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Letter a scathing indictment of RCMP

From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Police psychologist, in offering apology to Dziekanski's mother, says leadership has allowed RCMP to ‘fall out of step with 21st-century policing' ...Read the full article

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  1. SY GIL from Canada writes: BRAVO to the psychologist! Finally someone affiliated with the Mounties doing the right thing. Given the many incidents involving the Mounties in the last few years, it is really time that there is an independent review of the force. Perhaps this inquiry is the beginning but we need to take major steps to restore confidence in what was a symbol of Canada.
  2. Steve St-Laurent from Vancouver, Canada writes: He's worked with the Mounties extensively. His perspective is relevant, helpful and damning. What a breath of fresh air after so much testimony by sociopaths in uniforms.
  3. Dick Garneau from Canada writes: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is a discrase to Canada.

    All aspects of the force should be rationalized. Heads should roll. Murder charges should be laid. Only then can integrity be restored.
  4. PROUDCANADIAN2008 B from RCMP IS A JOKE, Canada writes: RCMP is a Joke, they're never wrong, nor can they admit any type
    of fault. It's a surprise they haven't been completely reorganized
    following all the disasters that are publically embarrassing our great nation. I am sure there are FAR MORE abuses that never get exposed in the RCMP's world of secrets and protectionism.
  5. john smith from Canada writes: he just repeats what we all know already.

    and we also know why they fired him.

    and by all means, we should drop 'royal' from their name.
  6. North Star from Canada writes: Mr. Webster sums it up neatly: the RCMP believe intimidation is their primary policing technique. The RCMP should serve the public and stop trying to intimidate it into submission.

    Binding civilian oversight of police forces now.
  7. Tinfoil Hatt from A single green shoot of justice in a cesspool of lies, Canada writes:
    This man deserves a medal. I suggest anyone who hasn't already done so click the link and read the full letter. I hope we hear much, much more from this brave, articulate, and insightful individual.

  8. Jonn White from Canada writes: Finally, an unbiased yet informed diagnosis of the rot that befallen RCMP. Thank you Dr. Webster.
  9. The Pender Dude from Lotusland, Canada writes: It takes an enormous amount of personal strength to write a letter of condemnation about the RCMP. I congratulate Dr. Webster for his bravery and his courage. The corporate cultural of the RCMP is toxic. A nation-state has the authority to permit the use of force for public protection. As Webster points out so clearly, the RCMP protect themselves before protecting the public.
    Is it time to insist that politicians demand truthful accountability of this police force?
  10. Building an Ark from Eastern Slopes, Canada writes: Wow, Dr. Webster does something the RCMP is incapable of - admitting they are sorry for actions resulting in death. Too bad mere days after they were only concerned about managing their message that a combative (arms raised with a stapler) person couldn't be talked down by four proffessional - highly trained mounties. That he continued on the ground to resist them. Too bad the truth takes time to come out...Thank goodness the video was not buried by their efforts to do so.
  11. nelson gabert from United States Outlying writes: Webster should be in charge of the no standards, low-life RCMP. A real expert, honest, which is unusual for anyone associated with cops and also has sound judgement. He is right nothing will change. I have seen this sick mentality with U.S. cops for years; no standards, excessive force, never any punishment amd all lying to cover for each other. The RCMP used to stand out as the world class force but since Trudeau took hold they deteriorated into the farce they now are. No doubt many new recruits had the right ideals when they joined but none would be able to maintain them in the environment that exists.
  12. Angry West Coast Canuck from Canada writes: Well done sir! Now he's going to spend the rest of his career waiting to get the metaphorical shot in the back of the head from the RCMP.

    The only thing that happened here was that a member of the public filmed the altercation and they weren't able to bury the evidence, although not for lack of trying! How many other such events have been completely rolled over by the RCMP with impunity? We'll never know. I for one don't trust them at all anymore. Even in our local town they've gone out of control.
  13. Mason Wright from Canada writes: Editor's Note: We have closed comments on this story for legal reasons. We appreciate your understanding.

    Sorry folks.
    Mason Wright
    Evening News Editor

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