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Hassle-free blogging via e-mail, an elegant e-book reader for iPhone, and a plug-in to help avoid bookmark bloat ...Read the full article

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  1. Terry Lavender from Vancouver, Canada writes: Although the Kindle is not available in Canada, the Sony e-book reader is. I've been using it for a few weeks and the quality is amazing - so much so that I sometimes forget I'm reading a screen and not paper. The size is perfect too - the same size as a paperback, unlike the iPhone, where the screen is so small it's not comfortable to read.
  2. Bobby the K from Dreadnaught, ON, Canada writes: ~

    To me it sounds the same as 'readability'.
  3. Gordon Nielk from Montreal, Canada writes: What I would really like is a way of blocking / tagging / quarantining websites I've already visited so that I don't have to slog through them a second or third time!
    When I do a repeat search of an issue I want NEW sites that I haven't visited before.

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