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Globe editorial

Preventing abuses

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

There are signs the Ruby Dhalla affair may yet elicit a constructive response from the federal government ...Read the full article

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  1. KT Ocean from Canada writes: It will be interesting to see if Kenney and Harper are actually interested in doing something constructive or just want to be seen to be doing something. Will this follow their usual fixed election date legislation type strategy or will they actually do something sensible and surprise everyone?
  2. Rum Bunny from Canada writes: Elected Liberals have a long and undistinguished history in this sleazy sector going back to the postwar days when their rich supporters fell upon hard times as the quality of Canadian and British servants declined and expenses involved in their keep escalated. PM King cleared the way for young women refugees from the recently Russian occupied Baltic countries to enter Canada as domestic workers. When that well went dry, the net was eventually tossed further and further afield in areas as diverse as German refugee camps and the West Indies in general and Jamaica in particular. Today desperate young women from the Philippines suffer abuse around the world from disgusting people who somehow think they are called upon to keep inferiors in their place at the lowest cost possible. Plus ca change.........
  3. Philip Noel from writes: It is funny how the slant changes depending on whom the allegations have been made against. When a Conservative is accused not only does the left wing media think he/she should be in front of a committee but any question if fair game and he is representative of everyone in his party. If a Liberal is accused then any investigation into their activities is a witch-hunt. No wonder Harper will give interviews to credible news orgs like CNN but he gives the biased parliamentary press gallery a pass.

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