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Court case reveals ugly infighting at Motorola

The Associated Press

Cellphone company says it fired the CFO 'for cause' — while the former executive says he was canned for blowing the whistle on big problems ...Read the full article

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  1. Canarus IV from Canada writes: .
    Motorola, BRAVO !!! It is exactly what the best company MUST do !!! Do not keep the employees if they not produce innovation. Ever if they are the high-level managers. I hope most Canadian companies (for example, Rogers) consider this example as a best business practices !
  2. Forest Ranger from Ottawa, Canada writes: >Canarus IV.

    Dude, you're smoking rope. CFO's, as a rule, don't walk the plank unless they've been cooking the books. If it's a choice between the CFO and the head of the wireless group, I'll pick the CFO as being closer to the truth. Anybody who knows what really happened will not speak in public, but for now my money is on the CFO to have the shorter nose.
  3. dennis shemeluck from Canada writes: interesting,

    when i blew the whistle as a cfo many years ago about what the USA lawyers wanted me to do, i refused and i was fired/went for "cause"/"announced my retirement".

    15 years ago there were few cases like this and nobody helped me, including those who said i was right "morally and legally". that does not pay the bills.

    i then drove taxi....waiting for retirement

    this man just might have the same...i syspect he is right... and the new boy in town, a three day?/three year? wonder, is doing things that might unravel motorola.

    i wish all the best... no fun, for sure, no matter who you believe.
  4. George Nikitin from Hamilton, Canada writes: Rich guys and their struggles to earn a bonus...meh.
  5. Samuel Jacob from Brampton, Canada writes: The CFO, unless he cooked the books, should not be fired for "just cause" as he is supposed to provide an UNBIASED financial opinion on how each division is doing.

    Motorola should be careful as it will become evident that the SEC may want to audit them for the last 7 years. This will be disastrous if the SEC subpoenas the fired CFO to testify.
  6. Paul Lawrence from Oakville, Canada writes: as they've said, the CFO's and HR know where the bodies are buried...

    Unless maybe you're the CFO who points out the fallacies the HR people are doing.

    but man, would I love to see this go to court.
  7. Watercooler Pundit from Regina, Canada writes: I will place a significant wager that this CFO gets his full severance, and Motorola becomes a minor player in the cell phone industry.
  8. Someone Youknow from Toronto, Canada writes: Motorola cell phones have been fairly bad lately. I have also never experienced such awful customer service. Sorry, going down in flames is exactly what should happen to this awful company.

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