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Britain launches auto scrap plan to boost sales

The Associated Press

Government, manufacturers share cost of giving discount of $3,600 to junk a ‘banger' ...Read the full article

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  1. Neil Dietrich from ontario, writes: I drive an 11 year old car with almost 300k on it. If this program was set up in Canada, My car would be off the road in a heartbeat! What are you waiting for Canadian Politicians? How about giving the taxpayers some bang for their buck with this auto bailout, instead of it all going to the corporate head offices? The only way GM is going to get out of this is if you look after the supply side of the equation IN ADDITION to the debt side. Heck, I'd trade my car in for $2000 towards a new one!
  2. Honesty is the best Policy from Canada writes:
    This is an idea whose time is past due.

    It would benefit the environment greatly. Every new car or truck is an improvement in emmisions on any old vehicle.

    A $3000 rebate on a Canadian made vehicle from Ford, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, A Volkswagen van (from the Chrysler Windsor Assembly Plant) Chrysler or GM would keep our tax dollars at work here in Canada.

    Many of the best quality vehicles in the world are made right here in Canada.
  3. Erbil K. aka Twitter @ErbilK from Germany writes: i would participate in the same german program ... but i cannot afford me a new car ... and that means ... zero KM/Miles ... first hand ... that means ... 16 k ¬ ... and I got´s them o´course ... and the used cars ... i would by ... are no more ... since they are on the crap yard ... i saw a tv documentary here --- they wreck very very good cars --- which would still made a lot o´money on the second hand market and --- many many miles --- i saw these cars and i wished i would get one of them for free in return of my old one ... not a good program for the low end user ...
  4. david t from Canada writes: Britain is also a bankrupt country who is now PRINTING MONEY like a banana republic. Why would we or anyone else follow a BANKRUPT country?
  5. Nick Simmons from Canada writes: Since this article was originally written, the scheme has spluttered to a halt, as the manufacturers and dealers are now arguing on who should pay for the incentive. The UK Govt is picking up 50% and assumed that the manufacturers would shoulder the rest...not according to them, as they want the dealers to pay for a percentage of the discount. Honda, Ford and others are now looking clarification on a number of items.

    Here's the first paragraph from this morning's Times "A scheme to bail out the motor industry by subsidising sales of new cars was in chaos last night as a row over tax and costs prompted leading manufacturers to refuse to take part."
  6. Kublah Khan from Canada writes: This type of program puts "money" in the hands of potential purchasers instead of in the hands of the industry. It certainly would boost demand and should help the environment. Even a $1000.00 credit would help the situation.
  7. Paul Bowler from Canberra, Australia writes: So, is it fair to say that the "design life" for a new car is now 10 years? If so, will this be reduced over time to, say, 5 years? ( especially if "peak oil" theory is correct)
  8. Alistair McLaughlin from Canada writes: Judging by the amount of rust I see on vehciles here in Ottawa, North American auto-makers are already producing biodegradable cars.
  9. Alistair McLaughlin from Canada writes: I wonder what the environmental impact is of encouraging people to turn over their vehicles so quickly and buy new ones. Vehicle emissions aren't the only consideration. The raw materials it takes to build new vehicles, and all the emissions that causes, seem to be ignored.
  10. Just A Bystander from Canada writes: Very well said Alistair McLaughlin.

    How it is morally and ethically right for the tax dollars from minimum wage workers (who cannot afford cars period) to subsidize new car purchases for those who can afford is beyond me. If you agree to this scheme, you clearly have vested interest where you can benefit from it. If you need $3000 incentive to purchase your $30k car, get real. Walk to any dealership and ask if the salesman is willing to drop $3k to make a sale. Last time I checked, they are begging for business.

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