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Taste: Jamieson Electrolyte +C drink powder

Globe and Mail Update

Water is good for us. We know! Being properly hydrated gives us more energy, helps skin elasticity and keeps all systems go. But unlike extreme athlete types with their four-litre water bottles, we're just not that into it.
The answer, of course, is to maximize hydration, whether for jogging in the park or keeping brain-fit at the office. This new powdered drink product from Jamieson contains all-important electrolytes (which keep cells firing optimally) as well as 500 mg of anti-oxidizing Vitamin C per drink.
At about $20 for a package of 30, it works out to 66 cents a pop. We like the pomegranate berry flavour (it also comes in citrus), as well as the retro First Aid style packaging.
Cause it really does make us feel better.
Available at pharmacies and mass retailers across Canada.
—Sheree-Lee Olson

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