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Finding a parking spot driving you crazy? Let your computer do it for you

The Canadian Press

New website tracks down a spot, reserves it and takes payment by credit card ...Read the full article

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  1. Horatio Huckle from Ottawa, Canada writes: Finding a parking spot driving you crazy? Take the BUS!
  2. Angry West Coast Canuck from Canada writes: Yeah, what Horatio said. I say make parking in towns with decent public transit harder, not easier. That's not too many places in Canada yet, but it's a start.
  3. Costas Piliotis from Canada writes: Yeah, let's all lug around two kids, and a diaper bag by bus. Heck, let's all pile them up on a bicycle too while we're at it. One on the handle bars, one biggy back, so we can take them to day care because some left wing nutjobs who are holier than though and think everyone should take the bus for two hours instead of drive for 15 minutes.

    Let's be real folks.
  4. Hap Stokes from Canada writes: Horatio Huckle from Ottawa, Canada writes: Finding a parking spot driving you crazy? Take the BUS!
    What fug'gen bus HH?--We don't have busses here in the country.
    What parking problems?--Anybody can park anywhere.
    What pollution?--We are too backward for that too.
    Ohh all those big city woes--Move back to the land (PROBLEM SOLVED)
  5. Robert Dryburgh from Winnipeg, Canada writes: Screw the bus. If I can't take one of my cars I just don't go.
  6. Ces Linds from Canada writes: Yeah, because obviously everyone out there lives within five minutes from the closest bus stop! Honestly, if I could save myself $60 a week in gas by taking the bus to work, I would. Unfortunately, not everyone has the comfort of living within the city limits (or maybe they just don't want to)

    The bus, walking and cycling are fantastic ideas and should be done as much as possible, but not everyone can take advantage of it.
  7. slapdash dapoint from harper is not a conservative, Canada writes: i still don't get it:

    so some private lots have partnered up with the site, but even with prepayment, why would a lot owner turn away someone onsite looking for a spot vs. someone who may not show and will, presumably, get a refund?

    good luck to them, but i'd want a little more reassurance if i was using the site.
  8. L G from toronto, on, Canada writes: How is the parking meter going to know which spots are occupied? The pavement doesn't have microchips delineating parking spots. And isn't that going to mean all the parking spots in high demand areas and times are reserved and therefore unavailable?
    Imagine the frustration at seeing empty reserved spots in parking lots and on the street, and nowhere left to park legally.
  9. The Loan Arranger from Canada writes: This is a good use of technology? Probably will cause nothing but fights. We have truckers using bridges that aren't strong enough to carry them....but the GPS said I could go this way! Cars that park themselves. Can't we do anything for ourselves anymore?
  10. Hap Stokes from Canada writes: Gosh all you big city folks
    Why do so many of you (freely) chose to live in those horrid places?
    Where everything is squared and geometrically so precise (by man).
    Man made rules (by somebody?) and more rules, rules, rules.
    You never see a deer or a bear, even a horse or a cow.
    So polluted, the only thing in the sky you can see is the Moon and the Sun.
    Big city Pollution is not good for any, especially your delicate children.

    When you could move back to the land and park anywhere.
    And see thousands of stars every night in the sky.
    Hell you can even witness many of the satellites and 'Shooting Stars'
    Return to NATURE and no more problems finding a parking space.
    Lots of room to park in the 2nd largest nation (Canada) on this planet.
    So ask yourselves WHY you freely chose to live in that big city?
  11. Sebastian Cobe from Calgary, Canada writes: Wow only 2/10 post from hippies that love taxation under the guise of enviromental fuzzy hugs.

    I drive becuase it take at least twice as long sometimes five times as long to get to the same place by transit.
  12. Jenna R from Canada writes: Hap Stokes, not all of us want to live somewhere that it takes half an hour to drive to the corner store. Or where the kids have to take a bus instead of walking to school. Or where you have to drive to the neighbour's place. Or where it takes an ambulance 30 minutes to respond to an emergency call. Or where people regularly drive after drinking because there isn't really any other option to get home.

    Some of us like living within a short distance of theatres, restaurants, major sports teams, art galleries, concerts, shopping and transit. Some of us enjoy the vibrancy of life in a major city and some of us would rather go visit cows than have to smell them every time we step out the back door.

    This doesn't make us bad people you know - we just appreciate different things.

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