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Globe editorial

Victory is a chance for accommodation

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

The government of Sri Lanka must now act to conciliate the Tamils ...Read the full article

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  1. Sam Sam from Toronto, Canada writes: What a lesson to be learnt from this! India trained LTTE in the 70s and then sent Peace Keepers only to find that LTTE turned against them. IPKF came home with 1500 dead bodies.
    The Tamil Diasporas in UK USA UK and Canada collected millions of money for LTTE to buy arms and ammunition to fight against the Sri Lanka government to find that few months ago LTTE used these arms against their own Tamil brothers and sisters to hold them as a Human Shield.
    Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.
    Certainly the Sri Lankan government has shown the world “How to do it”
    World governments now must take notice of Sri Lankan government strategies and know how to eradicate Terrorism. A job well done for the betterment and for a peaceful world.
  2. Sandy Vadi from Canada writes: The exclusion of Tamils and forcing tamil priests to dance in the celebrations show the direction of coming years.

    There are over 300,000 displaced living in the appalling conditions.
    President Rajaphakse and his ethno centric regime, like the past regimes, do not seem to care about humanity and civility.

    This is the crux of the problem with Sri Lanka
  3. sailan moor from nassau, Bahamas writes: in sri lanka there are many minorities living with the sinhala majority, not only the tamils. the tamils should not get any special status at the expense of the other minorities. equal status for everyone.. no more no less.. there are no minorities in canada that have special status, except the first nations people.. why should it be any different in sri lanka?
  4. Joe Palooka from Toronto, Canada writes: It should be noted that the vast majority of Tamils peacefully co-exist with the Sinhalese. As the editorial alluded to, Tamils are even represented in government. In other words, those who supported the LTTE terrorists and constantly complain of injustice are a fringe minority. This is not to say that the government should not make moves to accommodate Tamils better. Some steps could be taken, but not at the expense of strengthening a unified, multi-lingual and -religious state.
  5. Sask Resident from Regina, Canada writes: Sandy Vadi from Canada wrote: "President Rajaphakse and his ethno centric regime, ..."

    But the LTTE was more so an ethno-centric regime, because it excluded Muslim Tamils as well as other ethnic groups.

    Sri Lanka's biggest problem is the problem of an official religion or belief. As we are watching the slow disintegration of Malaysia, officially Muslim, which has non-believers switching for economic reasons similar to rice Christians. Violence cannot be far behind when a country includes thought police. Most countries that enforce official religions are in a state of flux, since many use it as an excuse to pick on others, for believing or not believing enough.

    Language will also cause problems. Sri Lanka has three official languages but the majority speak only two. The minority, like in Canada, want the advantage so want to require everyone to speak theirs, causing the majority to build and hold a grudge, then claim the majority are not accommodating. Like Babel, unless you can understand each other the project falls apart. The question is who should accommodate, the majority or the minority? In Canada, most unofficial minorities have accommodated.
  6. Igodda Mahalingam from Canada writes: what does Canada have to offer? the Charlotteown accord? Meech lake? The official languages act? Kieth Spicer?
  7. Mariposa Belle from Leacockland, Canada writes: Igodda - Keith Spicer might be a useful idiot in this case.

    The editorial has this right, accommodation is required. The Sri Lankan Gvoernment rejected calls for a cease-fire and demanded unconditional surrender. This is what they have received.

    It is now up to the Government to be flexible in demonstrating it's intent to rule the country than if it had to negotiate with the opposition.

    Should it decide otherwise - here is your handcart, Hell may be found in aisle 6.

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