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Facts & Arguments Essay

My father's not-so-secret obsession

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

My mother penned a note saying she'd leave him if he bought any more cars. She didn't mention car parts ...Read the full article

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  1. Mr. Canoehead from Canada writes: Great read - I would love to see pictures of the three R2800's in the front garden!

    If only my wife was as accepting as your mother!
  2. Craig Cooper from Toronto, writes: Sounds like an illness to me.
  3. Interest from the West from Canada writes: Not to mention complete comtempt for your wife.
  4. Kim Philby from Canada writes: Sounds like Lisa's dad wasn't firing on all cylinders. But, as obsessions go, I guess it's a pretty harmless one.
  5. D Sudul from France writes: A very good read, Lisa. Your mom sounds like a pragmatic soul who was able to keep separate her love of your dad from his habits.
  6. eric lange from toronto, writes: 'Great story, I will leave a copy where my wife can see it, and hope she understands my sometimes crazy purchases..
  7. Arch Stanton from Canada writes: My dad always kept around 4 cars and 1 pick-up truck around. And he also kept an old, non-running1955 Cadillac Coupe de-Ville in the shed just because he liked it.
  8. Keith Warren from Tsawwassen, B.C., Canada writes: John has been a great friend for over 45 years.

    He had been very generous with his time and considerable parts stash, and has been a great motivator at times when I really needed it.

    Some might say he's excentric, but I say he has many varried interests.
    In addition to his interest in cars, he writes more letters to Politicans than any one I know. Loves traveling to Europe. Photography, and dropping in on friends for a quick visit. He's always on the go!

    And his favourite saying, there are only so many
    "Sunny Days Left" get out in the Roadster.

    Great write up Lisa, on a great man.
  9. David any from LAT, Canada writes: 71 chevy truck,69 chevy belair,1985 Supra...all wife. Only dreams....if I could just buy that 7M engine with turbo...18inch wheels?...proper tailgate for truck....
  10. Black Gold from Canada writes: David any from LAT - Forget about the 7M engine and go straight for the 2JZ-GTE. If you can't find one in NA, have one imported by Terra2 Imports or one of the other more established importers.
  11. Black Gold from Canada writes: Lisa - thanks for the great article. It warms my heart because I share your father's obsession and am also very fortunate to have a wife as understanding as your mother.

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