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Couple charged in Tori Stafford murder

Globe and Mail Update and Canadian Press

Ontario police are searching rural land for the body of eight-year-old Tori Stafford, after two people were arraigned for murder and being an accessory to murder ...Read the full article

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  1. Say it ain't so... from GTA, Canada writes: I pray for her safe return and that they do have the right sicko's in custody. Looking forward to more updates and her safe return.
  2. Steven Koning from Bloomfield, ON, Canada writes: Everyone's fervent wish is for Tori to emerge unharmed and well in spirit and body. All the rest is peripheral.
  3. Hunkered down in the land of never ending promises from Canada writes: Steven Koning: Here. Here. Well put sir.
  4. Interested Observer from Edmonton, Canada writes: It would be great if she makes it home unharmed. Across the country, we hope.....
  5. Shawn Bull from Canada writes: This is a bizzare case. It will be interesting to know what the final facts are. More importantly, where is Tori? Is she OK?
  6. Andrew E from Canada writes: Prayers for the little girl. If she's harmed, there should be no leniency for those convicted.
  7. Vote for your country from Canada writes: This the worst nightmare anyone could ever face. My prayer is for this little girl to be brought home safely.
  8. Edward Carson from Brampton, Canada writes: I echo Steven's post. Hopefully this wee girl is found in one piece, unharmed and still full of life.
  9. The Globe and Mail writes: _UNDEFINED_VALUE_

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