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Ray pitches gem for first win

Canadian Press

Robert Ray surrenders three hits and a walk over eight innings and Blue Jays rally for 2-1 win over White Sox ...Read the full article

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  1. Overtaxed and underlaid from Canada writes: Jays are starting to cool off offensively (lot of sub-300 / sub-260 averages in that lineup today), so great to see a superb performance by Ray. Keep it up!
  2. Layne Lives On from Canada writes: Ray looked really good out there. As they all have. Tough decisions for Cito coming up in regards to the rotation.

    This was the kind of game that successful teams win. They hung in until the very end and then made it happen, manufacturing the runs needed to win.

    This team does deserve more support. Lets go Jay Fans! Take in a couple games and support Toronto!
  3. Hank M from Hamilton, Canada writes: With Doc on the mound tomorrow... it looks like a sweep!
  4. George Lawrence from Thunder Bay ON, Canada writes: Good pitching,timely hitting, good defence= A winning team.Mr Ray was very impressive. Their record is still very good. I am pleasantly surprised. It's still early in the season and the Doc goes to-morrow. Go Jay's Go.
  5. Sandy T. from Canada writes: Hank M.

    It's a four gamer. It'll take two more wins for a sweep. I'm with George Lawrence - pleasantly surprised and enjoying the winning for whatever it is without going all Jamie Campbell about it.
  6. dan vanman from Canada writes: Overtaxed...maybe a little bit of a slowdown...but not much. Vernon looks like he is coming on. So does Rios. The Kids still look alright. Hill looks like a rock.

    And that piece of hitting for the tying RBI by Lind was a thing of beauty.

    Catcher was already down to block it. Nice hit!

    Ray and Cecil keeping Janssen and Romero rehabbibg a bit...chomping at the bit to do well. No problem from this fan. I trust Cito...and...

    Richarrdi had some young arms all along.

    Great to see. And now they get to watch their pitching "sensei" throw another one.

    Learning from Doc can not be a bad thing.

  7. Stephen P from Cambridge, Canada writes: It's wins in May that make September games meaningful. You can't win the pennant in May but you can lose it. So far the Jays are craeting the possibility of important September games. And all this with a starting staff that should be in tatters but isn't.
  8. cy young from Canada writes: Tough decisions for Cito coming up in regards to the rotation?
    Poor Cito. Which of those 8 winning starting pitchers do I pencil in next week.
    And after that 3-2 pitch Lind smacked out with the sand wedge today I am sure he went home to cry himself a river.
    Poor Cito.
  9. P Martin from St. John's, Canada writes: Good game...I almost thought they were going to lose it.
  10. Harvey Mushman from Cambridge, Canada writes: I really haven't paid much attention to the Jays since Tom Cheek died. Too bad he's not still around to see the play of this team, he'd be thrilled I'm sure.

    In any case, these guys have got my attention!
  11. Steve Church from Canada writes: Gem is a good way to phrase it - he battled his way through their lineup over and over. Didn't get the zone-help Tallet did a few days ago neither. Chicago's management should get a bit of a slap - they went to Linebrooke and he stumbled ... and then they left him in. They should have yanked him after Lind hit that flare on a pitch outa the zone - that rattled him. Agree with the other comments about leaving the bandwagon in the barn. It's just a game by game thrill to see the way the club finds reasons for me to cheer. The grin on Cito's face when Lind came home to the dugout said it all.
  12. Harvey Mushman from Cambridge, Canada writes: Oh...and one other thing...I guess those of us who claimed hiring Cito again was nothing but a publicity stunt have officially been proven to be idiots.
  13. John Simmons from Canada writes: What a strange reason to stop watching the Jays, because one of their announcers died. I was a big fan of Tom Cheek and all, but, man, that's odd.

    I realize announcers have a special place in baseball compared to other sports. They definitely put a more personal spin on things during the game, plus Cheek had that classic call in the 93 series. Still, you haven't paid much attention to the Jays since his death? Really?

    It does beg the question... do people watch baseball for the announcers and the broadcast, or for the baseball? God forbid when Vin Scully goes, I think there will actually be some people like Harvey that just tune out of the Dodgers. But Vin is Vin. He's in a broadcast league of his own. All due respect to Tom Cheek, but nobody touches Vin Scully.
  14. Steve Church from Canada writes: Harvey, I missed that round of the publicity stunt label. The talk around here was it was a mutual favour - the Jays backed into a problem with the Gibbons controversies; and somehow, the excellence of Gaston's management was evaluated as a Toronto anomaly; and they didn't give him the support for another shot somewhere else. That said, this team now looks like a Cito team, his style has a stamp on it. And just like the first time around ... he's got baseball on the map in Toronto. If it was a PR stunt ... keep doing it.
  15. brad maddigan from Canada writes: The kids just keep finding a way to win. Tampa Bay did this last year. Always seemed to be in 1st place, and just stayed there all year despite being challenged by Boston and New York. Who knows, maybe Toronto can do the same?
  16. Paul Orovan from United Kingdom writes: the lionshare of credit should be given to Ricciardi, not Cito for god's sake
  17. gabriel oak from Canada writes: @ Paul Orovan: Were Gibbons and Denbo not Ricciardi's flavour of the season? That duo [trio?] was heading for the tank @ doubletime. Seems like you have a tenuous grasp of the qualities and importance of leadership.
  18. A Realist from Canada writes: Gabriel - the players that JP drafted, acquired and traded for are winning. Cito hasn't hurt, but give credit where credit is due.
  19. Chris Moltisano from New Jersey, Canada writes: Talk about a team with horshoes right now. Everything they do turns to gold. Another rookie comes in and pithces like Fergie Jenkins. Career 250 hitters are hitting close to .400. I hear the batboy is going to DH today. He'll probably hit the game winning grandslam in the bottom of the ninth. But you just know this thing is gonna crash. And when it does, it won't be pretty.
  20. John S from Packalunchville, Canada writes: The judging of any management including JP is at best an inexact science. JP's been at it for a very long time with the Jays and has little (in terms of results) to show for it. On the other hand he and Godfrey came up with the idea of re-hiring Cito and no one has a better record than him since his arrival.
  21. Dwide Schrude from Canada writes: I was working yesterday and snuck a peak at the score on and saw it was 1-0. I said aloud "They won't beat the Jays with just one run" and sure enough I was right.

    The real battle starts Tuesday. They lost the series to the Yankees and they play Boston in three days. The season starts then. If you look at the East, you know that it's the best division in baseball and the rest of these series' are just time off between games against New York and Boston. Those are the only ones that matter. Take them away and all three teams are playoff bound.

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