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Roughing it? Hardly

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Tents with Wi-Fi? Yurts and wine tastings? Call it recession luxe. Resorts, campgrounds and luxury 'camps' are bringing creature comforts to the great outdoors ...Read the full article

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  1. John Hinkley from Canada writes: And what about Bartlett Lodge in Algonquin Park as well. A great place for a peaceful stay and wonderful meals. An Authentic Algonquin Park Camping Experience! Bartlett Lodge brings back old time Algonquin Park accommodation for those looking for a vacation experience with a difference – “The Bartlett Lodge Tent and Breakfast”. Tents in the Park: Ontario tourism first came to Algonquin Park in the early 1900s. Lodges could not be built fast enough to accommodate Ontario resort demand. The Highland Inn (which was located on Cache Lake) had to build platform tents to provide for guest accommodation. Then in the 1920s, platform tents were also used at Bartlett for the staff and resort guests. 80 years later – here is your chance to stay in a modern platform tent located on a quiet corner of the Algonquin lodge property on Cache Lake. A Tent and Breakfast Stay includes a night in one of our new resort platform tents. Think of it as a cabin with a casual roof. Each tent is fully furnished with a king size bed and an inside seating area, as well as a deck for those warm summer evenings in Algonquin. For our guests convenience, the king size bed can be converted to two single beds. Battery operated lamps provide safe soft lighting. Complete towel and bedding service is included in the rate. A new washroom building, with showers, is adjacent to our tents. The crowning touch is a deluxe breakfast in the Lodge Dining Room. Certainly a novel way to experience Algonquin resort accommodation in a historical sense without giving up some of the current comforts you’d expect at a resort. (Please note Tent & Breakfast has no facilities for cooking meals, breakfast is included.) We urge you to reserve early as there are only two tents at the Lodge. Camp in comfort at Bartlett Lodge, in the heart of Algonquin Park, and enjoy your Tent and Breakfast.
  2. From Toronto from Toronto, Canada writes: Camping? Resorts like these cannot be called camping. Isn't the whole point to get away from all the luxuries? How does one get back to nature in these places?

    And don't even get me started on Muskoka "cottages" that are bigger than most peoples homes.....
  3. Mikey Gault from The Moral Highground, Canada writes: I hate people who camp.

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