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HP profit drops 17 per cent

The Associated Press

CFO says it's still ‘too tough to call' whether PC sales have bottomed out; another 6,400 to lose their jobs ...Read the full article

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  1. Commander Groovechild from Canada writes: The steady growth curve is a thing of the past. The projections are fundamentally flawed. I predict the PC market will behave a bit like box office sales in theatres. Periodically something will draw in the crowds. But the idea that Microsoft can introduce an operating system (like Vista) to force users to upgrade has become ancient history. For instance, there are parts of G&M that take forever to load. Does this mean I purchase new hardware and upgrade my internet service? Perhaps it would if I were made of money. I just don't visit those parts of the site. People today don't put out new money unless there is a tangible gain. If I don't visit G&M for half a year, nothing changes in my life. Similarly if there are splashy new applications that need more computing power, the bottom line is that I often don't need a computer. Life continues as usual. So computers are gaining a context in the lives of people much like radios and televisions.
  2. david t from Canada writes: "Hewlett-Packard Co. says its quarterly profit dropped 17 per cent as sales of personal computers and printer ink slumped. The numbers were still in line with Wall Street's forecasts."

    WOW who would of thought that profits were DOWN 17% BUT numbers were in line with Crook st. LOL what a joke.
  3. Chris Halford from Ottawa, Canada writes: Commander Groovechild - I hear you. It's like too many things in our false economy, the myth of endless growth. People are getting fed up with being forced to replace something that works for what they want to do.

    It's a good opportunity for Apple to make further inroads into the personal computer market. You pay more up front but you're not coerced into upgrading all the time and stuff just works.
  4. Silent Minority from Winnipeg, Canada writes: I will be buying upwards of $50k of gear this year, none of it so far has gone to HP. The reason? very poor service, sent a letter to the CEO, nothing. Oh well, the staff are really liking the Apple/Dell rollout.

    Bring customer service back to the customer, quit treating us like we OWE you our business, get help that speaks English and get rid of that aweful VOIP for your call centers.
  5. Shawn Petriw from Canada writes: @Silent Minority - sorry to hear about the Dells.

    @Chris Halford - add to that "stuff just works on OLD computers" - I run Tiger (latest 10.4) on my 10 year old B&W G3.

    I expect my G5 to be relevant for another 6 or 7 years, too. So what hardware is REALLY cheaper - premium stuff that costs a little more, or sub-par WinBoxes that NEED to be replaced every 3 or 4 years?
  6. Randal Oulton from Canada writes: I was a Compaq loyalist for decades. The service under HP is truly awful, and I have to say, I think the quality of their desktops has gone downhill, too. They're just not lasting even a year before they start having basic mechanical issues.
  7. Bob F from Canada writes: Silent Minority from Winnipeg

    You sent a letter to the CEO regarding your service?? Well there is your first problem. Did you think he would hop out of his chair and rush down to your Winnipeg operation to ensure that he got your $50K of business. Give me a break buddy.
  8. SOFA KING from Winnipeg, writes:
    Well "Silent Majority" .... Our company gets all of our HP servers, desktops, and laptops from NWD (North West Digital) in Winnipeg and they provide the instalation, configuration, and warranty service.

    We are totally happy with the service that NWD provides and we have never had anything but a great experience with HP and NWD over the last 8 years. Our annual spend is in the $250 K range.

    You should try dealing with NWD. They will respond to your call if Mark Hurd won't.

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