect the United States to help us. It's a sin that this sort of thing could happen in the first place, but now that we're in it for the long haul, we should be prepared for anything that comes our way.
B. Bowman

The retaliation of the United States in Afghanistan will unfortunately give justification to Osama bin Laden and his followers. The United States is falling into the expectations of what the Taliban expected. The result will be a continued backlash by both sides, giving the Taliban the movement they wished to create in the first place. This will only glorify Mr. bin Laden in his people's eyes and give him the hero status that he so much desires. War doesn't create peace, only more anger and bitterness.
Vera Littlewood

The Taliban were warned and all diplomatic avenues were explored before the strikes. Under the circumstances and the completely unchecked spread of terrorism in the world at large, the strikes are the very least the coalition can do to help eradicate the cancer of terrorism.
Roy Anderson, Mount Brydges, Ont.

The terrorist attacks against the United States are in response to U.S. terrorism -U.S. foreign policy - in the Third World. And because of U.S. greed, aggression, interference and arrogance, Canada and the rest of the world is in peril. When will this bully, the United States, change its ways?
R. River

Even though we must show the terrorists that they cannot come into our country and create terrorism, I am gravely concerned that this will turn into a full war in which the draft may be imposed. We have always brought our children up to love everyone and to live in peace, and we may now have to tell them to go out and kill. How do you turn around all your beliefs so that you may live in peace?
Kathy Lemon

It's either fight or live under ever-increasing evil domination.
Dale Lowry

Violence solves nothing, even with humanitarian aid. Why not keep on insisting that Osama bin Laden be brought to a world court while spending all the money that goes into military attacks on humanitarian and peace initiatives?
Nancy Robinson

The United States - and surely the United Nations - had evidence pointing the finger at the Al Qaeda organization years ago, but the fear of Islamic jihad left the free world trembling. Tragic!
Winston Victor

The fight against terrorism will be won with improved security measures, better intelligence, international co-operation and covert operations. In the long term, it will also be won by an honest effort to understand how the cultural practices, foreign policy, economic aggressiveness, foreign policy and economic aggressiveness of affluent Western nations are seen by the peoples of other nations and cultures. Improved understanding must then be followed by revised policy and practices. Retaliatory bombing raids are likely to do little to reduce the threat of terrorism.
D. J. Ducharme

If one innocent Afghani civilian dies as a result of these actions, then we are no better than the perpetrators of this terrible crime.
Asim Zuberi

My enthusiasm for striking Afghanistan's Taliban is dampened knowing that they could also strike us - not over there, on our warships, but here, at home. Given who is running this war, however, I'd say we have a pretty good chance of winning it - that is, knocking the Taliban and its army out. I pray that the armed forces learn to hunt the terrorists the way a cat hunts a mouse: not with blunt force, but speed and precision. Goodness knows they're motivated.
Keith Sutton

History has shown that leaders of such regimes are cowards and enjoy their power at the expense of the lives of the soldiers. However if we seek out the leaders and bring them to justice, then I believe that their cowardice will be exposed.


Life Goes On

Voices From After the Fall, The Facts Behind the Fear, and the preview of a new Discovery documentary filmed at Ground Zero.


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